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  1. Ive been a member of Jetnation for many years. Very rarely posting. Been a season ticket holder for 20 years, and havent missed a home game since. Like many of you I have missed birthdays, weddings, childbirths and MORE to go support OUR team. I have 4 pets, all named after former NYJets (had 5 but Coles recently passed away).Three kids that think green is the absolute coolest color in the world so much that my son swapped out every color in his crayola box to green and white. A wife that deals with my commitment to the team. I hang my Jet flags and pennants on the house annually. Sold my weekend car to afford the PSL's at Metlife. Named my sons flag football team the JETS and insisted that the town supply us with Green jerseys (which they did). I mean Ive done everything in the world imaginable to support OUR team! Ive signed all of the petitions (especially when we tried to get BC). Im sure a lot of this is familiar to a large group of us here. This year has really put a perspective on things for me however. TRUST ME. I am by no means giving up hope with this team. In reality we pulled one out vs Dallas, beat the heck outta JAX, and went on a grueling 3 wk road trip to face arguably 3 of the top 5-10 teams on the road. Should we be 5-0? NO. We could be and should probably be 3-2. Having a losing record AGAIN does not feel great. Im not making excuses though. Good teams, teams with SB hopes win games. They win games when they shouldnt. They do not lose 3 in a row. I know we had two 3 game losing streaks in '09. But in reality did we really deserve to be in the playoffs in '09? C'mon. We alll know that they dont pull the starters, we dont make the playoffs. In reality. I am the first to argue that we deserved it to Steelers fans, Pats fans etc. I even say things like "they pulled the QB so our vicious D wouldnt kill him" lol. In reality, we know we were not that good in 09. In 2010 we had high hopes after our secondary was exposed. we would rebound. the year before we made it clear that we belonged. AND WE DID. 2010 was OUR year right? And it was. but reality set in once again, and we fell short of our dream. A slow start in the title game. The score was close but lets face it. In reality PITT would have played much harder and much less prevent if they were not up by 3+ scores no? Again, I would argue differently, and I have, defending OUR team. So lets do it in 2011. We lost some key players, some serious JETS. And it hurt. I liked B Edwards. He had problems, but he had heart and most importantly chemistry with Sanchez. He played hard and made plays happen (remember in Miami). Ellis? How do we let him go? To NE nonetheless? That felt like being punched in the heart. Yes, he was older and arguably losing some skill but he was an anchor to our D. Do I think we made all the right moves in letting these players go, including Smith? Not at all. Maybe 50/50 at best. Then to chase Nnamd? When we have Revis who I consider one of the best players in any position on the field on Sunday in the entire NFL. either way, here we are week 6 and 2-3 facing the Miami Dolphins. I think we will win! I hope so anyway but nothing seems to be guaranteed anymore. then SD comes to town. Which wont be easy but again I think we will win (the JET in me speaking). But at the end of the week when I look back at it all, the last 20 years or so I just do see the SB dream soon. In reality we are just not that good. We never dominate. And when we do its over teams like JAX. I mean we beat the heck outta Oakland last time and got run over 3 weeks ago. Whomever is to blame, the OC, the coach, the QB, the dropped passes whatever, we just are not there yet. And I dont see it any time soon. When was the last time we went out there and spanked teams? Handed it to them on a consecutive basis? Not even last year. We won 5 games at the buzzer practically. Im not putting OUR team down. I never would. Im just saying I think the fans suffer more than anyone. Sitting on the couch the last 3 weeks, not knowing what to expect, only to see our dreams shattering once again. Am I wrong? The good thing lately is when we lose now, Ive learned to turn the page somehow. I never thought it was possible, but I do. I take a look at my kids and my life (and forget about what I cant or anyone can control on the field) and I move on to the next day. I just hope that one day in my lifetime we can field a dominant team. A team with a QB that can sit in the pocket with confidence like Brady or Manning and make the needed throws, not thro behind the receiver. A team that can just go out and win consecutive games convincingly. I hope I see that one day. In reality we just are not there yet... Feel better having vented!
  2. Any updates on Pace? Didnt go w/team today. Played first game after 6weeks off of foot surgery and experienced pain. anyone else worried we dont see him until Green Bay?
  3. With the assumption that things go in the direction that they currently are heading into the 2010 season and there is no cap: -does Woody make a strong push to buy up tons of talent for the young QB and coach and new stadium? -could he potentially give the new signs huge bonuses and regular salaries so it does not effect us in upcoming years? -do things remain the same? i would like to think that with the performance of the team this year (and in recent history) if we have the opportunity to make some huge deals (we certainly have the money especially after they killed us w/PSL's) we should acquire anyone and everyone possible. IMO
  4. 19 (21)Jets6-6-0If Mark Sanchez has to wear any more knee braces, he'll look like a catcher. (Clayton) This was in the ESPN Power Rankings List. I couldnt help but laugh when I read it, and the more I think about it the more true it becomes. The kid is only 22 and he isnt that fast to begin with. Not looking good...
  5. Guys I was with the wife and kids at Linens and Things in Livingston NJ this evening and ran into our HUGE left tackle. I am 6 foot 230-235 pounds and this guy makes me look like a toddler. He was very friendly and more than willing to talk. We spoke for a few minutes abiout a few things (last nights game in particular). I took a few things out of our conversation: 1. I now feel the players truly care about winning the games. I always wondered if it mattered to them as much as it does to us. By his expressions and response I could tell that he was truly upset by the teams performance. I told him how long of a day today was and how each sunday is more than just a game to us Jets fans. He really listened to what I had to say. 2. Kris Jenkins should be ok. I asked him specifically about his status and he said that he looks like he will be okay. That was reassuring. Jokingly I asked him if we have a backup plan better than DeVito incase hes not okay and he quickly replied "its pretty hard to backup a 360lb. noseguard" I think hes right...and funny! 3. Overall his attitude was reassuring. He didnt seem down on the team although the performance last night was miserable. I guess the general feeling in the locker room is somehow positive despite the adversity. I thought it was pretty funny because you always wonder what you would ask the players if given the opportunity. I think my first question was "what happened last night?" although its funny when i thought about it I was hoping I didnt piss him off. But he took it well. If Im a quarterback I definitely wouldnt mind this guy protecting my blindside. HE IS A HUGE MAN! I know everyone says he might be undersized for a left tackle but I just cannot imagine that. Anyway, I thought this was a highlight of my Jets fanship that I wanted to share with everyone @JN. It was good to see the guys care about not winning and they are eager to play the next game.
  6. need help. tryin to find good seats to bring my 2 and 3 year olds along to games. does anyone know if section 109 row 30 is under the cover? where does the cover begin?
  7. I am currently #8900 on the waitlist. does anyone know how long that would take to get through? also, have you ever heard of being able to purchase a lower waitlist number? thanks
  8. Just thought Id share this moment with everyone. I made the trip up to Foxboro this weekend along with a buddy who unfortunately is a Pats fan. Needless to say it was a difficult day for me, along with all of the other fans who made the trip, and even those who didnt. On the long, depressing, 260 mile trip back home in traffic, we made a stop off 95 somewhere in Connecticut to grab some food. Like a miracle from above, and at a much needed time as a bunch of somber Jets fan gathered, the man himself walked in the building...FIREMAN ED! What a sweet surprise. I mean, you should have seen the look on my buddy's face as he lead the group of 15 or so JETS fans in one more J-E-T-S Chant. It was almost as if he couldnt believe how after losing in the first round, we could still be cheering. He couldnt believe how the spirit of the JETS FAN remained untouched and everyone reunited again, and rooted for our home team. That look on his face, seeing Fireman Ed, and knowing that WE will stay strong in support of our team, made me forget the entire 10 hours of total commute and loss we suffered earlier. JETS fans are a loyal bunch. When people say "sorry about your JETS" my response is like "Sorry?...Why?...We were 4-12 last season, we have a new head coach, new coordinators, a new GM, a QB off 2 shoulder surgeries, really no running back, a bunch of rookie starters, and we went 10-6 and played NE hard well into the 4th Quarter. And you are sorry? IM PUMPED" (I also like to mention the 28 million in salary cap space for next season haha...)
  9. From what i make of this...for a 4-4 start things really aren't looking so bad. We had Coles earn the Offensive Player of Month in Sept. and now we have Justin Miller win the AFC Special Teams Player for October. Not too bad. Things are certainly looking bright. I just pray that the organization does not somehow let go of a player like Justin Miller. He will be a star. We all can argue that we should be 5-3 now, which wouldve been nice, but we barely won in Tenn. and just squeeked out Buff. Things are as they should be. We are a middle of the pack team (at .500) headed in the right direction. We have some good upcoming young stars in Miller, Ferguson Mangold etc. Too many people hopped on board when we were 4-3 and heading to Cleveland talking about how we almost beat the Colts and staged a comeback at the Meadowlands vs. the Pats and we couldve been 5-2 heading for 6-2 or at least we shouldve beaten the browns and been 5-3 with expectations to be 10-6 at the seasons end and in the playoffs as a wildcard. Playoffs? Love to but doubt it. Who knows though. but lets be happy with the way things are going. I still feel that Clemens should get a chance. CP has been okay, mediocre and gave us some wins, but lets give the youth some work....we spent ane xpensive 2nd round pick on him after all. Why not start fresh for next year??? AFC Monthly honors: Manning, Bailey, Miller Barber, Peppers, Gould win NFC montly award Colston, Anderson top rookies for October (Nov. 2, 2006) -- Quarterback Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, cornerback Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos, and kick returner-cornerback Justin Miller of the New York Jets are the AFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Month for October, the NFL announced. OFFENSE: QB PEYTON MANNING, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS The Colts' Manning was a key ingredient to a perfect 4-0 October (7-0 on the season), completing 72.6 percent of his passes (98 of 135) for 1,070 yards with 10 touchdowns against one interception for an NFL October-best 117.2 passer rating. Even more impressive, in three of the four victories, Manning led the Colts to game-winning, fourth-quarter comebacks. In a 31-28 road win against the New York Jets on Oct. 1, Manning led two fourth-quarter touchdown drives, the first with 2:32 remaining, and scored the second himself on a one-yard TD run with 50 seconds left in the game. Using a fourth-quarter comeback for the second consecutive week, Manning led the Colts to a 14-13 home win over Tennessee on Oct. 8. On Oct. 22, the Colts' quarterback passed for 342 yards and four TDs for a 140.4 passer rating in a 36-22 win against Washington. Manning concluded the month with a 345-yard, three-touchdown performance for a 34-31 comeback win at Denver. He led five second-half scoring drives -- and three touchdowns -- including two in the last 7:00 against a Denver defense that had allowed just two touchdowns all season entering the game. He also surpassed 35,000 career yards against the Broncos in his 135th career game, the second-fastest pace to that plateau in NFL history (134, Dan Marino). In his ninth season from Tennessee, this is Manning's third career Player of the Month Award. DEFENSE: CB CHAMP BAILEY, DENVER BRONCOS Doing his part in keeping opponents out of the Broncos' end zone, Bailey nabbed an interception in three consecutive October games (all victories), broke up six additional passes, and was in on 20 tackles to help Denver attain a 3-1 record for the month and a share of first place in the AFC West with a 5-2 mark on the season. Two of Bailey's interceptions snuffed out drives deep in Denver territory. On Oct. 9 against Baltimore with the score tied at 3-3, the six-time all-star picked off a pass in the Denver end zone en route to a 13-3 victory. One week later against Oakland, Bailey turned in an interception on the Broncos' 1-yard line to hold on to a 13-0 lead as the club pocketed another 13-3 win. Bailey and the rest of the Denver defense allowed an average of 11.8 points per game in four October matchups. In his eighth year from Georgia, this is Bailey's second career Player of the Month Award. SPECIAL TEAMS: KR-CB JUSTIN MILLER, NEW YORK JETS Leading all NFL kick returners by more than 100 yards in the month, Miller was a significant cog in the New York Jets' special team unit with 652 yards on 20 kick returns for a stellar 32.6-yard average, including two returns for touchdowns. The 5-foot-10, 196-pounder opened October in grand fashion with the longest kick return in franchise history -- a 103-yard sprint against Indianapolis for a touchdown. Miller's second run to the end zone occurred last week. Following a Browns field goal, which put Cleveland ahead 20-3, Miller stunted the opponent's momentum with a 99-yard return. The second-year player recorded a kick return of 50-plus yards and at least 160 kick return yards in three of five October games to help the Jets attain a 4-4 record at the season's midpoint for second place in the AFC East. In his second year from Clemson, this is Miller's first Player of the Month Award. Miller is the second Jets player to earn a monthly honor this season as teammate and wide receiver Laveranues Coles was the conference's Offensive Player of the Month for September. 2006 AFC PLAYERS OF THE MONTHMonthOffenseDefenseSpecial TeamsSept.WR Laveranues Coles N.Y. JetsLB Bart Scott BaltimoreK Matt Stover BaltimoreSept.QB Peyton Manning IndianapolisCB Champ Bailey DenverKR Justin Miller N.Y. Jets
  10. Could you imagine if some time after week 6, after NYJ just finished pounding Miami at home and hold onto a 4-2 record, we hear the CURTIS MARTIN WILL PLAY!!!!!?????!!!!! Is it even a possibility? What is the word? That would just be such a boost approaching midseason. At that point I believe the Jets would go 9-7 or 10-6. He is the missing link.
  11. No matter how optimistic we all are trying to be this year and no matter how much we respect CP's comeback attempts and valiant efforts, this offense has never looked so horrible. Its so boring that I can barely stand to watch it at all anymore. We need to do something to spark this offense. How long can we go on with having 10 first downs or less in a game? i can understand if the Jets were "rebuilding" this season but then dont trade a pick on a back (Barlow) whos gonna turn the ball over on his first few touches. Blaylock looked better than him all together. Im ranting and depressed right now. How does everyone else feel
  12. You know what? My wife ALSO made an interesting obversation. Its funny how sometimes we overlook the obvious. Sometime in the middle of the opening drive she looked towards me and said "Hey, VIN, is that the same guy who broke his wrist, then tore his shoulder like 3 times????....HE STILL PLAYS FOOTBALL?" Of course, Im into the game, trying to see the "new" jets O-line and I ignore her, but what a valid point. TRULY. CP is just too fragile yet we all want to see him succeed. It just wont happen. We all need to move on. KC all the way. Kid looked sharp.
  13. i agree with you here. everything is just way too uncertain and we will not see a move like this until late in the preseason, week 3 or 4. bollinger may not have nfl starting potential but he can certainly fill the void as a backup when needed. ill tell you what....he had me on my heels in the sandiego game. i thought we could've had it.
  14. my hopes for this season: 1. one QB comes in and completes an entire season (for a change) 2. that QB is not named Chad Pennington or Vinny Testaverde 3. we score more offensive touchdowns than defensive or special teams 4. we beat Pats/Fins/Bills at least once each (preferably at home) 5. WE BACKUP INTO PLAYOFFS !!!
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