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  1. Thanks. Check your private messages.
  2. This is just not worth it. Keep up the good work here. I dont post much but I read all the time. This is a good jets site and the price is right. I will continue posting all the vip content here until my subscription expires.
  3. DOLPHINS COACHING SEARCH REACHES CITY By MARK CANNIZZARO Brian SchottenheimerJanuary 11, 2007 -- Wayne Huizenga's extensive whirlwind head coach search took him to both New York and New Jersey yesterday. According to someone familiar with his plans, the Dolphins' owner first flew his private jet to Newark Airport and met with Giants' defensive coordinator Tim Lewis in the morning, then he flew to Republic Airport in Farmingdale on Long Island, where he met with Jets' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. The 32-year-old Schottenheimer, who just completed his first season as the Jets' offensive coordinator, is one of 12 candidates who've interviewed with Huizenga. Later yesterday, Huizenga flew to Detroit to interview Lions' offensive coordinator Mike Martz. Schottenheimer has only one year of experience as an NFL coordinator after working as a quarterbacks coach under his father, Marty, in Washington (2001) and in San Diego (2002-05). The loss of Schottenheimer would be a difficult blow to Eric Mangini, considering the intricate system he brought in and the chemistry he'd developed with the players, particularly Chad Pennington, who orchestrated his no-huddle offense so well. If Schottenheimer were to leave, whomever was to replace him would the Pennington's fourth offensive coordinator in the last four years (Paul Hackett, Mike Heimerdinger and Schottenheimer have coached each of the last three years). "On one hand, I'd be happy for Coach Schottenheimer," Jets' GM Mike Tannenbaum said yesterday. "He's done a great job for us and worked hard. If and when he would leave, we'd have to work hard to replace him. If he went to someone in the division, that's just another obstacle we'd have to deal with." * Though the Jets are expected to have some $25 to $28 million with which to work under the salary cap, Tannenbaum indicated that they were not going to get into any bidding wars for high-priced free agents. That could mean players such as Patriots' CB Asante Samuel and Bills' CB Nate Clements might not be in their plans. "It has to be about value," Tannenbaum said. "You have to accept the consequences of any decision you make, whether good or bad, and it stays on your cap." Tannenbaum indicated that keeping the Jets players is more of a priority, meaning the Jets will likely sign WR Jerricho Cotchery and LB Victor Hobson, both with one more year on their respective contracts, to long-term deals as they did with LB Bryan Thomas during the season. He also indicated that staying with a running back-by-committee system might be a possibility, citing teams like New England, Dallas, Atlanta and Jacksonville have had success that way.
  4. Head Coach Eric Mangini: Friday January 5th, 2007 New York Jets
  5. I have been lurking on this site for a long time. I am a vip member on ji but I wont be re-newing. I read the Wadsworth story over at ji yesterday. Yet when anyone brought up this site they deleted it. Lame then they locked the thread. I dont post much but I am glad I signed up here with a different name. I know I will be villified for this post. I don't care though. These interent wars are dumb. But I am tired of getting ripped off. I am paying for content and you have better content here for free. I am going to post some examples of what my 55 dollars is getting me. Lame yet again. I just think it is wrong that they post your content and dont credit the source. Sperm Edwards article is on ji as well and they wont mention where it came from. I am not re-newing because it is definitely not worth my money. The forums are loaded with offtopic stuff. All I want is jets news. I can get that elsewhere so I will let my account expire.
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