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  1. The dolphins had 13 points off freaky plays. The interception that hit off of Coles foot, the bull**** fake punt and the field goal that took a really freindly bounce. This game wasn't as close as it looked.
  2. Go cry about it. We got a legit Pass rusher that we haven't had since Abraham left and a playmaking threat at TE. We've improved greatly today so nobody wants to hear your b*tching.
  3. They skip the pick until their ready to make their pick. The Vikings did the same thing in 2003 I beleive.
  4. The east is wide open they can beat any of the top 8 teams right now in a 7 game series dont be sorry because the islanders cant beat nobody period. The only thing you have going for you is that metro ice challenge or whatever they do on hockey night live. Its the only thing you losers are actually winning.
  5. TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! Henrik is fine all those goals you got off of him were lucky pinball deflections. I told you you guys suck.
  6. I think hes as good as ares. Seriously were offering him the most money and who the hell would wanna play in san francisco or arizona of all places over New York.
  7. Can someone say bullsh*t. It was reported everywhere it was announced on WFAN.
  8. Who the ***** would want to play in arizona. No less were offering more money straight up seriously with him we'll be good even if the cardinals get him their still gonna suck. I still hope we can get this done.
  9. We wont have to worry about that with Mangold and if Faneca signs with us the only backfield he'll see is his own defensive backfield from gettin driven downfield.
  10. SIGN FANECA GET RODGERS OR JENKINS!!!!!!!!!! Im goin to sleep now I hope to hear some good news by the morning.
  11. Dont worry guys when the fishsticks go back to planet earth next week and go on a losing streak nyjet10 will go back into hibernating.
  12. Good I will then I will swim in your tears when the fishsticks are at home come April.
  13. Well if im a superstar player impact player and im in my prime I would come here to try to win a championship. And if I won a championship here I would be a god in New York.
  14. I told you once I told you 1000 times your gonna be crying come april when the fishsticks are sitting at home watching the Rangers in the playoffs. And I will laugh and sh*t all over you.
  15. Like I said he's Zippy in the makin. Icelanders suck hes gone. When they go on one of their rare winning streaks which is like never he comes back and runs his mouth. By the way you check the standing nyjet10.
  16. It would be fun to rip him a new ******* but who says that he will actually come back when he knows what his fate is gonna be or he knows whats gonna happen to when he comes back.
  17. I wouldnt mind seeing him with the Jets either. They only thing that would concern me is his bad attitude that he get and how it would effect this team.
  18. Who the ***** markets a 1-15 team in a commercial.
  19. 7. Brady tanked the game because if they won he was gonna admit his gay relationship with randy moss.
  20. Now thats it all said and done im so happy the pats lost even if it is the giants beating them lmao ***** THE PATS AND ***** BOSTON.
  22. That's my point exactly. It's basically a fun pickup game for the players and this punk is acting like its game 7 of the stanley cup finals.
  23. No I wouldn't be sayin nothin because the ASG meaningless.
  24. I know what you mean I sometimes think maybe I should root for the giants but then I recall to myself how much I hate their fans and how much all their primadonna b*tch asses need to be smacked in the face. So I'm still not rooting for anybody to win. I hope they both lose. I myself was in Modell's yesterday in Central Jersey where I live buying new skates for hockey and new shoes for myself and all I see is giants jerseys galore. It was disgusting. They even have ahmad bradshaw jerseys. AHMAD *****IN BRADSHAW. You gotta be kiddin me and then of course I see of the d'bag fans buying jers
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