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  1. It's not that we suck, it's just we played inconsistent at bad times in the season. I look towards a good season next year, and unless the Rags get the 6th seed, they aren't winning the 1st round.

    The east is wide open they can beat any of the top 8 teams right now in a 7 game series dont be sorry because the islanders cant beat nobody period. The only thing you have going for you is that metro ice challenge or whatever they do on hockey night live. Its the only thing you losers are actually winning.

  2. Look at my last post i'm aware the Islanders season is over!

    but the Rags aren't winning the division. Henry isn't playing that well right now.

    TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! Henrik is fine all those goals you got off of him were lucky pinball deflections. I told you you guys suck.

  3. Did parcells even draft J Ferg? We should have never let him go, what a horrible move, and now he is back to tackle TJones in the backfield even more.


    At least we got jenkins, i'm quite pumped about that.

    We wont have to worry about that with Mangold and if Faneca signs with us the only backfield he'll see is his own defensive backfield from gettin driven downfield.

  4. Ok keep counting us out. Everyone counts us out and we thrive on it. We dont even have a defense with all the injuries, and we still can't be stopped. Good luck beating us with our defense back in shape!!!!!

    See ya March 4!!!!!

    Good I will then I will swim in your tears when the fishsticks are at home come April.

  5. I'm an Islander fan.

    Guys the isalnders dont suck right now and di I come here and talk about how the islanders are doing? NO! I came here and asked a question;)

    Plus after tonight when were 3 pts behind you guys with a game at hand plus 4 games left against you guys we'll still be on your asses and blowing a 5 goal lead and only getting a point will bite you in the ass sooner or later.

    And i'm not worried about the islanders this team seems to play better as another Dman goes down I cant wait to see this team when Gervais, Witt Campoli, and Sutton come back!

    I told you once I told you 1000 times your gonna be crying come april when the fishsticks are sitting at home watching the Rangers in the playoffs. And I will laugh and sh*t all over you.

  6. Not when most of the players don't give a **** and would rather rest up their bodies during the break than play in the game.

    That's my point exactly. It's basically a fun pickup game for the players and this punk is acting like its game 7 of the stanley cup finals.

  7. As much as I've tried to convince myself that rooting for the Giants is the right thing to do, its gotten even harder for me to pull for the Giants as well. I work part-time at Modell's Sporting Goods and its laughable to see all the Giants "fans" coming in now and buying all the gear. People who don't sign up for our points card, even though they're buying $200 worth of Giants crap and after $400 spent we give you a $20 gift certificate. Why won't they sign up? Because "we don't shop here often.". Exactly, because you're not a true fan.

    These people are buying crap to wear to their little Super Bowl parties or they just want a Giants shirt just so if they win next Sunday they can walk around like they know football. Its sickening. I can't root for either team, especially knowing that if the Giants won I'd see all these d'bags next week plus a couple hundred more.

    I know what you mean I sometimes think maybe I should root for the giants but then I recall to myself how much I hate their fans and how much all their primadonna b*tch asses need to be smacked in the face. So I'm still not rooting for anybody to win. I hope they both lose.

    I myself was in Modell's yesterday in Central Jersey where I live buying new skates for hockey and new shoes for myself and all I see is giants jerseys galore. It was disgusting. They even have ahmad bradshaw jerseys. AHMAD *****IN BRADSHAW. You gotta be kiddin me and then of course I see of the d'bag fans buying jerseys of players like they swear they been lifelong fans. I can't wait till all this crap is over with this past week has been a living hell.

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