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  1. Henriks still better that's what I have to say. All-Star games are meaningless.
  2. I will root for a Judgement Day on both teams or the Super Bowl gets cancelled. Either of those would be great. But really im not rooting for anyone I don't even wanna watch the game. This is such an annoying superbowl because both fanbases are just so fake in my opinion and it makes me sick that those undeserving bastards of "fans" get to see their teams in the superbowl.
  3. Im with you 80 this is gonna be the worst 2 weeks of my life.
  4. At least the giants will probably suck next year. We all know what happens to teams that lose the super bowl. Im not rooting for anyone on superbowl sunday but I dont see the giants beating the pats. Eli isnt destined to have this much success and next year he will go back to the mediocre QB we know him to be.
  5. Not watching the superbowl. I can't watch this year I really can't. This football season has been a nightmare.
  6. Lol yea but watching this game will be too painful for me as a Jets fan.
  7. I think this will be the 1st time ever in which I will watch the superbowl for the commercials only. I dont even wanna watch the game.
  8. Exactly which is why some of the retards on this board calling for Mangini's head after one down year are just flat out what they sound like WHICH IS RETARTED.
  9. Wow I guess your a giants fan now just like became a frontrunner with the celtics. Whats next you all of a sudden become a diehard hockey fan and you will start rooting for the red wings. Seriously your a tool.
  10. What did we do to deserve such hell and punishment.
  11. I agree Joe this is bullsh*t how a team that can play like such sh*t go this far. ***** this I hope the super bowl gets cancelled or right before it starts a Judgement Day occurs on them and they both wipe off the face of this earth.
  12. Get the ***** outta here I hope both teams literally fight to death like its The Gladiator so I don't have to deal with either of them as long as I live.
  13. Exactly now all those p*ssy giants fans that let me have it after that Jets-steelers game from 2004 will know how I felt. Brett will lead them to victory now.
  14. No way as much as us sucking sucks watching that fagboy cindy or retard eli hoist up the lombardi would be a kick in the nuts.
  15. Eli is due to ***** up. I see a pick 6 by Woodson coming.
  16. That's the only way the giants can score is if Green Bay's keeps taking penaltys. Other than that they got nothin.
  17. I said it last week that this is the year of hell.
  18. Im rooting for the Packers all the way. If it comes down to giants-pats I will root for injuries.
  19. Go ahead keep talkin sh*t im tellin you your gonna be crying in April like the little punk you are and Im gonna be taking a large sh*t on you saying I TOLD YOU SO!
  20. Whatever bottom line is hes had a better season and deserved it more. Its ok though when Henrik is in the running for the Vezina again and DP is sitting his ass at home watching the Rangers in the playoffs in April while his GAA bloats all the way to 3.00 I'll be laughing at you as you disappear like you always do when the icelanders lose.
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