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  1. Ramsey looked good. Coles looked great too. They could show great chemistry like in Washington if Ramsey takes over for Chad.
  2. Mikey T is the man. Hes the right guy for the job. I have the upmost confidence that hell give us a great draft.
  3. As much as I wanted him to stay. Im glad hes gone now. He clearly didnt want to be hear and was bitchin about a long term deal so it was simple we traded him and got a 1st rounder.
  4. Well agreed thats why one of their loser mods banned me for a month. They need to lighten up.
  5. Too bad that will never become a reality. We got the best value we could off of him noone else through out better offers. I rather get a 1st rounder for him then lettin him walk away in free agency.
  6. HAHAHA I hope he signs with NE so he could get his head knocked off by Vilma and hopefully Hawk if we dont draft D Brick.
  7. Typical answer from a pats fan. Just because your teams on the decline dont mean you gotta hate on our players. Vilma will be a superstar and better than Bruschi ever was.
  8. I would love to have him but I will pass considering were set at guard and if we signed him it would be for only a year or 2.
  9. AJ Hawk will be great in this league and if we dont draft D Brick we have to draft this guy. Hes a stud and a great linebacker. I cant see him being a bust.
  10. At 4 I want to take either D Brick or Hawk and at 29 I wanna take Mangold.
  11. Would you stop saying we got screwed. A 1st round pick is a 1st round pick. Its good considerin we almost forked up a 2nd. Bradway would of packaged that 2nd rounder right away. Stuff like that is the reason hes not GM anymore.
  12. A 29th is the best we could get for him. We were on the verge of almost getting only a 2nd rounder. Your actin like this trade was a steal.
  13. Vilma is now considered a superstar. In 04 he was NFL Defensive Rookie of the year and this year he LED THE LEAGUE IN TACKLES and made the pro bowl. He should of made the pro bowl the 1st time as everyone knows it. Al Wilson didnt deserve it at all. he didnt even rank top 30 in tackles.
  14. I know Brady Quinn from Notre Dame could be great next year. Hell probably be 1 overall as of now. But we really dont know a lot about next year. We have to focus on this year 1st.
  15. The only signings that I would really want on that list would be Runyan and Dwight. Dwight would be a solid number 4 possesion receiver for us and a good punt returner. Runyan is a good solid OT who still has a few years left in him and if we sign him Oline wont be as much of a pressing need in the 1st round.
  16. Ill go with Leinart. This guy knows how to win. Hes won 2 National Championships at USC.
  17. This would be a great trade. We need as many picks as we can get to build for the future.
  18. thanks for the welcoming.
  19. Its either a 1st rounder or nothing. If they think that any other garbage trade their offering us is gonna get them Abraham they could shove their 2nd rounder straight up their ass.
  20. This would be a good signing. We had a problem this year at punt returner and he could be good for us there. He would also be used for kick returns. If the price is right we should go and get him.
  21. Whats up guys im new to this site. Ive read here for the past few days and now im deciding to post here. I hope Mangini and Tannenbaum can turn this thing around an bring us a champion ship:cheers:. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS
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