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  1. Giants and pats both in the championship games and the fact that we lost to the pats twice and even the *****in giants. We lost twice to the jills. We lose to the worst fans in football in the eagles in cowboys. We lose to a Redskins team with Pete Kendall that ended up in the playoffs. We didn't avenge our 06 loss to the browns. I dont know about you guys but this has felt like a year of hell for me I mean we have had bad years but just the teams that we actually lost to makes this year seem a lot worse than just a 4-12 season.
  2. No because Henrik really deserved it. Overall his stats are better than DP. He has a better GAA and more shutouts all DP has is save percentage. Therefore Henrik has had a better season overall. Just because hes not killing him in all those stats doesn't make DP better because Henriks stats are still better rather if its by a lot or by a little. I love how you only show up when your icelanders win and your sorry ass runs away like the punk ass 13 year old you are when they start losing they should be. They will show their true colors and not be in the playoffs in April. You'll see.
  3. Brett Favre will bring the gints back to reality next week.
  4. That superbowl would make me throw up everything I ate between the 2 weeks leading up to it. I would root for both teams to literally fight to death so I wouldn't have to deal with them or their annoying sorry excuse for fans. Of course I have a lifetime list of why i hate the *****in pats the fact that they play in the city I despise more than anything with the worlds most retarded fans. But living in Central Jersey I despise the giants in every way possible and I was hoping they would get slaughtered by Dallas so I could turn on WFAN without hearing a giants circle jerk going on between t
  5. Big deal he is winning one stat. Henrik has a better GAA average and more shutouts and he's been a finalist for two Vezina trophies meanwhile DP hasn't even been a finalist. I dont know what article you read but when Marty said Henrik played weird in meaning his style is different. Weird doesn't mean bad. Marty said this exact quote of DP. "You're responsible for 19 other guys" "You have to be composed, be in control. I'm not sure he is" That speaks volumes about his character and how he's unreliable. That all star voting was a joke and Henrik got snubbed maybe DP deserved it too but
  6. Yea well usually its always the icelander fans starting in saying BLAH BLAH THE SEASON IS OVER IN JANUARY threads. Thats why icelander remind me of the *****in mets and their fans and how they were making fun of us Yankee fans early on in the season and the tables ended up turning on them also their a 2nd class team much like the mets.
  7. DP still sucks. Henrik got snubbed as bad as hes been lately his stats are way better than that overrated loser. Call me when DP gets nominated for a Venzina or when people decide to mention him in the same sentence as Broduer.
  8. Exactly they all won the super bowl. That right there proves their worth. Giants wont win sh*t and will get thrashed next week like I said. I never said anywhere that the Jets going 4-12 is good. At the same token the giants aren't that good and thats my whole point. It seems like every year they happen to back the playoffs everyone thinks their *****in contenders. giants suck and dallas will show them next week why. Are chances of winning in Pitt were much better at the time then the gaymen winning in Dallas.
  9. I say the Packers. Brett Favre will prove all the doubters wrong once again and beat Dallas in the NFC championship game.
  10. Who cares last year they didnt deserve it last year. They were lucky enough to be in a ****ty conference and had an 8-8 record. The year before that they choked and this year they were lucky enough to have a crappy schedule and got owned by all the good teams they played. Wow what great accomplishments. At least in our good seasons like last year and 2004 we beat some decent teams and could at least beat maybe one or 2 legit teams. The giants can't say that. They struggle to beat bad teams and get dominated by legit teams.
  11. giants still suck. They beat the worst team in the whole playoffs. They will get thrashed next week.
  12. I couldnt agree more than you. If you live in central or North Jersey or if you live in the city or around it you will hate the giants. Their fans are soft bush league p*ssys if you ask me. So what if were rowdy. ITS FOOTBALL ITS A ROWDY SPORT IN GENERAL. At least we keep it in perspective and we don't do assinine things like throwing snowballs like were 5 year olds. We keep it within the game and yell sh*t at the opposing fans who aren't young kids.
  13. Islanders suck kid. Go and do your homework like I told you before. You guys won't even be in the playoffs come April. You guys are nothing but a 3rd rate 3rd class team playing in a dump in the middle of nowhereville, Long Island.
  14. Also we have Alexei Cherepanov and Michael Sauer on the way up as well. We also have Al Montoya to use a trade bait to potentially land a star player. Yea but we have no talent NYJet10 seriously go do your damn homework.
  15. You guys are only beating us 3-1 and your not gonna beat us again. You were lucky you even got those 3 wins so be happy with that. Don't you pay attention in 7th grade math? lol. Anyways it doesnt matter where you are now because you will be in last place come April.
  16. I say we go Defense and get Chris Long or if we trade down we get Vernon Gholston.
  17. Great playmaker, great deep threat but wasn't really physical enough. It was a good trade for both sides but I still wish we had him because we need a playmaker on offense. But I still like Coles better.
  18. Really can an average O Lineman shut down the elite pass rushers that he shut down this season and last? Besides LT is one of the toughest positions to play in the NFL. D'Brick is not the problem on this line.
  19. I never said they were all busts stop putting words in my mouth. I actually think they need more time as well before being called busts. 2nd I never said he needs a stud OG next to him. I said a good solid player who can run block good it doesn't have to be a pro bowl player. Anything better than what we currently have at LG would be an upgrade. That's how bad it is. An OLine is ONE UNIT DBrick can't magically make Adrien Clarke into a pro bowler if Clarke sucks.
  20. I love how D'Bricks the only scape goat for our problems. Its like I was saying before it shows how stupid some of you can be. He's only 23 and were calling him a bust? Are you kidding me? He shut down many elite DE's this year and last year and has played very well despite what some of you morons think. He's also playing the toughest position on the Oline and he rarely gets beat. You can't say that about the other 3 stooges that isn't named Nick Mangold. Mangold and Brick are both keepers and we need to find at least a couple solid players to help them out not big time studs but good players
  21. Well said . I sometimes think certain people on this board are seriously retarted. Thank god they don't run the front office.
  22. pathetic. The giants are lucky enough the bills are that garbage. Screw the giants they suck and are overrated. They will get killed in the playoffs. They can't even beat one team over .500 not one.
  23. Therea ya go. Anyways I will be rooting for the giants to lose not the pats to win. That's the way I look at it and besides for the pats to truly be an undefeated team they would have to go all the way to the superbowl as well to be the only actually UNDEFEATED team in NFL history. That's the way I look at it. Besides wheather the cheaters win or lose that game either way their still gonna be in the same position that they were going into the game postseason wise. The gints on the other hand...... well thats a different story. Besides living in Jersey gints fans have been annoying as hel
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