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  1. That's bullsh*t. Im sick of the media feeling sorry for the dolphins with all that "noone deserves to lose every game" crap blah blah blah kiss my ass. If it was us they would be kicking us down every chance they got. They got one lucky win which they should of lost now the NFL and those losers on ESPN want to throw a *****in parade for them. Give me a break.
  2. Whatever Im not making excuses for him if the protection was fine and he throws a sh*tty pass then that's his fault or if he doesn't see anyone open downfield and he forces it into coverage thats his fault too. It's not his fault he gets practically blindsided because Clarke *****ed up his block.
  3. The guy throws one pass in the whole game and throws a pick which isn't even his fault and he's being blamed for this loss. Pathetic. I just don't get other Jets fans sometimes. I guess all these years without a super bowl makes some other fans crazy and senial.
  4. Who cares we had a 2nd rounder to spare anyways and Thomas Jones is still a very good back and we still have him for another 4 years.
  5. Yea im blind because I have seen the past 2 seasons and I know that we can draft as good as anyone. Look at all the good young players we have. We also have a lot of cap space and will get more draft picks this year if we pull off that trade with the chiefs and if we can get a good pick for Vilma if he gets traded. If you want go b*tching around with your "im done with this team crap" then fine but don't come crawling back when were good next year.
  6. I agree with everything that's why I don't understand all these people complaining like were gonna suck for the next 10 years. Really were still rebuilding and in any rebuilding team theres one bad year no matter when it occurs. This year I think Mangini will go after bigger name free agents considering we have a lot of cap room now and were most likely gonna get a lot of draft picks if we can pull those trades off.
  7. Do you ever have anything to say good about the Jets really. There is a fine line between being realistic and being negative.
  8. I agree too. Give Mangini this off-season to bring in more talent and were gonna be a good team next year and for years to come.
  9. Son of a b*tch this sucks I wanted them to lose every game. DAMN! Screw baltimore their pathetic. Losing to the worst team in NFL history. *****in stupid.
  10. It's bush league just like their sorry excuse for a city seriously. ***** BOSTON.
  12. Ok fine if you hate this team then *****in find another team to root for. Nobody likes you anyways.
  13. If we beat them all those sorry ass so called "experts" will make up all the excuses in they can make up. They already have a book of excuse ready for when we stun those c*cksuckers.
  14. I say we all make voodoo dolls of brady and stab in his vagina with a 12 inch machete.
  15. The only thing that will get broken is brady's neck, foot and hand while he screams on the turf like a little b*tch and I will sit there laughing hysterically. ***** the pats.
  16. Watch knowing some of the stiffs on this board were gonna here "REVIS IS A BUST"
  17. How is that not a pass interference on Smith. He was geting his jersey grabbed meanwhile they will call pass interference when a DB gives the receiver a little touch.
  18. At least we have our 1st round pick this year.
  19. This a good fan shop. Thanks for the link.
  20. Its so sad and pathetic how ESPN is on their for the cheatriots c*cks. ESPN can't get any worse then it has gotten. Actually? Maybe it can?
  21. hes JBF hockey version 2.0 hockey version 1.0 is NYjet10
  22. I agree how many times do we need to see "the celtics will win 500-0" threads.
  23. Yea that the pats have disrespected and ruined with their bullsh*t. I dont care I hope brady gets *****in piledrived into the turf and broken and half while he screams like a b*tch. They deserve all bad things that happen to them I cant wait till we play them. Im just waiting for David Harris to come free on a blitz and end his career.
  24. Yea but its a annoying when any player on the Jets makes one mistake in the game and all of a sudden they get labeled a "bust" or "they suck cut them" its annoying but you take the good with the bad on sports messageboards theres always knuckleheads that think that way who won't admit their wrong when they most of the time are.
  25. Exactly who cares about one meaningless sack by taylor. I dont even count the other one because taylor was lucky enough Kellen couldn't find anyone open and he tripped him up right at the line of scrimmage. Thats not Bricks fault. Besides taylor got mauled by Brick on running plays. He got pushed back like 10 yards on Leon's touchdown run. Some of you need some serious dose of football smarts.
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