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  1. Yea I would love to see that too then you would see everyone on ESPN cry,whine and bitch about the Jets stepping on the dolphins throats but then its ok when belifagget does it.
  2. HELL YEA TOUCHDOWN. Nice job Thomas you earned it you deserved it.
  3. HELL YEA ONCE AGAIN. Now lets put these bitches to sleep.
  4. No way the running play was the right call. You have to be a peice of sh*t to try to go deep when their trying to honor their fallen teamate. Its beyond football.
  5. Hes the safety he's supposed to step in and help THATS WHAT HES THERE FOR. Seriously just stop your making an ass of yourself.
  6. We got them we just cant turn the ball over the way we gave away that touchdown and we will win this game. They can't stop us and they got 3 points off a lucky 99 times out of 100 field goal, another field goal off a turnover and then the one where Clemens got blindsided.
  7. I love how D'Brickashaw gets all this heat all because he got beat once JUST ONCE against one of the best DE's in the NFL meanwhile D'Brick has owned taylor since he came into the league.
  8. Yea because your goofy ass was claiming "the Rangers are done, their no going anywhere blah blah blah" good to see that your wrong AGAIN.
  9. Stop with the excuses I knew you were gonna do that you had it waiting and ready. Last time we lost to you clowns we were playing off a back to back and you don't see any Rangers fans complaining so get that sh*t outta here. We kicked your asses up and down the ice and Colton Orr put that little p*ssy cheap shot artist simon in his place in only 4 punches. We came in pounded you all night and exposed you for the sh*tty team you are.
  10. Avery would knock Dipietros overrated ass out.
  11. ***** that b*tch I would love this punk ass to come to the meadowlands on gameday an tell this to our face along with all those other punk beat writers and when they get their throats stomped on they will think next time before you wanna take a cheap shot and write another crappy article.
  12. Oh so now you already got the "tired" excuse ready for when you guys lose. Brilliant.
  13. Avery or no Avery we will kick your ass your little string of luck will come to an end tommmorow night and we will expose you for the sh*tty team you are.
  14. Demarcus Ware had no sacks against the Jets and not many tackles. How could you say D'Brick played bad he played well. Its not his fault we dont have a LG RT and an average RG that is being exposed because we don't have enough could players on this line to compliment the other players.
  15. Yea 3 more games for you to lose.
  16. Im waitin for Brady to get buried into the turf with a concussion although I would love for us to do the honors when we play these scumbags.
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