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  1. NEWSFLASH hockey goes by points and last time I checked the Rangers have 28 points and the icelanders have 24. Seems like you don't pay attention to your 6th grade math teacher when shes teaching a lesson. When thursday is over an were done beatin your ass you will be in last place.
  2. Well if you love them so much why don't go be a fan of them so us real Jets fans don't have to hear your crying.
  3. Stockpile draft picks and fill our needs through the draft and plug some big holes like LG through free agency.
  4. I root against all 3 of them and despise all of them.
  5. He's another guy I would like to draft. He would be a great fit as a 3-4 OLB for us.
  6. This kid looks like a stud but idk if he would fit into the 3-4 DE but a 3-4 OLB? Maybe.
  7. ***** THE PATS as a matter of fact ***** BOSTON and Massachusetts someone should just drop a bomb on that state and city that would be comical.
  8. it wasnt a sacked though he got his as he threw the ball. If you look at the stats you see that Ware had no sacks.
  9. Actually I don't recall him giving up any sacks. I think I know what your talking about he wasn't sacked on that play and D'Brick didn't get beat. As you said D'Brick had Ware Then Kellen felt pressure from the other side and stepped right into Ware and threw the ball incomplete while he was hit. D'Brick's been playing good its not his fault he has to play next to some bum like Adrien Clarke. If we put a road grader guard next to him he will be a Pro Bowler.
  10. Exactly because those fans know nothing about football and only own season tickets because they got it from their stupid company they work for.
  11. I agree despite our record this team is still heading in the right direction. All rebuilding periods always have one down year. We'll get a good draft picks and a lot of picks and I think Mangini will make good use of them as he's shown.
  12. Lol I was thinking that too and next thing you know he's whining on here like a bitch after a great win.
  13. He thinks Mangini's a bad coach because he benched Chad before he would blame the O-Line, Defense, waterboy etc. for us losing but now that Chad is benched its all Mangini's fault. He can't suck it up and realize Chad couldn't get it done.
  14. Stop crying and enjoy the win thats the point of this thread. We want to finish the season strong on a high note and go into next year with confidence.
  15. I say they do it I mean its gotta be hell to block a guy whos 6-5 285 and hes flying off the edge.
  16. He lined up a lot at DE today when Pouha was at NT and he was getting a lot of pressure and had a 2 and a half sacks today. I also think Ellis could play some 3-4 OLB. Does anyone else think so??????
  17. Someone should tell you they were going up against the NFL's best defense you can't go in there thinking "yea were gonna put up 40 points" Good defenses can keep other teams out of the endzone. Getting 19 points against that defense is very good.
  18. What's gotten into him. I like the way they were using him today as a pass rushing 3 tech DT and Pouha was in as the Run stopping 2 gap NT. They both played well in those roles.
  20. Isiah said the best players will play this year and if you don't play Defense then you won't play. He's sticking to his guns.
  21. giants fans are beyond annoying and they overrate their team so badly no matter how much they suck. I cant wait till they collapse so I can laugh in all their faces as they choke. Seriously its better to be 1-8 and out of it then at 6-2 only to choke it away.
  22. Do you ever shut the f*ck up. I swear your the JBF of Islander fans.
  23. Brutal loss but still early in the season. At least the defense showed a lot of improvement tonight.
  24. I hope the cowboys slaughter those imposters. I cant wait for the gints to begin their annual 2nd half collapse. Their like 8-24 after the bye in the past few years I beleive.
  25. 6 more games to kick your ass
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