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  1. I think the Yankees are gonna go back to their winning formula of scrapping for runs and having great starting pitching witch won them all those championships now that Girardi is the manager.
  2. Vilma is in the last year in his contract I beleive. We can easily trade him for a 3rd rounder and Robertson will be hard to move but hopefully a 4-3 team looking for a DT will be willing to take him. Now we have stockpiled on our draft picks we can bring in a NT a pass rushing OLB and more depth. Eric Barton has been fine I beleive him and Harris could be more successful with a Big NT in front of them. I beleive Ellis can go back to where he was if he's playing next to an OLB that can get to the QB same thing for Bryan Thomas. Coleman has been good against the run but hasn't got to the Q
  3. I always supported Kellen and always thought he could be a good QB. I just thought Chad gave us the better chance to win this year. I was wrong.
  4. We proved we can beat you without a shootout so sit down.
  5. The 3-4 is a good defense to run if you have the right personnel to run it. Mangini has to bring in the players that can run it. In the offseason we need a speedy pass rushing OLB and NT that can plug gaps and then add more depth in other positions on the D.
  6. The NFL is a crazy league. Like Mangini said himself every season is different. It depends on how the off-season goes and if Mangini brings in guys that can play in the 3-4 and complement some our players that are doing well in our defense.
  7. Next year Eric Mangini should bring in guys who can and be successful in a 3-4 defense. I assume Robertson and as much as a fan I am of Vilma he might be gone too. If I were to trade them I would do it for draft picks and draft players who can play in this defense.
  8. That drop killed them today. That bs fumble call on Cotchery didn't help either. It was clearly incomplete.
  9. Whatever you say don't go jumping on the bandwaggon when this team starts rolling.
  10. and this is based on one loss? At least give this team a chance holy sh*t.
  11. I say give the start to Brad Smith and take shots deep with him because Kellen can stretch the field.
  12. Whatever ya say mike i've learned to take your predictions with a grain of salt. I recall you saying the Yankees were an 86 win team and then you predict the Rangers will suck this year and miss the playoffs. Keep up the good work.
  13. I expected people to act this way. Its the same thing in every sports. Everybody starts panicking all because of one loss. It happens this teams gonna be good this year wheather you fail to admit it or not.
  14. Holy sh*t relax its the 1st game still a long season. This team will get better as the season goes on and will be in the playoffs.
  15. Hey I was just happy after a nice win im not talkin all this sh*t and being so arrogant after one month of hockey like this stupid isles fan who posts nothing but anti-Rangers. He's starting to remind me of the islander fan version of JBF.
  16. Doesn't matter what the score is. We will win.
  17. jelous of the isles? It doesnt matter who scores and how as long as someone is scoring also like 124 said you need to stop your October chest thumping because its gonna come back to kick you in your stupid ass in April when the isles are out of the playoffs.
  18. He'll get what's coming to him in April when the icelanders falter to the bottom of the division and are playing golf while watching the Rangers ride high into the playoffs.
  20. I agree. Pouha plays the 3-4 NT better than D Rob. However I would like to see D Rob at End.
  21. Its not Revis fault the refs are blind and retarted. Both calls were bullsh*t and he had that pick.
  22. Your post make you sound very unintelligent. Like 124 said its only one month into the season theres a lot of hockey to be played.
  23. islanders and mets fans have a lot in common. They both talk sh*t in the beggining of the season but then they shut their mouths at the end. They both can't handle the fact that their a 2nd class 2nd rate team.
  24. I noticed it to. I was at the game and when the snap went off and they scored I was screaming "WTF WHERES THE FLAG REF HE DIDNT GET THAT SNAP OFF" I clearly saw on the playclock in the stadium at zero when the snap went off.
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