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  1. If our starting linebackers weren't all out you lose.....and our kicker missed out on 4 points or you lose anyway.
  2. I think our offense is going to score around 27 points and I think our defense will show a lot of 3 safety looks which will cover for our losses at linebacker and also put more speed on the field. I think our pass rush is going to continually blow up plays and force Allen to improvise while being constantly harrassed. He's going to take some punishment in this game. Jets win 27-14.
  3. https://presnapreads.com/sam-darnolds-potential-is-sky-high/ Enjoy
  4. Are they not allowed to have any bosom larger than an A cup?
  5. Just on NFL Network.....for a 1st,3rd and Jabrill Peppers

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