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  1. Free Safety......played really well there against the Rams.
  2. That was Bosa being manhandled by Wesco!!!
  3. You are wrong on this my friend. Sam organized workouts in Florida and California where all the wideouts,TE's and running backs participated. They have thrown together quite a bit more than you think.He will be behind but not completely unfamiliar with Sam or the offense. Way better player than Zay Jones by the way https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29287562/sam-darnold-jets-teammates-hold-informal-workout-miami https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/sam-darnold-jets-receivers-1.45505739
  4. They might better bring in Graham Gano who was released from the Panthers for money reasons. Much stronger leg and more accurate.
  5. Wrong......he would have to check it down 20 more times to complete 10.....thats just facts....completion percentage.
  6. Here's an article where Allen is talking about how he doesn't think anyone spins the ball like Sam. Allen has the stronger arm....but the difference isn't as a big as most of you Buffalo fans imagine it is. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/06/bills-josh-allen-explains-how-hes-relied-on-jets-qb-sam-darnold.html Allen quote: “I’ll say this about Sam, as a thrower I don’t know if you can find somebody that spins the ball more than he does. He spins it so well that the ball is really shaking,” Allen said. “And it’s just weird to watch from behind because the ball is just moving in the air because it spins so much. ... He’s naturally gifted when it comes to that.
  7. We also rested 22 players on IR for that game against the Bills.....they won't have that advantage this time around .We shut them out in game one until a rash of 4th quarter injuries let them steal one.
  8. We dominated that offense last season and Ruggs isn't going to make that much improvement for them if at all.
  9. Mims reminds me talent wise of Josh Gordon.....he has the ability to be the best receiver in football. Hopefully he'll reach his potential.
  10. Miami won the division that year and New England missed the playoffs.
  11. Cager plays faster than his 40 time might suggest and he is money in the redzone and on back shoulder throws. I agree he's making the team.
  12. Because they both can also play guard. Insurance if one gets hurt.
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