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  1. Defense 5-8? I don't see how they aren't top 3 at least and possibly #1.
  2. What Chan Gailey Means for Offense!

    Not even on the same level...and I loved Chrebet....but Rob Moore was a better athlete and player.
  3. BR: #1 Jets Training Camp Sleeper.

    My thought exactly! He locked Gronk down when he was put on him one on one. Best coverage Ive seen anyone give against Gronk.
  4. Yes....and a great many of those three and outs are gonna be caused by QB's getting crushed.....thus greater sack numbers......
  5. If you line up like this we'll run the ball down your throats all day long!!!! I hope they play that way..........
  6. That's not exactly true.Bowles was the interim head coach in Miami when they fired Sporano and went 2-1 and looked very competent.I was relieved when he wasn't given the permanent job.I believe he is going to be the best head coach we've had since Parcells.
  7. The fact that this is crushing you is more satisfaction than the suspension and loss of draft picks.......what a great day today turned out to be after all...... :sign0103-1:
  8. Kinda like Brady at a Fair Play Seminar......"Hey...let me show you how to doctor these balls" right?
  9. How many game will Brady be suspended?

    It should be a full season but you know Goodell won't do what's right concerning the Patsies****.........I say four games is the MOST he'll receive.
  10. Pats to release Kyle Arrington

    That's because they usually create a different forum instead of posting in the main team forum......we do it differently here is all.
  11. Herm was forced on Woody Johnson as a condition of the league approving him buying the team.The league gave him a list of candidates that he had to choose from.....he had no choice but to end up with an idiot.
  12. Grade the JETS draft

    I give it an A.We took a player in the first who's upside is a faster Julius Peppers.I think Rex excels at developing Defensive line talent and this guy is loaded with talent. Hill in the second I think is gonna be looked back upon as a steal because I also believe he was the most talented receiver in this years draft and is a very good run blocker which fits what the Jets want to do on offense while also giving us the deep threat at wideout we've desperately needed the last few years.This guy is a burner and a much better receiver than most are giving him credit for.He didn't have a lot of catches but he did have some spectacular catches!! Round three we got a linebacker who can cover and play about any postion in any scheme...he is the real deal.He also has excellent speed for the position which is something the Jets really needed to upgrade.He will lay the wood too!He reminds me of a faster younger Bart Scott. The rest of the draft we got guys that fit what the Jets want to do this year.....Big,physical 240lb running back to batter opposing defenses....A huge G/T that can road grade with the best of them....and two safeties who can cover TE's.......and a very productive wide receiver near the end. I'm very happy with this draft..I think the Jets nailed this one and I'm excited to see these players added to our already good team.Definite B+ but I believe it's an A after all is said and done.
  13. New Jet fan here...

    If you're waiting for Tebow to start you're going to be very disappointed here.He will never start a single game that Mark Sanchez is healthy for....he is just not a good enough QB to unseat him. Saying that,he brings a lot to the table as a FOOTBALL PLAYER.He is going to be given packages for game situations where he can excel and enhance the base offense.Our rushing numbers are going to be expanded in large part to these packages. All in all a very sound move for a team looking to Ground and Pound! Welcome to the board.
  14. Mutherfreakin YES!

    Actually,yes he should have.Some tight end help for Hunter would have really helped the offense last night.....and that IS on Schoddy......