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  1. https://presnapreads.com/sam-darnolds-potential-is-sky-high/ Enjoy
  2. Are they not allowed to have any bosom larger than an A cup?
  3. Just on NFL Network.....for a 1st,3rd and Jabrill Peppers
  4. Exactly!! I think people forget just how young and inexperienced Sam is as a QB....hes only been playing the position for something like 4 years.Lets see how they stack up in two years when Sam will be the ripe old age of 23........exactly what Mayfield is right now.I think we made by far the best choice at QB....and he will end up being the most gifted at that position from this draft.
  5. The video i watched Leonard Williams bullrushed Trent Williams four or five yards straight backwards into the QB....he got the sack.He reached out and tapped the QB(guy with the ball),thats all he has to do to get the sack and the win over the LT.

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