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  1. I can't trust a man who doesnt see the issue in his own Twitter avatar.
  2. Play Woody (Johnson) and assemble your own dream team that will propel the Jets back into the playoffs. My team: GM Scott Pioli I want some one that has a proven track record with assembling winning teams. Pioli's experience with the Pats and the Chiefs gives him the solid experience that the Jets need. The Chiefs still had a very solid roster under Pioli with some unforseen (off the field) events and injuries that kept them down - but still a very good core of players. Head Coach David Shaw Shaw is a rising star and has had some tremendous mentors in Harbaugh and
  3. oxscott


    I used the free account with my family's FIOS login and watched the game in HD w no problem from Virginia Beach - about 5-10 minute delay, but I can live with that. Pretty awesome!
  4. ohhhh yeah...minus the gang violence too!
  5. Bad neck, drop city, riffs w QB in public....nooooo thank you.
  6. Jets RB Mike Goodson has been formally slapped with five charges stemming from his Friday morning marijuana and weapons arrest. Per USA Today's Mike Garafolo, Goodson has been charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, possession of a handgun, possession of a loaded gun, and possession of hollow-point bullets. He may need a miracle-working attorney to avoid jail time. An NFL suspension also seems likely.
  7. you're right!! he scored a TD against SF, an extremely dynamic Defense....oh wait...that was SF that scored the TD when he caught, fell, cried, and threw the ball away
  8. me too! im REALLY excited about it...maybe this thread is purely to make me feel good about that...not sure. I do see him as a playmaker, and a guy who can get open. If Sanchez can be accurate, he could have a nice game, and build moving forward to be an impact player for THIS season.
  9. Is he available?? McCareins, Kerley tandem would be filthy! I'd go pick up Manchez on my FF immediatly!
  10. i've come to this conclusion because of the reasons stated above. Santonio is a bum that we will have to deal with for yet another year because of his ridiculous contract. Underperforming, whiny, aligator armed WR that, yes, will make a spectacular catch twice a year.
  11. 1. He wont fall to the ground like he just died and throw the ball to the opponent before being ruled down by contact 2. He won't drop 3 balls a game 3. He won't "Fly like a Jet" after a first down (after he drops 3 balls) 4. He won't talk back to Manchez 5. It will hurt more when he drops bombs on Houston 6. He is not a Prima Donna WR that has averaged 3 catches and 50 yards in his career as a Jet
  12. a little blurb on the 2006 Cowboys - the only time Sparano ran an offense - he was the play caller in '06 The 2006 Dallas Cowboys season began with the team trying to improve on their 9–7 record in 2005. The base offense was changed to a 2-TE formation. Several high profile free agents were signed including controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens and kicker Mike Vanderjagt. Veteran defensive end Greg Ellis was also converted into a linebacker. Although veteran Drew Bledsoe was the initial starter at quarterback, fourth-year backup Tony Romo replaced Bledsoe at half-time of their week
  13. Illinois DE Whitney Mercilus will forgo his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL draft.
  14. I noticed the streaming sites ive used in the past have gotten busted. ha - anyone know of a site that is currently streaming game?
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