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  1. its retarded to blame a player who was given every opportunity to succeed, and fail, not only with being lazy by coming into camp out of shape, but not working hard at ball security, and just a general lack luster attitude - ohh hell yeah i blame the player - because this wouldnt be an issue if he wasnt an a$$ and no, it has cost us 2 players - because i count our practice squad as value, and depth - which, now, we have none. you are ridiculous if you dont hold a player accountable for his actions...or in this case, lack of.... The Jets drafted him - but they dont play for him
  2. has COMPLETELY screwed us. Not only is he completely worthless - but because of his "hype" and prospective talent, we have kept him on the team....and now the final straw has dropped - he has cost us 2 very valuable players that would be able to contribute to our team, this year! Danny Woodhead has been paying his dues for the past few years on our PS, and has been fighting and scrapping every year - he then gets picked up by the Pats, scores in his first game, and looked good in the 3rd down role. Now today, Chauncey Washington gets picked up by the Rams and WILL contribute to the team whether is is at the RB spot, or a valuable Special Teams player. McKnight has done nothing but fumble, whine, vomit, fail tests, fall short of EVERY expectation, and cost us two gamers who wanted to contribute to the NY JETS and now has given us zero depth behind a 32 year old RB, and an injury prone Shonne Green. I hate you Joe McKnight, I hate you!
  3. thank you - i need a clip - cause i dont believe any of you - i think the score keeper just felt badly for him and his label as a bust - "here ya go kid."
  4. ok - this is vague, but on 1050am - per Don La Greca - - a financial guy tied to the agent for Revis says he will sign Thursday - backs up Cowlishaw's claim anyone else listening can elaborate - - i heard the tale end of the story...
  5. Rosenberg dropped the name saying how much the JetNation.com base loves Kim Jones.....
  6. what game - and where do you live - i am interested but face to face only.
  7. Hey guys - looking for 4 tix to the Jets/Giants preseason game - anyone have tix for sale - or know a guy? dont get to go up often - and will be in town. Thanks!
  8. A sad day in baseball, and Yankee history - i am truly sad, like losing someone close - my entire life, I have lived and died with the Yankees - and he was the man putting it all together - ups and downs, the man was an emotional, prideful, and masterful owner that put his team and his fans first. Every move that he made, right or wrong - was, in his eyes, the right move for his team to win. We were lucky to have such a winner in charge of this great organization - not too mention a humanitarian, and one that was more generous with his money than the public will ever know. A very sad day, indeed.
  9. http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=175416&id=4154 JaMarcus Russell arrested for drug possession Free agent JaMarcus Russell was arrested Monday afternoon for possession of a controlled substance, said to be codeine syrup or "Sizzurp." Jul. 5 - 6:01 pm et Source: Mobile Press-Register I think we can finally stop talking about this clown now....
  10. yeah - - but if Ray Lucas said it - - its probably the way to go....
  11. http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=173888&id=3739 [url=http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=173888&id=3739]Seahawks GM John Schneider did not rule out the possibility of Leon Washington (compound leg fracture) starting training camp on the "physically unable to perform" list. If Washington does start camp on PUP, it means he can rehab and attend meetings but can't practice. He can come off the list at any time during camp. The key here is that a player on the camp PUP list is eligible to be placed on the Reserve PUP list once the season starts. That would keep Washington out of the first six weeks of the season. The Seahawks won't know if that will be necessary for awhile, but it's another reminder that LenDale White and Justin Forsett will likely be the main backs to start the season. May. 27 - 1:03 pm et
  12. I must say - I have been VERY impressed with the NYJ marketing team, and Eric Allen - I can't remember the amount of attention that the fans are getting with the, interviews, live reports, live chats, endless pictures, social media - it has been awesome getting to know the players, and our coach on a different level - than just on gameday. Keep up the good work! . . . and if its all just a set up for the Hard Knox season - then so be it - im drinking the Koolaid!
  13. crazy news. I hung out with Lima one night in Norfolk when he was playing for the Norfolk Tides - my buddy helps out all the spanish speaking players when they come in town, and had known Lima for years - Lima was a great guy the entire time - and the three of us went to lunch at puerto rican rest - he picked up the tab, no questions asked - refused to let us pay - then was picking up drinks all night - he took over the stage at the bar, and started singing in spanish. was telling all sorts of great stories from the bigs, even got Papi on the phone while we were at lunch - it was awesome. I wish his family the best, and Lima Time will be missed - entirely too young
  14. Interview w/ Joe and Evan... SIGN THIS BEAST's Sister.
  15. haha - too good not to be shared - - on arods steroid use: "what would be worse Johnny?" "well...murder..." what a dolt! if you dont think he does now, tebow will def sound like johnny after he gets hit in the mouth because of his 45 minute delivery.
  16. 87 concussions and LIVE TV dont mix.
  17. both sound like a retard trying to hump a doorknob .... just sayin...
  18. Gruden will eat ur children. he is the best analyst out there.
  19. http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/player_main.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=171543&id=975 Osi Umenyiora-DL- GiantsApr. 18 - 9:44 am et The Giants will reportedly be willing to shop Osi Umenyiora on draft day if they select Jason Pierre-Paul with the 15th overall pick. Umenyiora "can be had for the right price," according to Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post. Though Umenyiora is coming off a poor season, he is due manageable money over the life of his contract and could probably use a change of scenery. He may also be available for as little as a mid-round pick. Source: National Football Post Related: Jason Pierre-Paul this comes up again - G men are not happy w/ Osi - this would give us a highly capable, highly motivated edge rusher - interesting one to keep an eye on near draft day...
  20. Awesome! Kerry Rhodes is crying like a little b*tch somewhere in Zona right now.....haha
  21. haven't we already been screwed enough by kickers in the Michigan/OSU rivalry! or is this another cult following on the horizon...(cringe)
  22. plus..what a great start..the kid is already squared up w the child support! all growns up!
  23. the new jets are gonna make the chargers look bad. cromartie is too skilled and athletic to fail in this system...rex will make a star out of this kid..again.
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