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  1. a little extreme for throwing high and tight . . . thought it would just be a fine . . . I know its only one start, but these guys are in routines, and we saw what happened when Randy was throwing just one day late last week!
  2. Martz you are a waste! When we want your opinion, we'll give it to you!
  3. crazy like belushi, leadership skills of scotty stevens, and the heart of bavaro = our 3rd round gem!
  4. sorry for the repetition JoeWill . . . gotta stand up for one of my fav picks in the draft . . . the best draft that I've seen!
  5. I'm with ya bit! It makes me angry hearing about the Jets in the same conversation as the niners, titan, and the aints! We started the season as the sexy pick to go to the super bowl, and then what happened . . . a horrible string over HUGE injuries . . . our defense suffered because the offense couldnt stay on the field . . . Our team still has solid weapons that can come back and surprise a lot of people this year! i smell a season not unlike the 2005 Bears, in that we completely overacheive (in the opinions of the writers) Watch out the green machine is back and we will be a force to be reckoned with in the NEXT football year!
  6. with all the criticism of this guy, he will turn out to be one heck of a leader on our defense. He and Vilma will eventually work very well together. Some people do not know, this guy transfered from Airforce where he was the captain of the defense. Wanna talk about work ethic, a hard nosed leader with the guts from our military, this guy has everything it takes to make a real difference. No he is not the biggest, strongest, fastest guy in the draft, but he separates him self being a blue collar hard nosed, very good run stopper that has incredible football smarts and will work and work until he is a star. I love pick! I'll take these guys allll day!
  7. take the win against the titans . . . volek will be picked off 2 times, and lendale white will see 6 carries for 18 yards. ramsey will throw for 2 td's and c-mart will jump off to a terrific start with 113 on the ground!
  8. Mookie Blalock, didnt we get enough of him in a Nets jersey . . haha
  9. dont like it one bit! there are still playmakers on the board!
  10. sorry 35 . . . do we take him . . . i think its a steal!
  11. Hands Down Ray Lucas! haha still wear his jersey proud! hail to #6! the pride of Rutgers!
  12. things are starting to sure up, I really like taking Jacobs in the 3rd, and concentrating on D fence and O Line in rounds one and two . . . this really could end up as one of our best drafts, that is if we dont pull a JETS and screw it up!
  13. All this talk about Leinart, Young, and Cutler. What about satisfying all needs with our draft, taking a defensive player at 4, Mangold at 29, and Omar Jacobs in the 3rd . . . the kid is impressive! Great numbers on the field, very well spoken, smart, all around package. This kid is gonna sneak out and be one of the top QB's from this draft. Position: Quarterback School: Bowling Green Status: Junior Height: 6-4 Weight: 225 40-Yard Dash: 4.55 (EST) Positives: I am not going to waste any time in saying that I absolutely love Jacobs and prefer him over Matt Leinart. Jacobs will be a better NFL quarterback. He has a huge arm, good vision, and great mobility. He has gotten the most out of the marginal talent that he has around him. He threw for 41 touchdowns as a sophomore and ranked third nationally in pass efficiency. Has shattered all kinds of conference records while still a young quarterback. Also does very well in the classroom, a testament to his dedication on and off the field. Negatives: While I find very few aspects of his game that do not translate into NFL success, it must at least be mentioned that he has not played against consistent top-flight competition. Only games against Miami and Wisconsin this season would be considered as good, hard-nosed college football defenses. Overview: Considering that Jacobs completed 30-of-51 passes for a career-best 458 yards and five touchdowns against Wisconsin, it would be safe to say that that the competition argument is a moot point. Jacobs has done all that he can with the team and the players that surround him. He has all the tools necessary to be great in the NFL, even though the learning curve may take a little longer. Although I see Jacobs as a solid first-round selection, he probably will not go until the second or third. But whoever lands him will be landing a franchise quarterback.
  14. Hey Everyone! I live down in VA , but would like to come up for atleast one game this year, please post here if you cant make it to a game and would like to sell your tickets, for any week, at least 2 tix . . . Thanks!!! Scott
  15. Sylvester Stallone! Cliffhanger. . .
  16. Take it easy on the Ray Lucas bashing!!! I still where the number 6 with pride! He was a great backup and did a decent job when he got the nod. I still think he could've been an effective QB for someones club. NJ Pride!
  17. Bump! Come on now . . . there has to be some people in the area . . . where are you!
  18. i ll repost it when i get back to my PC . . . sounds good, we'll look forward to watching a game with you!
  19. If she is a Jets fan, she is welcome to join the group . . . do you have an email address i can send her the link for the yahoogroup . . . Scott
  20. Thanks for the welcome . . . extending Jet Nation into southeast Virginia!
  21. Hey Everyone - - - we are putting together a group for the upcoming season to watch all the games at a desired location w/ a bunch of Jets Fans . . . anyone live in the area, if so, post on here and I'll get you on the email group . . . Thanks! Scott Go Green!
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