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  1. ok so i downloaded that software...where the hell do i go to get the game??? please help!
  2. he's gonna go to Minn, play infront of Boly, and win a super bowl after jackson gets benched.
  3. if you dont like this trade, you are dumb. we ned depth at catcher, so we get a vet with a great glove who will hit for average, and give up a piece of sh*t who has had a lucky hot streak. We have kids in AA who can fill the void, of a body. great deal, lets make that run.
  4. How bout a flier on Malcolm Floyd 6'5" 2nd year guy
  5. He will soon be the starter... what a great situation for him to flourish!
  6. oxscott


    His last two outings were horrible. I personally think that his performance is directly effected by the weather, and that he has a difficult time getting a feel for the ball when its too cold out. Once the warm weather kicks in, Hughes will become the strike machine he was coming up through the system. I know that most pitches are effected by the weather, but he being the 21 year old kid he is, pitching for the NYY, I think its getting to his head, and he is trying to over pitch. I am not concerned one bit . . . My theory anyway.
  7. very bad behind the plate tonight, last night was just as bad, Moose didn't get ANY corners.
  8. damn red sox fans from southy in disguise trying to give us a bad rap!
  9. guess what . . . they were playing in Yankee Stadium, your comment has no relevancy and is nonsensical. Who cares what it could've been... it was a HR, whether it was in the upper deck, over the stadium, or barely clearing the wall. well, first you need to learn how to read, because I made no reference to the team being "Kids". I said, they were playing like kids. When a Youth movement, with Melky, Cano, and the Big 3 come a long, it sparks the vets on the team, loosens them up. Let the Melky Way play his game, and be the best 9 hitter in baseball, while you sit in Queens watching your Muts pop their hamstrings.
  10. Good Post. Not only does Melky firm up the bottom of the Yankees order, but he adds a great deal in the clubhouse to the team. Just watching the way he and Cano celebrate together, and have fun in the dugout makes me ecstatic that we didn't trade this guy! That curtain call was awesome! It was the fastest, and funniest curtain call I've ever seen, just looks like the Yankees are playing like a bunch of kids having fun! Finally they realize that the best way to play this great game, is by being loose and having fun! I expect a GREAT year . . . from Melky and the Yankees . . . Zeebers, you and the Muts can GFY.
  11. I really like the park. Big foul area on the sides. And REALLY like the stone wall behind the plate. wild pitches are going to take some crazy bounces off that wall.
  12. over looked that....I edited my selection.
  13. Baltimore Ravens select Andre Caldwell from Florida
  14. I don't care if we take Mike Teel, as long as I don't have to read another thread speculating the same picks over and over and over!!!! April 26 can't come quick enough! Mike Teel huh??? yeah! let's recreate a little Rutgers magic. You know he is def a Mangini type guy. I bet he could throw and NFL 15 yard out.
  15. sorry boys.... Baltimore Selects: LEODIS MCKELVIN CB Troy
  16. just a little house keeping . . . . thread says, Rotoworld . . . link is rotowire, two completely different websites with different content..... Rotoworld>Rotowire
  17. Unreal! You think you know a guy..... Obviously not a Mangini type player
  18. get his name out're mouth, or there will be consequences!
  19. LeoWash: 5'8" Wes Welker: 5'9" Versatility in the slot, do it.
  20. All this talk about possible draft picks is driving me crazy . . . so lets just say, for sh*ts and giggles that they do draft McFadden (not agreeing or disagreeing, just play out the scenario) . . . why not line up Leon in the slot, and use him as a WR. He has the hands, and the speed to be a great slot receiver. Thats a good amount of play makers on the field. Then its TJ and McFadden in the backfield, with a speedy LeoWash lining up to their right, or left. If you disagree with that, then how will they get him snaps?? (according to this scenario)
  21. it happens to the best of us.
  22. steel cage match: Ray Lucas v. Nuge Lucas would destroy nuge, and split the uprights as his finishing move!
  23. My sister went to UNH in the late 90's. We used to go up for games, great atmosphere. Can't beat a Hockey East game!
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