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  1. Prob has NOTHING to do with the extra bill he put on during the off season. Gotta love the Curt Shilling off season program, eat until you throw your back out. its what you get fatboy, have another twinkie!
  2. what i wouldnt do for a Ray lucas fathead
  3. Pennington and Vilma FatHeads for $9.95!! just sayin....
  4. From Utica huh, and about the same age, you know a kid named Eric Miller?
  5. Yankees combine to hold Jays hitless in a six inning win. Hughes, Patterson, Igawa, and Traber throw 5 perfect innings. Hughes: 1 inning 0 ks Igawa: 2 innings 2 ks Nice start from the young arms, if Igawa is worth anything this year, it would be a huge boost.
  6. 1/2 of Tangini on Mike and Mike right now....
  7. no contest. Delmon Young is A LOT better. Ellsburry is a slower Juan Pierre.
  8. Hall for a second....ALL DAY LONG! a shut down corner for a second...and he is very young... prob not an option, but if it were, DO IT.
  9. Yankees Indians Mariners Tigers Mets Brewers D Backs Phillies
  10. Its a damn shame. I used to visit family every summer in Vero and watch the Vero Beach Dodgers, and caught a few spring trainings. Its an awesome place, the most fan friendly stadium i"ve ever seen. The entire town is Dodgers, from the name Dodger Town, and seeing all the memorabilia, to Duke Snyder's resturaunt. Its very sad to see them go.
  11. Its gonna be known as the "Helmet Catch" of SuperBowl 42.
  12. The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien Vietnam novel . . . AWESOME!!!!
  13. good to hear. the rivalry is outside the lines too. i hate my best friend during baseball season.
  14. http://www.chrisoleary.com/ You will find most information you need here. It is a great baseball site.
  15. his velocity went down, he relied on the split finger more and more, he got FATTER, exactly the same as one, Curt Shilling. same progression, Clemens is just a better talent. He has the benefit of the doubt from me. McNamee is a POS, and looking to save his own hide.
  16. i got my bank on Militia. He already kissed a dude on his forehead, and he was the sissy who got hurt in the premier.
  17. Triple Crown, MVP reg season, Division Series MVP, Championship Series MVP, WS MVP, GW HR in game 7 of WS, WS Ring . . . and the key to the city.
  18. what a great show!!! true to the old version, cheesy, rigged, little guys getting pummeled by juiced gladiators, over excited crowd . . . ahhh just like i remember it!!! Quality Entertainment!!!
  19. I believe Clemens and give him the benefit of the doubt until i see proof otherwise. I believe he deserves that much. MacNamee obviously had a side motive to out Clemens, and that was to stay out of jail. He gives them a big fish, and stands by his story till the end, he gets out of a sentence. The entire thing stinks from the beginning, I wish they deemed the era, The Steroids Era, and moved on. Too much he said, he said. Bottom line, Clemens has an amazing career over 14 years, not gonna let some deuche trying to stay out of jail ruin that body of work. Something else comes out, then so be it, proving your innocence in a matter such as this, is damn near impossible.
  20. Anyone else really excited for this show to come back??? I cant wait till tonight Best Sunday of TV in a while!!!! Playoffs, Clemens interview, American Gladiators, and The Wire Premier!!!! Get out the popcorn!
  21. Just heard in on CBS pregame ... sorry no link.
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