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  1. ESPN reports that it is Marty they are looking at...
  2. Remember a guy named Matt Cassell?? Was drafted in the 7th round, after coming out early (junior year), and not starting a game!! Booty will get drafted, and will do well given opportunity. I hope we get our hands on him, USC knows how to recruit QB talent, period.
  3. Out of all the QB's in this years draft, I believe this guy has the best NFL career. He was hurt a lot this season, but when healthy, he plays very well. He is in a pro style offense, has the size, a hell of an arm, and is a bright kid. He will be a steal in the 3rd round, not sure if he makes it that far. I believe that Kellen needs more time to develop, and rushing judgement on him is not fair due to circumstances. Booty would be a nice 3rd round pick, and I believe could be a franchise QB.
  4. what a great game! came down to the Sid the Kid in a Shoot out! Couldnt have scripted it better. People are talking about it today too, and thats a very good sign. If it is being talked about in Virginia Beach, im sure it is everywhere else. I hope the NHL can ride the momentum from the game, love to see more outdoor games.
  5. Report: Twins lessen Santana demands According to the New York Times, the Twins have lessened their demands for Johan Santana and are no longer asking for Ian Kennedy along with Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera. Instead, the newspaper reports that Minnesota is willing accept Jeffrey Marquez in place of Kennedy. Marquez isn't in Kennedy's class as a prospect, but he's still a solid young arm with good upside and if the Twins trade Santana to the Yankees they'd be doing so primarily in order to get their hands on Hughes. Dec. 26 - 10:17 am et Source: New York Times
  6. Clemens is Brees reincarnated. It will be scary how closely their careers are aligned if the Jets give him time. Career stats: http://www.nfl.com/players/drewbrees/profile?id=BRE229498
  7. dog as many chicks while stuck in this place
  8. sorry bro, wikipedia is not a legit source...
  9. not even that . . . this guy belongs in AAA, he never panned out the way he was hyped up in Minn. and now every team thinks that if they "tweek" something that he will all of a sudden be a legit starter in the majors. he is garbage. Minaya is a moron . . . maybe he is 1/16 dominican and thats why he is chasing...
  10. Kyle Lohse is garbage, who cares.
  11. oxscott

    Mark Prior

    if its cheap, i would like to see him in the bullpen...
  12. I'll Bite.... ooo yeah green gal,all wet, keep talkin...dirty girl.....
  13. oxscott


    ARod throws Boras under the bus!!! Good for him! As heard from Bob Klapisch on the the Max Kellerman show.... AROD said at press conference that Boras lied to him by saying that Yankees were not interested in him. It was only this lie that led to the agreement to opt out. Boras was also supposed to wait until Monday after WS to make announcement. AROD will pay Boras for work already done, but needs him no longer. http://yankees.lhblogs.com/2007/12/13/a-rod-it-was-a-huge-debacle/
  14. no it was not banned.... this is all court of public perception . . . this entire report is another selfish act by Bud Selig to try and mold his reputation. I cant stand that names where released, again, just to give the general public more scapegoats and take the pressure off of Selig. I hope Pettitte goes out next year with a chip on his shoulder and throws up a 20 win season!
  15. as opposed to admitting it when nobody knows..... cause that would be really smart.
  16. I really need JN's help!!!!! Does Coles play tommorrow and is he effective?? Otherwise I start Henry tonight against SF!!! Henry or Coles???? that ankle worries me in bad weather...
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