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  1. I would think the jets would want the pics for next years draft that has a much better chance of having better players. I'd take a third or fourth this year and next years first and second. then have the fire power to move up for the player they want next year. maybe they even throw in wright to us.
  2. probably one of the few teams just as bad or maybe even worse then the jets.
  3. I have been, we got disney passes been doing that, and running more. I've been doing a lot more college football this year.
  4. no on barkley, yes on smith. yes it would be a risk but at this point we need a qb and it'd be nice to be exited about the jets again.
  5. i'd really just like to see sanchez out of here. and i know it's not all his fault. majority but not all. idk why the coaches are being so stubborn, put in someone else. what harm could it do. and of course they are going to win or lose regardless of what i feel. duh.
  6. So, is it too soon to start rooting for us to lose every game to get a better draft pick or does that make me a bad fan? And can we please start a different qb, at this point it doesn't even have to be tebow. just anyone. if we are going to suck lets see what else we have.
  7. i see us winning maybe 2-3 more games. and of course i want to see them win more, but realistically it aint happening. and i said at the beginning of the year i was going to just root for teams that win. i tried getting into the broncos, falcons, cardinals, and even the giants. i know slap me now. but the funny thing was i kept gravitating back to the jets. it's like a freaking black hole of suckiness.
  8. geno smith would look good in green. that are we need to trade everything we can to move up to get him. imagine luck or even more so rg3? yes i know we need a rb and pass rusher. but qb is the number one need.
  9. About time, He was probably one of the most hated jets to me. He kept us from ed reed, he admitted to not playing hard, and he sucks.
  10. Holy crap, that was a good game. lets take this game by game though. and if rex open his fat slimmed down mouth about a super bowl i'm kicking him in the teeth.
  11. And after this first game we are either going to be begging to see tebow, wishing this thread was premature, or praising sanchez. I really hope it's the latter of the three.
  12. At the moment I'm liking thomas. the guy is accurate and is going to be fun to watch. I do think we will draft a qb if sanchez blows. If we get a starting vet. then maybe we don't go qb in the first. but what starting qb is going to want to come here. our offense is so disfunctional.
  13. I know it was the first game of the season and many of these guys that did well played glorified hs teams, but I know I won't be looking at Denard Robinson of michigan got destroyed against alabama. Braxton Miller ohio state, looked weak to begin with. Geno smith from w.virgina was threw for over 300 yards and completed almost every pass. they were playing marshall. anyone else see anything we could replace sanchez with feel free to add.
  14. I'm hoping it was schotty, because if it is sanchez were going to be screwed breaking in another qb for the next four years. but if sanchez isn't winning games by himself this year we need to draft another top 5 qb.
  15. i agree, we have a 10 win defense easy, but only a 3 win offense. I'm thinking we go right around 6 or 7 wins. And while the score doesn't count in the preseason, watching the actual plays do. And Sanchez and Tebow suck. I'm sorry to say neither of these two are taking us anywhere without a top 5 defense. Top 5 oline, Top 5 rb, Top 5 wr/te.
  16. We had so many holes to fill (some deeper then others) I think we could have picked any position other then center, cb, and lt and been ok with it. and yes I'm done with the sanchez experiment. actually i'll give him this year with out schotty and then if he doesn't come through we need to start over. again.
  17. I hope they play up to there ability. Landry can be a beast, if he's healthy.
  18. yeah, you can never predict an injury, but this is one of the few drafts that i think we did ok in. quoples is a top ten talent maybe even top 5. he fell because he had a me mentality his last year. but if you look why, you can understand. we had and still have a lot of holes to fill. we weren't going to do it alone in the draft. idk why we didn't get winston justice to help out at the o line, resigning hunter had to be a pride thing, i mean why else would they. The fans can't be that much smarter then the jets front office, can we? And there we plenty of rb we had to choose from. i t
  19. nope, I was so against it and new the guy was going to be a bust. and I wasn't the only one. there we plenty of people on this board calling him a bust. sometimes you just see a guy and know he's going to suck. and no i'm not a genius or football guru.
  20. i got to agree. we have sh*te right now at the rb position. the qb position blows. our only hope is to get a decent rb to at least have a chance. got get him please. and i think they would take tebow for him.
  21. I am actually considering many of these ideas, and I'm not even close to joking.
  22. what could we really get for him? who would want this a hole on their team knowing that he'll do the same to them.
  23. brett roy just became my favorite rookie, lets hope the kid can play.
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