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  1. Please enter me. In the contest I mean. Keep it clean, it's a family site .
  2. If I lived in California, no I wouldn't panic.
  3. We dropped a few A-bombs on them in WW2 and nobody worried about the fallout or the radiation blowing over the pacific to the west coast, so why the panic now?? The further out it spreads the less concentrated it will be. There's radiation everywhere, just in small enough doses that it doesn't pose a health risk. Cell phones emit radiation, but I'm sure no one is giving their cell up.
  4. I don't turn them on, but they're still up. I'm waiting for the thaw, but what's worse is that my tree is still up (fake obviously). The kids don't mind though.
  5. If Washington is gonna send us Haynesworth, I want a 3rd round pick as well. In return the Jets can send Washington a bill for half of his contract.
  6. Anyone know what percentage of block attempts that actually work out to the amount of roughing the kicker calls per attempt? Sometimes I feel like its not even worth rushing to block the punt. If you want to hurry the punter, great, but the fact that you can touch the guy with the tip of your fingers and it results in a big penalty, just doesn't seem like a good risk/reward scenario.
  7. http://thechive.com/2011/01/26/sports-timed-for-your-pleasure-26-photos-2/ #26 What goes around comes around.
  8. I sure as hell hope so. He's a waste of cap space.
  9. If Sanchez gets out of Week 1 next year without his achilles rupturing I'll feel much better.
  10. Look, fact of the matter is that this franchise is in the best shape it has been in since Super Bowl III. We are in a place where we can compete to win, and not just tread water. We have the main pieces to put a championship run together, we just need that little extra to get us over the hump. I believe our front office will do everything it can to put the best team that we've seen yet on the field next year (pending there is a next year). Soon the dream will be realized. But then again we are the Jets, so you might want to quit drinking, get your cholesterol checked, and eat healthier, to
  11. Rex just addressed this, and said nothing was said to the officials, but also stated that wasn't the reason they lost.
  12. Funny how during the most important game of the year, we have an issue with the headsets. Haven't heard anything about a problem over the course of the season. Does sound suspicious, but doesn't matter now. Next season hire a tech team to keep on the sideline to monitor this sh*t so its no longer an issue. Then if it can't be explained, we have a gripe.
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