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  1. I never thought the Jets should sign Cro, as to me, he's never been a consistent corner. He's always made bad plays, & also been a playmaker - - up & down. What I don't agree with, was that the TD today was all on him. Cro played it like he expected inside help... looked to me like a safety missed an assignment.
  2. Happy to help ya. Reading it, I suspect it may've been this line, that caused Jets PR to pull it... In these days of political correctness, maybe someone *could* interpret it with racial overtones. Who knows
  3. Yes... it was removed. Using Google's cache... the article is here, for now: Of course, once Google updates it's cache, it'll be gone... so, here ya go...
  4. burf

    Happy New Year, Jet Nation

    As the guy who coined the phrase *Hermball,* all I gotta say is Brilliant, Moses... dead on, with one qualification. In my view, the Preacher was fired. To me, Woody just got tired of the circus, and annual propaganda campaign for a renegotiated contract. Had Woody wanted him here, all he had to say was, he's under contract & is expected to honor it. No... Woody came out of his slumber, and... here we are. Again... great read... & Happy New Year to you... and all in Jetslandistan
  5. So far, EM is being killed by Andy Reid, and Mike Nolan. http://www.nfl.com/coachoftheweek
  6. It's too early. Don't ya think Mangini would like to see what happens in a pre-season game, before choosing a starter? I suspect the source said Chad's been surprisingly good, and Hutch just took the leap to *he's the starter.*
  7. Very well said... nice to see a thoughtful response, to the sour grapes of a jilted Herm sycophant.

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