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  1. Assuming you get the #1 pick, sure. But if they don’t, what’s going to stop some team like Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, etc from telling the Jets to go f*ck themselves even if they offered an assortment of picks? You could argue we should take Fields/Lance in that scenario but neither one is even close to matching Lawrence. I’d probably prefer just to build the piss out of the rest of the roster with all of those picks and chase some veteran QB to compete with Darnold under a new HC.
  2. Yep I still say Darnold is the best prospect to come out of college since Luck with Lawrence being essentially the lone exception. I never put a guy like Mahomes in that category, as dumb as that may seem in hindsight. I still don’t think even the most ardent fan of Mahomes could have forecasted what he would become in such short order, even with the guidance of Andy Reid. Leave it to the Jets to take a natural born, gunslinging playmaker and chop his balls off and turn him into a reluctant gamemanager paired with a questionable at best HC... Figures
  3. If we’re in position for Lawrence, then that means that Darnold was either hurt or completely and utterly fell flat on his face this season. If that’s the case, then by all means, do what it takes to get Lawrence. But you’d still by and large be ushering him into the same sh*t situation that was thrust upon Darnold unless Douglas just absolutely nails these next two offseasons.
  4. If we’re promoting someone to interim HC, I’d rather it be Gregg Williams over some guy like Dowell Loggains or Shawn Jefferson. And unless Williams blows everyone’s collective t!ts off, we’d be parting ways at the end of the year anyway.
  5. Get rid of Gase, promote Williams to interim HC, and let Jim Bob Cooter do Matthew Stafford type sh*t with Darnold the rest of the year. This offense is frustrating as hell to watch. We’ve taken a natural gunslinger like Darnold and stuck him in an offense that calls for some variation of a screen pass on 80% of his drop backs. If the OL continues to gel, we get back Mims, Bell, Perine, Williamson, etc. and Darnold is able to thrive in a more wide open offense, then we’re in great shape moving forward. If Darnold falls flat on his face, then we’re at least in the mix for Lawrence, with the added benefit of three extra 1st’s in our pocket over the next 2 years.
  6. That fossil Marty has a better chance of getting another HC opportunity over Schitty Jr. The dude has at least been a semi-competent OC for nearly 15 years now but I doubt the next step is in the cards for him. At least at the pro ranks.
  7. When dudes like Schitty Jr. and Jeremy Bates put your current, “offensive minded” HC to shame...you might have a problem or 12.
  8. Pussies beget bigger pussies Send him on his way Time to bring in a real coach
  9. What?! Some fans love these green & white, cocksucking, endlessly-disappointing scamps more than their very own children. Why I oughta... If you were a woman, I just might slug you...
  10. People need to get over this weird Rex Ryan obsession. I want Gase gone too, but I’m not replacing him with that goofy dickbag.
  11. Powell At least you know he can still pass protect. And say what you want about Bell, but that’s probably been his strongest suit since he got here. He saved Darnold from getting killed multiple times last year.
  12. We should all line up and smack him in the head with 2x4’s. Might even set those goofy eyes straight

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