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  1. Rosen too much a risk?

    People have said that his first love has always been tennis, not football. Doug Gottlieb was even saying the other day that if he didn’t tear his labrum a couple of years ago, that’s probably what he would’ve committed to longterm. And suffering 2 concussions within a 4 month span, not needing the game of football and your dad being a renowned surgeon who deals with spinal and head issues on a daily basis is a BIG concern in my eyes. Who knows if this kid takes one more hit to the head and his dad advises him to walk away? We’d all be f*cking livid if we traded up to get this guy, finally think we have our QB for the next decade plus...and then he walks away from football within 2-3 years. Not probable that it happens, but it’s definitely concerning.
  2. Rosen too much a risk?

    This is what I’ve been saying for months. There’s no questioning his talent, but the concussion issue is a major concern for a guy whose love for the game has been questioned, has a family that is very well off financially and whose dad is a renowned surgeon.
  3. Why the hell would I root against him? If the Jets take him, I’ll hope for the best. Can most say the same about Allen? The pissing and moaning will be unbearable...over a guy who clearly has the most upside of any of these QB’s.
  4. Mayfield played in a simplified offense where he rarely had to throw the ball more than 8 yards past the LoS. That’s a concern. Mayfield is a shade over 6’0...that’s a concern. No amount of “bah bah but Drew Brees and Russell Wilson!” will change that. Mayfield has shown that he can be an immature jackass both on the field and off. That’s a legitimate concern. Mayfield is a Big 12 QB who feasted on sh*t Big 12 defenses. Go look at the list of Big 12 QB’s who have successfully transitioned to the NFL...that’s a legitimate concern. Mayfield is by no means the “surest” QB in the draft. Hell, just 3-4 months ago the kid was considered a 2nd rounder. Now he’s the best QB in the draft according to some. Not buying it at all. Darnold and Rosen are still the Top 2 guys, hands down. Both Allen and Mayfield are total tossups. And if I’m gambling on a tossup at #3, give me the kid who’s 6’5 240 and can throw a 60 yard TD on a frozen rope in the middle of a f*cking hurricane. Not the shrimp with maturity concerns.
  5. USC Pro Day on now

    Darnold dropping dimes left and right in a downpour
  6. How exactly is Mayfield the “surest thing” among these QB’s?
  7. All that moxie!! That’s what it really comes down to, fellas!

    Mewhort re-signs in Indy Guess the Jets are comfortable with Carpenter.
  9. USC Pro Day on now

    Hasn’t thrown yet
  10. Mayfield If you trade multiple picks to move up into the Top 3...go big or go home. Why the hell would we trade up for the QB with the least upside among the Top 4, who has maturity issues to boot?
  11. USC Pro Day on now

    Interesting that Bowles is there. I don’t think he was at the pro-days for Rosen or Mayfield.
  12. Mercedes Lewis

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I really like Eric Tomlinson. Was damn good as an in-line blocker and caught everything thrown his way in limited opportunities. I think if you roll with him as the starter, he could easily equal if not surpass ASJ’s production last year.