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  1. This I don’t give two sh*ts about some jersey signing at the end of the game. If this dickhead wants $10+ million a year, then he needs to fight for those balls. Not wait for the damn thing to drop right into his chest. This is exactly why I’m all about bolstering the OL in FA and then taking Lamb in Round 1. We have no one who will go up and scrap for those contested balls. A kid like Lamb would’ve high pointed it and stiff armed the piss out of the DB in the process. Once again, throw the bank at guys like Scherff and Thuney in FA, draft Lamb in the Top 10, then continue working on the OL afterwards. Sh*t like CB and edgerusher can wait. At least the defense is competent. Especially with a guy like Mosley and potentially Williamson returning next year.
  2. That Brady guy has sucked for the last 20 years playing in the northeast too.
  3. This is bullsh*t If Douglas doesn’t invest every resource into the OL and receiving corps then he can suck my ass. Edge and CB can wait
  4. Why the hell is Nevill Hewitt covering one of the fastest guys in the NFL?
  5. If he has Darnold constantly trying to fit tight window throws to Braxton Berrios against Marlon Humphrey, that will probably be the result.
  6. Gase is a f*cking dildo if he doesn’t give Bell 30+ touches tonight.
  7. Because he’s mostly been used as a change of pace back for the majority of his time here. The role that he’s best suited for. Seems like every time the Jets have counted on him to handle the bulk of the carries, he’s on the injury report a few days later.
  8. I wouldn’t have an issue with it I still have him as my 2nd receiver behind Lamb. I think he’s a pretty safe bet to be a solid, legit #1 receiver for a decade. That’s why I think the best comparison for him is Amari Cooper, another former Bama wideout. Same size, same middling athletic ability, same issue with focus drops. But also like Cooper he’s definitely a fantastic route runner and knows all of the little nuances of playing the position. I’d still prefer Lamb or one of the OT’s, but I’d be more than content with Jeudy.
  9. Better athlete, catches everything that comes his way unlike Jeudy who has a big issue with concentration drops (see the LSU and Auburn games this year for a prime example), consistently high points the ball and scraps his ass off for it.
  10. Lamb over Jeudy all day Jeudy is a savvy player, but I don’t see “game changer” at all. Best case scenario he’s Amari Cooper. Solid #1 receiver. Lamb could be the next DeAndre Hopkins.
  11. Yep Everyone always wants Powell to get more touches, but then when he does, he ALWAYS gets banged up.

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