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  1. The Bills took a QB with batsh*t crazy upside and a tireless work ethic and committed to him. College completion percentage be damned. Meanwhile plenty of Jets fans wanted to ditch Wilson two games into his NFL career. All of which, might I add, wanted somewhere between “jack” and “sh*t” to do with the Jets drafting Josh Allen 3 1/2 years ago.
  2. Disagree completely The big draw for boxing has always been the heavyweights and now you have a prime crop of dudes like Fury (legit all-timer), Usyk, Joshua, Wilder, Ruiz, etc. Not to mention the smaller dudes like Golovkin, Spence, Crawford, etc who are supremely talented. This is a far cry from the late 90’s/majority of the 2000’s.
  3. The biggest problem with wrestling is that they don’t even attempt to make it seem real anymore. Sure, anyone over the age of 12 should realize it’s a work, but when I was a kid and dudes like Ric Flair, Harley Race, Black Jack Mulligan, Jerry Lawler, Ricky Steamboat, Junkyard Dog, etc were running the show…it was awesome. Now they’re quite literally D list Hollywood actors. Even before I got out of it in the late 90’s it was still pretty damn entertaining with guys like Sting, The Rock, Austin and Foley. Now it’s just tamed down garbage with dudes who are seemingly trying their
  4. I’ve mostly hated it for a long time now. I watch out of habit, more than anything. Between the Jets sucking for a decade, the increasingly sh*tty officiating, rule changes every year simply for the sake of rule changes, and all of the completely fake political BS being shoved down everyone’s throats…the product is terrible even compared to just 10-15 years ago. At least boxing seems to be making a long awaited comeback.
  5. I’ll take that extra 4th round pick over having Herndon on the roster. The position will be overhauled in the offseason. Add a guy like Howard in FA and draft someone like Wydermyer, LaPorta, Kolar, Likely or Ruckert. Hell, draft two of them.
  6. Hey! Moore is only on the spectrum. Danny DeVito would have a few stern words for the likes of you.
  7. Oooohhh You could literally fit a midget down the crack of those milk jugs.
  8. I wouldn’t sneeze at Ertz but I sure as hell would prefer Goedert.
  9. I’d absolutely make the deal Maye is an above-average safety who is 3 months away from walking out the door anyway, is rapidly approaching 30 years old, and just got popped for a DUI on top of other pending charges… At least Howard is a young, plus athlete who would upgrade the weakest position on this roster and is currently buried on a Super Bowl team behind the likes of Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, and Cameron Brate… What exactly am I missing here? A player for player swap would be just fine. Anything more is just cherries on top.
  10. I hope so I feared the same sh*t from Darnold with Gase earlier in his career and it ended up coming to fruition. Taking a natural born gunslinger, cutting his balls off and constantly shouting in his ear to take the underneath stuff instead of doing what he does best. Letting it rip, even if it leads to some ugly plays. Guys like Namath and Favre built HOF resumes doing this. For every INT they would throw they would drop your jaw with the miraculous sh*t they could pull off. Wilson may never end up being one of those Rodgers/Mahomes guys with a 4/1 TD:INT ratio on a given
  11. DeMaurice Smith is an incompetent goof who I guarantee the vast majority of players in the NFL would love to get rid of at the moment. Hell, Goodell and Smith may legitimately be the worst things to ever happen to the sport.
  12. Many considered Ballard arguably the best GM in the league entering this season. If anything, this just proves that most fans are unreasonable nutsacks who preach “patience” until the season starts, a couple of losses pile up and then they want to fire everybody. Most of the Jets fanbase didn’t expect more than 4-6 wins entering the year, now they want to completely clean house after a 1-4 start. What’s even more funny are the few who are talking about Arch Manning potentially in green & white a few years from now. As if they wouldn’t want to toss his ass out the window as
  13. The rumor comes from Jason LaCanfora When has this dickhead ever been right? It’s mind boggling how he’s still employed as an NFL “Insider”.
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