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  1. I know that Godwin just tore up his knee, but that’s a big part of the reason that we now have a legitimate shot at him. He might be the best slot guy in the NFL. And with the Jets seemingly committed to playing Moore on the outside, that sounds just fine by me. It’s not crazy to think that he could be ready for the start of the season. And if not, then start him on the PUP list and let Berrios handle the slot duties until he’s ready. Supposedly the Jets loved Godwin last offseason and were willing to throw the bank at him if Tampa let him walk. Maybe that’s changed after the kn
  2. I’m not even convinced that Stingley is the best, or even 2nd best CB in the draft. I don’t want to take a CB in the 1st, but if we did, I’d hope it would be Gardner.
  3. He should be at the top of Douglas’ wishlist if Dallas allows him to hit FA. Outside of maybe 2-3 years of Dustin Keller this team has had a black hole at TE since the Shuler days. Pairing up Schultz with McBride would be ideal but I doubt the Jets would invest a Top 40 pick in another TE after signing Schultz in FA. Schultz + Ruckert is more realistic IMO and would go a long way towards improving the position.
  4. Schultz in FA + either McBride, Ruckert or Ferguson in the draft TE problems solved
  5. I don’t think Hamilton is Ed Reed. More of a suped up Justin Simmons. He can be a pivotal piece on the backend of the defense for a decade, but do you want to take him over one of the edgerushers or even an OL like Neal or Ekwonu at #4? I like Hamilton but a potential 10 sack a year EDGE to pair with Lawson is still preferable and even though I’m mostly against going OL in the 1st round again, I’d probably take a dude like Ekwonu over Hamilton in that scenario.
  6. Ultimately, I don’t think we’ll draft a wideout in the 1st round either. I honestly think the most likely scenario is that Douglas goes the trade route and gives up one of those high 2nd rounders for a guy like Cooper or Ridley. But I still would take an EDGE and either Hamilton or a LB like Dean/Lloyd in the 1st round over another OL. With that being said, I’m still not going to flip my sh*t if we take Linderbaum at #10.
  7. I just don’t understand it Like I said, Joe Douglas is a former OL with a strong scouting background. You’d think he’d be capable of finding a quality starting OL outside of the 1st round. To me a guy like Zion Johnson or Darian Kinnard at #35 or #38 represents more value than a Neal, Cross or Linderbaum in the Top 10. Getting an edgerusher with one of those 1st rounders is essential IMO. Guys like Hutchinson, Thibodeaux, Karlaftis and Ojabo may not be in that Chase Young/Myles Garrett/Nick Bosa stratosphere, but they’re still Top 10 worthy. We have no idea what kind of player L
  8. Dude just led the NFL in every major statistical category for a QB at 45 years old and most Jets fans still just want to chalk it up to cheating. He’s not just the greatest QB to ever step on a football field, he’s the greatest player in the sports history. He’s currently out of the division and working towards his 8th Superbowl victory while thumping his penis on Belichick’s forehead. Sit back and enjoy it while it lasts
  9. How will Mark Davis be able to afford his snazzy Lloyd Christmas haircuts if he’s still paying Gruden on top of paying Harbaugh $10+ million a year? Let’s use our brains here
  10. We’ve already taken two OL in the Top 15 over the last two drafts. Taking two more this year is ridiculous. This team hasn’t had a quality edgerusher for the better part of 20 years. We haven’t drafted a WR in the 1st round since Santana Moss. We have the worst group of LB’s in the NFL. We’re set to start Ashtyn Davis and Elijah Riley at safety. Jets fans need to seriously get over this obsession with forming some kind of super unit OL. How many teams in the playoffs even have two 1st round picks on the offensive line? Much less four?
  11. Knowing Disney they won’t keep it consistent to the old books. He was a batsh*t lunatic in the comics with multiple personalities. He was also brutal and beat the piss out of people to within an inch of their lives.
  12. Drafting 4 OL in the Top 15 within a span of 3 years is batsh*t insane. If the Jets were to take Linderbaum at #10, I wouldn’t complain about it, but still… Joe Douglas is a former OL and supposed scout extraordinaire. He should be able to find quality offensive lineman outside of the 1st round.
  13. Depending on what the Jets do in FA, Zion Johnson should be a prime candidate for one of those 2nd rounders. Instant starter at RG Raimann is also interesting as a developmental OT. Seems to fit the wide zone scheme perfectly.
  14. This sour grapes stuff from Jets fans regarding Brady is just pathetic. Recognize greatness when it’s staring right at you. This is a truly generational Babe Ruth/Michael Jordan class of athlete that you’ll likely never see again in your lifetimes. The dude isn’t in our division anymore and his continued success makes Belichick look even more like a fraudulent dickhole. Guy is on the fast track to winning his 2nd Super Bowl in as many years since leaving New England. Meanwhile Belichick couldn’t even reach .500 last season and then this year had the doors blown off him in the fi
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