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  1. Every time the Jets are about to cause me to sink my fist into the wall and make my loved ones briefly question their own safety...I immediately take solace in not being a Browns fan and I take it down a notch or two.
  2. Went to the playoffs multiple years with guys like Jake Plummer and Brian Griese? Drafted Cousins in the 4th round who has turned out to be a Top 15 QB in the league presently? Changed up his entire offense to accommodate a guy like RGIII who went on to have one of the greatest rookie seasons a QB has ever had before blowing out his knee? Shanahan is younger than Belichick and most people think Belichick still has another 5 years left in him. It’s not like Shanahan has just been sitting around getting rusty either. He’s been in an official consultant role with the 49ers for the last few years working closely with his son and John Lynch.
  3. If Gase is clearly a giant turd this year, then I want a proven commodity so Darnold isn’t wasted. This guy will do
  4. I’d say that’s about the floor for the Jets this year. I don’t know why so many still think we’re a lower 10 bottom feeder. Darnold should make admirable strides this year with an OL that at least shouldn’t resemble a steaming pile of dogsh*t. Bell (as well as Gore/Perine) should see more open holes (giggity) under the same pretenses. The defense as an entire unit should be more effective, especially if Mosley is healthy and the Jets keep Williamson around (it’s also entirely possible that the Jets add a Logan Ryan or Jadeveon Clowney with $25 million in cap space now available). Maybe I’m in the minority, but it seems like sh*tloads of fans are writing off the season simply because we let Robby walk. Despite effectively replacing him with a dude that many of us (including myself) thought would be a Top 20-30 pick, in addition to a guy like Perriman who, when healthy, can at least run a basic 9-route the same as Robby and come up with the occasional circus catch or two. I think the Darnold doubters are about to eat heapings of crow, honestly. The kid was always a legit, top tier QB prospect and now the Jets have finally given him the makings of a proper supporting cast to achieve major strides in the right direction.
  5. Can we really be sure? Let’s all do our own research and report back. Something tells me Jamal Adams will still be here when we’ve concluded.
  6. Can we please, for the love of god, talk about something else? Literally anything? How many dimples do you guys think are on the average football? Let’s talk about that.
  7. I’ve never really had an issue with Brady. It’s Belichick who I want to be anally ravaged by Satan for all eternity.
  8. Because most still associate the Jets with the clown shoes Rex/Sanchez era. Sure, they made two AFC Championship games...which made it all the funnier to the national audience at large when a big talk, hot air filled NY franchise previously seen as “loveable”...well...”tolerable” losers ended up falling flat on their faces in the end. Nothing is more associated with the Jets outside of this fanbase over the last 50 years than Sanchez running headstrong into Brandon Moore’s fat ass and Rex continually flapping his fat gums. Sad but true
  9. But at least he’s not the orange man! Gawl!
  10. Get woke, go broke. I never thought anyone would be able to kill the golden goose, but Goodell just might.

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