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  1. He got into a pissing match with Snyder over the QB situation. Shanahan wanted Cousins to start, Snyder wanted to ram RGIII down everyones throats. The former is a legit Top 10 QB who just received the first fully guaranteed contract in NFL history. The latter was a gimmicky flash in the pan who is now the 3rd string QB in Baltimore after being out of the league for 2 years. Obviously Shanahan was in the right and got a raw deal in Washington.
  2. He’s 66 Belichick is 66. Pete Carroll and Nick Saban are 67. Andy Reid is in his early 60’s. Who cares? If Shanahan is willing to commit for 4-5 years, then I don’t see the issue. And he probably leaves someone like Matt LaFleur or one of his other star pupils as his successor. All the while Darnold is tossing for 4300 yards and 35 TD’s a year thanks to a HOF caliber, offensive minded coaches tutelage.
  3. Exactly The Jets absolutely can not f*ck this up. Even guys like DeFilippo and LaFleur both have less than two total years of experience calling plays, nevermind these Taylor kids. If the Jets screw up Darnold then they’re looking at another decade of futility. For every Sean McVay there are 20 of these young guys who aren’t up to the task and completely flame out within 2-3 years. This is the first time I can remember that I’m all about going the retread route. Even if we hire a guy like Mike Shanahan and don’t win a Super Bowl during his tenure, at least he’ll have most likely developed Darnold into a Top 10 QB within 2 years of taking over.
  4. Yeah, Mike Shanahan. The guy who has won 2 Super Bowls, has plenty of experience both coaching and in dealing with personnel, has mentored the likes of Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, Matt LaFleur, etc. Has a history of putting together great offensive coaching staffs, changed up his entire offense to suit a gimmicky QB like RGIII who went on to have the most efficient season a rookie QB has ever had, and at the same time, drafted a legit franchise QB like Kirk Cousins in the 4th round... I’ll take Shanny any day of the week.
  5. Yeah that’s what we need. A couple of green as hell 30 year olds to turn this sh*tfest around. Wonderful Shanahan/Harbaugh in 2019
  6. Pretty much When you have deficiencies all over the place on offense, $100 million to spend and the WR and OL markets are total trash...you throw the bank at Le’Veon Bell. If he isn’t the best RB in the league, then he’s only 2nd to Gurley. As both a runner and receiver he can do wonders for Darnold’s early development. I’ve said for months that the Jets should use the bulk of their cash in free agency to add Bell, at least one (preferably two) edgerushers (someone like Dee Ford and a mid-tier guy like Shane Ray/Shaq Barrett). That’s easily the strength of this upcoming FA market. Then look to address OL and WR early in the draft.
  7. I don’t think they can land a true #1 WR this offseason. But I wouldn’t mind pairing a guy like Tyrell Williams with Anderson on the outside, re-signing Enunwa and drafting a wideout in the 3rd/4th round.
  8. Meh Guy is guaranteed to get a deal on the open market averaging $14-16 million a year with $30+ million guaranteed. And hopefully it’s from us, because he’s the only offensive playmaker that we can realistically bring in after the season. In fact, this whole offseason should revolve around landing Bell, a legit edgerusher and some OL help.
  9. Untouchable

    R.I.P Stan Lee

    Yet that bastard Rob Liefeld still lives... RIP Stan
  10. Untouchable

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    Exactly In 20 years, when the hell have you ever seen Andy Reid on the sideline without a play call sheet in his hand? I’ve never been more sold on going the “retread” route at HC as I am now. Go get Mike Shanahan. Go get John Harbaugh. Go get Jim Harbaugh if he’s ready to move on from Michigan and plant his flag elsewhere for 5 years. A guy like DeFilippo has less than two total years of experience as an OC. Matt LaFleur I would be cool with if we brought in a guy like Shanahan as the VP and he wanted one of his protégés to be the coach.
  11. Untouchable

    John Harbaugh

    I don’t know if Williams has any sort of relationship with Harbaugh. Jackson, Pagano and Rosburg have all been with Harbaugh in Baltimore at some point. Though I certainly wouldn’t complain about Williams as DC.
  12. Only way I’d be okay with keeping Macc is if he personally guaranteed me that upgrading the offense is his highest priority for the foreseeable future. I’m talking Le’Veon Bell and Tyrell Williams in FA, a LT like Jonah Williams in the 1st round, etc. That’s the kind of sh*t that needs to happen come March/April if you want to put Darnold in position to develop into a Top 10 QB and score more than 12–16 points a game moving forward. You have the resources, so go do it. He also better be able to attract a proven coach like Mike Shanahan or John Harbaugh.
  13. As a DC I’d take his ass in a heartbeat. As a HC...I think he’s one of those dudes like Todd Haley that just rubs people the wrong way. Go get Mike Shanahan or one of the Harbaugh boys.
  14. Untouchable

    John Harbaugh

    HC John Harbaugh OC Hue Jackson DC Chuck Pagano ST Jerry Rosburg
  15. Untouchable

    The Pope calls for Arians to run the show

    If by Bruce Arians he actually means Mike Shanahan or John Harbaugh, then I agree.

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