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  1. He’s like Dale Gribble at Stik-Tek
  2. Untouchable

    The JOKER-DC Comeback?

    Hey, I love Old School but pretty much every other movie he’s made has been dreadful. The Hangover was decent and then he followed it up with two sh*tastic sequels. I guess you could argue that he’s an okay comedy director but I have serious doubts about him being able to pull off a dark, gritty drama.
  3. Bill Polian? This is the kind of sh*t I would’ve come up with 6 years ago.
  4. Untouchable

    The JOKER-DC Comeback?

    Looks promising but I’m still skeptical Phoenix is one of the better actors out there today, but Todd Phillips is a sh*t director and De Niro hasn’t been associated with a good movie in almost 25 years.
  5. Untouchable

    Marshmallow Peeps: Laced with Crack?

    I used to take them from my kids Easter baskets every year. Have all the chocolate you want, the peeps are mine.
  6. Untouchable

    The Awful Maccagnan Is Gone

    Hadn’t thought about it like that before. Thanks
  7. Untouchable

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Douglas 1a Peyton 1b
  8. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    I think it’s GM or bust for Peyton I’m not sure why he would accept some sort of “director of pro personnel” job when he’s watched guys like Elway and Lynch get the main gig.
  9. Untouchable

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    Yeah well no sh*t You seen his haircut?
  10. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Some question marks, sure. But it’s not some dire situation. The Jets may not have a true #1 receiver, but they have 3 guys all under the age of 27 who have proven capable of putting up 700-900+ yards. Chris Herndon is a promising young TE who only started 12 games as a rookie and still wound up with 500 receiving yards and 4 TD’s. And though the Jets OL is far from one of the premier units in the league, it’s not complete garbage either. Especially with the addition of Osemele.
  11. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Because maybe he hasn’t liked the presented situations so far? The only team I know of that made a strong push for Peyton as GM was the Browns before they hired Dorsey. And there’s literally never been a worse situation in the NFL than that. As for your other point, maybe he doesn’t give a flying rats a$$hole about being a commentator? Maybe he wants to construct his own team and orchestrate the daily football operations, not being stuck in a booth every week with some dickbag like Chris Collinsworth or Jim Nantz.
  12. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    It’s also worth noting that when Peyton turned down a team like the Browns, they were a complete f*cking dumpster fire with no hope in sight. Who the hell was their QB at the time? Cody Kessler? Kevin Hogan? They had literally jack and sh*t to work with and jack had already left town. With the Jets, he’d be walking into a situation where he already has a tremendously talented QB who doesn’t even turn 22 until next month. He’d have a star RB who still has at least 2-3 elite level seasons left in the tank. A solid, albeit unspectacular WR corps and a promising young TE. He’ll have a defense that boasts at least one stud, pro-bowl caliber player at every level. And we already hired a coach that he has a lot of respect for, previous experience working with and was strongly recommending to teams around the league. Not exactly a terrible situation
  13. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    He doesn’t But Elway didn’t need to take the Broncos job. Lynch didn’t need to take the 49ers job. Pretty much everyone will tell you that Peyton Manning is one of those “football lifers” who finds it difficult to sever ties with the game. He eats, sleeps, drinks and pisses football. I don’t think it’s that outlandish. People around the league have had Peyton pegged for a coaching or front office job ever since he announced his retirement. Now, do I think he’ll ultimately come to the Jets? No But I wouldn’t be against it
  14. Untouchable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Hell...why not? At least you damn well know that Peyton will draft offense and would provide Darnold with tremendous insight. If Elway and Lynch can land prominent front office positions, why not Peyton?

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