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  1. Don’t forget those Bone Thugs N Harmony reunion concerts.
  2. Agreed Just like with Brad Smith. And Smith had a helluva lot more value than Roberts. He could return kicks, contribute as a WR and wildcat option and even serve as an emergency QB. Roberts is strictly a return man. He isn’t going to see any time on the field in any other capacity unless your receiving corps is absolutely ravaged by injury as was the case with the Jets late last year.
  3. Because you don’t pay 31 year olds who are strictly returnmen almost $4 million a year. The guy was simply an above-average KR/PR prior to last season with little to no value as a receiver. Just like you don’t pay $4-5 million a year to bring back Jason Myers, who was incredibly inconsistent throughout his entire career prior to ‘18. Actually has missed more XP’s than any other kicker in the NFL since entering the league.
  4. $60 for a roster update... Madden has been sh*t ever since EA secured a monopoly on the NFL license 15 years ago.
  5. Spoken like a true blue, Baker-loving communist.
  6. I don’t think it will ever end I think the suits in Hollywood look at Batman in the same way as James Bond. A franchise that can carry on for decades upon decades and continuously make them a sh*tload of money. And it’s hard for me to disagree on that account.
  7. I think one of the biggest problems as well is that DC wants to ape the Marvel formula and grab someone who can play Batman for 10+ years like Tom Holland as Spider-Man. I’d personally love to see someone like Jon Hamm in the role. Hell, I even think it would be awesome if they totally swept that sh*tfest Batman v Superman under the rug and did a Dark Knight Returns adaptation and brought back Michael Keaton as an older, more cynical Batman.
  8. Howard of 15 years ago? Sure But over the last decade he’s turned into everything he used to routinely make fun of over the first 30 years of his career.
  9. His smug aura mocks me! It’s been days, fellas... Is this being taken care of or do I need to contact OCP directly?
  10. I guess Plenty have said that Macc is a scout at heart. Seemed like he was out and about evaluating college talent more than most GM’s. Just too bad he has been mediocre at best at it.

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