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  1. That a$$hole has pretty much killed the golden goose. Something that I didn’t even think was possible until about 2-3 years ago. This whole sport on a professional level has become a joke.
  2. This motherf*cker just turned 22 a few months ago. Just imagine what he’ll look like at 27 with an improved supporting cast.
  3. If that was Marcus Maye covering Witten he would’ve pissed in his face, stolen the ball right from him and housed it.
  4. I remember what it was like to kick field goals lol. Jokers
  5. Working on his Instagram feed while Maye does the heavy lifting.
  6. Hot fries They taste like chemicals but are addictive as hell.
  7. jetsrule128...the good, harmless kind of psychopath.
  8. I don’t expect it, but I can’t say I’d be shocked. I thought the Jets would probably get a 4th or a conditional 5th for Sheldon. We ended up getting a 2nd from Seattle and a decent #2 receiver at the time in Kearse. And Sheldon was one failed piss test away from a 10 game suspension. Leo has zero off the field concerns.
  9. I wanted Bell going back to last season, but I couldn’t have dreamed that he would be this awesome as a teammate. All of that prima donna sh*t with him was completely overblown. Guy wanted to get his money at a position with a traditionally short shelf life. Clearly Antonio Brown was the head a$$hole in Pittsburgh and it wasn’t even close.
  10. Wasn’t he also publicly schilling for the Miami job like 9 months ago before they even fired Gase? lol

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