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  1. Sure as hell not me I can get why people were sour on Q after his rookie season, but after last year? The dude could be an absolute f*cking monster. Especially playing the 3-tech in a 4-3. No way you trade him at this point And sure as hell not coupled with all of those picks for a TE. And I love Pitts.
  2. He’s basically been Cincy’s version of Bilal Powell I wouldn’t be against it, but I don’t see it happening after already bringing in Coleman. I think they’ll use a mid round pick on someone like Herbert to add to the committee.
  3. I said if he becomes decent Teams take QB’s in the mid rounds all the time in the hopes that they can develop them into solid backups. Andy Reid has done it rather consistently throughout the last 2 decades. It beats paying someone like Alex Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick $10 million a season when you hope they never even see the field.
  4. If James Morgan becomes a decent, extremely cheap backup...how was that a waste of a pick? This is the modern NFL where nearly 40 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick’s are pulling in $10 million a year.
  5. Well...yeah. This Shanny WCO has made prominent use of the FB for 25+ years. The 49ers just gave yet another $4-5 million a year contract to a 30 year old FB. Have people already forgotten the difference that a guy like Tony Richardson made in the running game during his time here? I’d absolutely consider using a late round pick on a guy like Mason. At least it’s something different to talk about. Instead of the incessant Zach Wilson chatter or the Deshaun Watson babble that has zero percent chance of happening, especially now.
  6. Sure...and when was it ever sustainable? The Dolphins had their little flip flop between ‘07 and ‘08 when Pennington was leading the charge...and where did it ultimately get them? Complete embarrassment in the wildcard round and not a single playoff appearance since that fluke of a season where they were running a bunch of gimmicky wildcat bullsh*t and plenty of simpletons around the NFL landscape actually thought it was some “new wave” that would take the league by storm... I’ll gladly take 6-11/7-10 next year while being potentially set up for 10+ years of sustained playoff/Super B
  7. No, last post I said 12+ As in, 12 or more games. Ya know, in the range of Buffalo’s record last year. The team that you expect us to topple and win the division. Right after we were neck and neck with Jacksonville as the worst team in football... Very reasonable...
  8. Yes, pretty wild. It’s the kind of stuff I would believe when I was 12. The Jets aren’t going from 2-14 to slapping around the team that just won 13 games and has been in the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. McDermott is a damn good coach, Josh Allen is a damn good QB, and that team as a whole has very few glaring weaknesses. Meanwhile the Jets are one big, giant question mark. But sure...let’s go win a Championship next year. Totally realistic expectations...
  9. LOL So you honestly think the Jets should go from 2-14 to wrestling the 13-3 Buffalo Bills for the division in one single offseason? If your expectations are that sky high, then you have only yourself to blame when you’re disappointed.
  10. We were on the brink of 0-16 less than 4 months ago. Am I supposed to expect 12+ wins this season? That’s just goofy If we win 6 or 7 games and Wilson looks like a budding young star at QB, a guy like Q transitions into full blown stud, Lawson has 8-10 sacks, the OL is at least competent, Mims looks like a potential #1 receiver, etc...am I supposed to be pissed off and feel as there is no hope in sight? Especially moving into an offseason where we’ll have two 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders and plenty of cap flexibility? I’d sign up for that scenario right now
  11. I think people make too much of the “veteran mentor” thing for young QB’s. Isn’t that why we have guys like LaFleur, Gnapp and Calabrese on staff? No way should the Jets pay a hobbled Alex Smith upwards of $10 million just to play the big brother role to Wilson. Sign a cheap vet like McCarron or Mullens. Or hell, just roll with the kid that you took in the 4th round a year ago.
  12. Based on the fact that the kid has graded out as the worst starting QB in the league during his stint here. I was a huge Darnold fan for more than a year before we even drafted him. But no one is giving you a kings ransom for a player who has largely been a major disappointment, regardless of him being thrown into a pretty sh*tty situation from the get-go. Hell, Darnold’s age and the belief of many that he has some untapped potential is the only reason we were able to get this much for him.
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