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  1. Exactly What kind of connection does Watson have to Bieniemy? The only thing I’ve heard is that Mahomes has talked up EB to Watson.
  2. On what planet are we getting a 25 year old, borderline Top 5 QB for a single 1st round pick?
  3. Hendrickson had 13.5 sacks last year He’s a great athlete and has gotten better every year. Also just turned 26 in December. That’s the kind of guy that you pay in FA.
  4. Don’t want Judon Dude is pushing 30 and is better suited as a standup 3-4 OLB anyway. Trey Hendrickson is the guy we should be talking about. And he’s a guarantee to hit FA with the Saints so cap strapped.
  5. And the only sex that was had was the two chicks scissoring each other after Wilson went home to play Fortnite.
  6. Sure If the Jets can get Watson for something like #2 overall and a 1st round pick in 2022 and 2023 like Daniel Jeremiah has proposed, then you pull the trigger without thinking twice. Problem is, I think at the end of the day this is mostly media driven about Watson being done in Houston. I fully expect the Jets to roll with Darnold, bring in a veteran like Dalton or someone to push him, and trade down from #2 with some team dead-set on obtaining Sewell or one of the QB’s.
  7. Yep Either make your move for Watson or bring back Darnold, sign someone like Dalton, Garoppolo if released, etc to compete, and try your damndest to trade down from #2 and build up the rest of the roster.
  8. KC was already one of the most stacked teams in the league. They came to the conclusion that their functional yet limited QB was what was holding them back. So they took a swing on a high upside kid with every tool you could ask for and let him develop on the bench for a year under the tutelage of maybe the greatest offensive mind the league has seen since Bill Walsh. How does that compare to the Jets present situation?
  9. The Jaguars talked themselves into believing that Bortles was worth the 3rd pick. The Vikings talked themselves into believing that Ponder was worth the 12th pick. The list goes on and on. Desperate teams do stupid things. Plenty of guys who know much more about this stuff than you or I or anyone else on this board have repeatedly said that the Jets should stick with Darnold over taking one of these lesser QB prospects 2nd overall. And that was before we committed to a Shanahan system that is essentially tailor made for the 23 year old QB already on our roster. Many fans are just automatically assuming that the Jets are going to land the top WR set to hit the market, the top interior OL set to hit the market, etc. We could be sitting here a month from now with guys like Robinson, Godwin, Golladay, Thuney, Scherff, etc all being retained by their current teams and not even sniffing FA. Then what are you doing? Marching the next young QB into just about as sh*tty of a situation as we’ve saddled Darnold with. We’ve even had dudes with inside info like @Mogglez and @football guy say that the most likely scenario is the Jets sticking with Darnold and continuing to build the roster. That the FO isn’t as keen on the Wilson’s, Fields’, or Lance’s as the fanbase. Many of which have never even really watched these guys outside of a handful of YouTube highlight videos. If Douglas and Co. are sold on a Justin Fields or Zach Wilson, then of course they’ll take one of them. But if you take one of these guys and they bust, then Douglas and Saleh’s tenures are already done for.
  10. And your logic is how teams end up with Blake Bortles, Christian Ponder, etc. You can absolutely kick the can down the road if you’re not sold on these QB’s. Taking one just for the sake of taking one is stupid. Especially when you have a paper thin roster like we do. Ever since we lost out on Lawrence, Jets fans have gone into total desperation mode and are now trying to convince themselves that there are 5 additional franchise QB’s in this draft.
  11. I don’t want any of these guys We’ve already lost out on the grand prize that was Trevor Lawrence. So unless you’re going to bring in Watson...just stick with Darnold, move down from #2 to further add to the stockpile of picks over the next two years and build up the rest of the roster. People are acting like Fields/Wilson are the last chance the Jets will ever have to draft a QB. It’s goofy. If Darnold falls flat on his face in a system that fits him like a glove with an improved supporting cast, then we could be headed into next year with up to 3 1st round picks and dudes like Howell, Rattler, etc declaring for the draft.
  12. Seriously The Jets have never had back to back losing seasons with Woody in charge meanwhile we’ve been sh*tastic with Chris at the helm. Gase gets the credit for Douglas. Douglas gets the credit for Saleh. Chris has done dick
  13. I get that many don’t like Woody but why are they pretending that his little brother who has sunk the Jets to Kotite-esque levels is better?

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