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  1. While passing on Heath Miller Or when we traded 3 1st rounders for D-Rob. Or when we traded a just entering his prime Santana Moss to bring back Coles… How Bradway has managed to not be lumped in with Idzik and Macc amongst this fanbase is beyond me.
  2. That schnoz will lag behind for another few days.
  3. Seriously He’s done it multiple times a day ever since TC started.
  4. I’m assuming he made the conversion to full blown Browns fan.
  5. I think I hated Brady in the same way Rams or Saints fans hated Montana in the 80’s. The respect was always there, I just hated the fact that the greatest QB on the planet played in the same division as my favorite team. And for the better part of a quarter century to boot. I don’t even care about the “deflate gate” crap. Brady could’ve tossed his own nutsack around the field and beaten the softass Colts by 20+. Spy Gate was much more egregious and you’d have to be a knuckleheaded dipsh*t to blame anyone but Belichick for that plot. Even with some shady stuff thrown into hi
  6. I’ve never understood these ancestry companies. Why are you sending your DNA to some weird company so they can give you some vague ass description like “you’re 80% Western European”? No sh*t you dummies. I’m white. That pretty much goes without saying.
  7. This Brady leaving New England and immediately winning another Super Bowl while the Pats couldn’t even reach .500 makes Belichick look even more like an overrated dickbag. Brady is the greatest QB to ever step on a football field. We just had the misfortune of him playing in our division for 20 years. Would anyone honestly be surprised if the Bucs won it all again this year? I sure as hell wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t mind if they did either.
  8. Yes, this whole thread you’ve just been “pretending”… You’re literally a 12 year old in the body of a 35 year old man.
  9. Seriously The dude is a soon to be 29 year old nickel. The Falcons didn’t even see fit to tender him at a super cheap rate and he’s been signing one year deals ever since. Guidry showed some flashes as an UDFA last year after Poole got banged up and the Jets just drafted guys like Carter and Echols. Poole was solid during his time here but I already moved past bringing him back months ago.
  10. Yes Mosley is damn near an unknown after essentially two years away, Davis has been a bust during his time in Detroit, Cashman is made of glass and Hamsah and Sherwood are late round rookies. The Jets have plenty of cap space and draft resources for the foreseeable future, especially over the next two years. Instead of signing a CB I’d let the young guys like Hall, Austin, Dunn, Carter, etc have at it and trade one of our three 6th rounders for something like Foles and a 5th (Bears need the cap relief, if I’m not mistaken), and bring in a dude like Wright who has always been ste
  11. With Knapp in a dire situation, three 6th rounders and two 5th’s in your pocket next year + plenty of cap space, why wouldn’t you make the call? I think you have to bring in a veteran QB who can at least benefit Wilson in some way at this point. Aside from LaFleur, guys like Rob Calabrese and James Morgan can’t be the only other voices in the QB room.
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