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  1. As far as I know, McGovern and Lewis were the only guys that Douglas gave more than 1 year deals to.
  2. The interior OL has to be one of the top priorities after the season. Hopefully we either sign a guy like Thuney or draft someone like Wyatt Davis with the Seattle 1st rounder. And hopefully a kid like Clark steps up to fill the other spot.
  3. In his first draft, he likely found us a 10+ year cornerstone LT. He flipped a glorified LB for 2 1st round picks, a 3rd and a starting safety. He traded down and still landed Mims in the 2nd round, a guy many here would’ve taken in the 1st round had we traded Adams to Dallas earlier. Get rid of Gase and let Douglas pick his own HC. By all accounts Douglas is highly respected and well connected around the league. It shouldn’t be considered outlandish that he can lure a quality coach here with a sh*tload of draft picks in his back pocket and upwards of $100 million in cap space.
  4. Simply goofy If the Jets have the #1 pick, then yeah, it probably means that Darnold has either gotten severely hurt or hasn’t really shown the ability to lift a team up by its bootstraps and somewhat overcome...so you might as well take Lawrence. But trading away the bulk of our picks for Lawrence or taking a lesser prospect like Fields or Lance? Yeah...f*ck that. Darnold was Lawrence before Lawrence. Have that many fans really forgotten about that? I guess they have... You don’t toss away this kid 3 years in like we did with a much lesser prospect like Sanchez. You continue to focus the majority of your resources to build around him unless he looks like a complete lost cause. Which he sure as hell isn’t...yet... There’s still time to correct this sh*tclasm. And we can only pray that JD is the man to do it.
  5. Ja’Marr Chase, JuJu, Mims and Crowder are gonna rock. With Becton and Wyatt Davis protecting Darnold’s blindside. That’s how a smart organization supports a young QB. Let’s pray that Douglas is smart.
  6. That’s what happens when a legit freak is drafted by the team with the greatest record of WR development over the last 20+ years. With them having to pay out the assh0le for Watt, JuJu is as good as ours. Praise Jebus
  7. Is that his real middle name? And we’ve been debating if he’s worse than Woody? Woody is Eddie DeBartolo compared to this f*cking clown.
  8. We’re never going to escape this dicksnot, are we? It’s going to be Abe on steroids. Except at a position with a fraction of the impact.
  9. Blame it on John Dorsey The goofy dickhole who Andy Reid sh*tcanned and then was made into some kind of messiah in Cleveland before being promptly sh*tcanned again and is currently sipping mocha lattes with Macc Daddy himself.
  10. Palmer didn’t fleece sh*t We took one of the most highly touted QB’s of the last 20 years who was known as a natural born gunslinger and risk taker, and stuck him in the most unimaginative offense possible which calls for some sort of screen pass on 80% of his drop backs... It’s sickening how f*cking inept Gase is. If you think these assh0les wouldn’t ruin Lawrence too, then you’re kidding yourself.
  11. Don’t think much of him at all 1. Mike Shanahan 2. Joe Brady 3. Jason Garrett And don’t even give me the “he’s too old” bullsh*t with Shanny. He’s the same age as Belichick and Arians. If he’d be willing to give us 3 years, he’s my #1 choice. You won’t find a better connected coach in league circles. And many may scoff at Garrett, but at least he knows how to run a competent offense and would play to Darnold’s strengths. He may not ultimately get us to where we want to go, but he’ll make us respectable and probably turn Darnold into a legit Top 10 QB. And Brady is just about the only candidate with no HC experience that I would even consider.
  12. Wyatt Davis with the Seattle 1st rounder Although I could easily see him going Top 15, possibly Top 10. Becton and Davis one the left side for the next decade would be phenomenal.
  13. He’s showing two games into his career that he has legit HOF upside. If he stays healthy, he could be the best LT in football within 2 years and hold that claim for a decade.
  14. To hell with Rex, bring back Jeremy Bates.
  15. Herndon is sh*t Dudes like Freiermuth and Pitts should be in the conversation for that Seattle 1st rounder.
  16. Like I said, we’ve taken a highly touted, natural born gunslinger and tried our damndest to cut his balls off. Gase is worse than the worst
  17. I actually wouldn’t be opposed to Garrett At least you know he can run a competent offense and the odds are at least decent that he would turn Darnold into a legit Top 10 QB within 2 years, even if he ultimately isn’t the coach to get us to where we want to be.
  18. Good JuJu is as good as ours Especially with Pittsburgh about to pay out the ass for Watt.
  19. Darnold is still a highly talented 23 year old QB. Gase is a ******* abomination. Use the bulk of our FA resources and picks to continue building up the OL and WR corps. Oh yeah, and do whatever you have to do to get an established coach in here with legit connections around the league.
  20. Grab a dude like Wyatt Davis with the Seattle 1st and stick him next to Becton for a decade.
  21. Becton looks like he’s focused on being Ogden 2.0 for the next 15 years.
  22. This is just the type of game we win while simultaneously getting our hopes up only to get immediately dicked down by the mediocre Colts 7 days later.

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