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  1. With Booger in the booth, there’s no other way.
  2. Sure But that kid has definitely shown that he can act and Riddler is actually an awesome villain when not done in some silly ass, completely over the top, batsh*t nutty nuts mid-90’s Jim Carrey manner. One of my complaints about live-action movie Batman has always been simple...Batman is supposed to be the “world’s greatest detective”. The movies have only dabbled in this. Otherwise, he’s just been Tony Stark. A billionaire playboy with a a sh*tload of tech knowledge. If they can build some kind of sweetass detective mystery/thriller with some solid action set pieces blended in, with the Riddler as the main villain pulling the strings behind it all...It could very well turn out to be the Batman movie I’ve always wanted. But of course a sh*tload of that has to do with how good or how bad Pattinson does as Batman. And P.S. As much as I loved Joaquin Phoenix and the new ‘Joker’ movie...please f*ck off with Joker in a Batman movie for at least the next 20 years. The guy has the best rogues gallery/list of villains of any hero in comics history. I’ll take f*cking Crazy Quilt or Zebra-Man at this point.
  3. Please, Please, Please Against Dallas, on a day where even Winters played at a competent level, Kalil once again stuck out like a sore thumb.
  4. Lost in all of this hoopla is that Brock Osweiler just retired. So who was that elusive street QB who was going to magically engineer wins for the Jets in Darnold’s absence?
  5. Makes Baker look like a choir boy. The gall of this guy. Trade him
  6. I mean, Moore had games against both Rex and Bowles (“defensive masterminds”) where he looked like Montana. With guys like Kelce and Hill around him, it wouldn’t shock me if he at least had a competent outing against Denver.
  7. Sam Darnold laughs in Pat Mahomes’ general direction.
  8. Paul Dano cast as The Riddler. Now THIS I like. His performance in ‘There Will Be Blood’ was fantastic. Virtually every scene with him and Daniel Day Lewis was awesome.
  9. Seems kinda assbackwards to me to put Shell at LT and Edoga on the right side. I guess they’re concerned about putting too much on the rookie’s plate this early, but Edoga clearly has the footwork and athleticism to play on the left side while Shell is clearly more suited for the right. Then again, with more and more teams lining up their best passrusher over the RT, I guess it makes some sense.
  10. People are stupid No way would a complete f*ckup like that guy make it for so long. Walter should’ve burned his ass the first time he threatened to turn him in.
  11. Sean McVay had spent multiple years in the NFL studying under Mike and Kyle Shanahan, slappy. He actually at least paid his dues as an assistant NFL coach interacting on a daily basis with a duo who have reputations as offensive masterminds. That’s a far cry from from some assistant coach at Temple or Baylor with no pro experience making an immediate jump to the NFL and being put in charge of bringing up a raw QB. If Rhule would’ve been willing to bring in anyone with a shred of a background in the NFL or hell, even a longtime college coach with experience working with QB’s, then I would’ve been more on board. But judging by the reports, which could be complete bullsh*t for anyone knows, that wasn’t the case. And I never wanted McCarthy as a first choice. I’ve called out his stubbornly old-school, 1987 Bill Walsh playcalling numerous times. Cousins? Sure, we were staring at the #6 pick at the time and I thought at best we’d be stuck with someone like Mayfield or Josh Allen. Cousins and, say, Quenton Nelson seemed like a better alternative to me. And hell, judging by Mayfield’s sh*tastic showing this year, it still does.
  12. Why? All we have to go by are what the reports were at the time. And they said Rhule wanted to bring a bunch of young assistant coaches from presumably Baylor and Temple with him to fill out his staff. I’m supposed to trust some wet behind the ears, 30 year old assistant coach with no pro coaching experience to teach Darnold the ins and outs of playing the position at the NFL level? The same Sam Darnold who was a LB and WR throughout most of his HS days and is by no means a finished product? He had only 3 years, HS and college combined, of actually being on the field and playing the position before the Jets drafted him. No way do I take a goofy risk like that.
  13. True The most attractive thing about Rhule is that he’s incredibly well rounded. He has experience coaching on offense, defense and special teams and completely turned around two separate programs. I think he could eventually make the jump to the NFL and become a damn good coach. Hell, if I was Jerry Jones he would probably be neck and neck with Lincoln Riley as my top choice to replace Jason Garrett. I might even prefer him over Riley in Dallas’ situation. I just don’t think he would’ve been great for us if he was truly dead set on hiring some 30 year old offensive coach with zero pro experience to develop the first guy we’ve had in decades who has a legit chance to become a truly great QB.
  14. I’d still trust Gase over some young assistant coach from Baylor or Temple who was a towel boy 5 years ago.
  15. He’s been doing it for years Dunn is a genuine great dude who actually goes out and makes a difference instead of just posting sh*t on social media about “injustices” like most pro athletes.
  16. Sure, he’s been getting double teamed on a good amount of plays. But great players, hell, even really good players are at least capable of occasionally splitting said double teams and making a play. Leo hasn’t made a splash play in nearly two years. Guys like Shaun Ellis and Mo Wilkerson would face plenty of double teams. They still found a way to make plays and get to the QB. Leo seems like a good guy and is a solid player, but he’s not even remotely close to being irreplaceable. If he was willing to sign for Henry Anderson money, I wouldn’t even be totally against keeping him. But he’s not going to settle for that. Guaranteed. Might as well move him for decent compensation and let guys like Anderson, Phillips and Fatukasi rotate in his place.
  17. I didn’t have a problem with it when it came to Rhule. Supposedly he was hell bent on bringing nothing but a bunch of college assistants with him. No f*cking way you entrust Darnold’s development to a bunch of green dicks who have never even stepped on an NFL sideline in a coaching capacity.
  18. Yep Even guys like Solomon Kindley and Creed Humphrey could enter the conversation if we’re picking in the teens/early 20’s.
  19. This The defense is at least adequate. I’ll gladly go into next season starting guys like Darryl Roberts and Tarrell Basham again if it means adding a shiny new toy for Darnold.

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