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  1. Maye is a good player and I was all for keeping him when I thought you could re-sign him for between $8-10 million a year. But the $14-15 million a year that is being tossed around by multiple media outlets? I’m sorry, but the guy doesn’t deserve that. He’s already pushing 30 and has a few games every year where he’s outright terrible and a total liability. Look no further than the game against Oakland last season. Darren Waller sh*t all over him repeatedly and there were times when it looked like Maye was giving piss poor effort (especially on Waller’s 2nd TD). Slap the tag on
  2. I don’t know, it kind of is. I specifically remember him doing a livestream during that ‘18 draft and him screaming for the Jets to draft Rosen at #3 but then saying that Darnold was a solid choice.
  3. No they wouldn’t I’m officially taking the position that both Justin Fields and Zach Wilson can suck the wettest fart directly from my ass. Either make a move for Watson, or stick with Darnold and trade down while gathering as many assets as possible over the next two years. We finally have a strong GM with a superb scouting background and you dicks want him to do his best Mike Tannenbaum impression for a quick gain. If we can get Watson for anything short of selling our souls for the next half a decade...awesome. Go get him. Otherwise...we already missed out on the g
  4. All of these dicks are bums Jets fans have quickly pivoted from thinking that Lawrence is the savior, to then missing out on him and trying to convince themselves that there are no less than 3-4 other “franchise” QB’s in this class. Zach Wilson was considered a 3rd rounder back in September for f*ck sake. If you can’t get a deal done for Watson, then roll things back with Darnold, trade down from #2 and build the hell out of the rest of the roster while accruing more assets both this year and in 2022. And if Watson doesn’t get traded before the draft and the Texans want to
  5. The Coples pick is even more unforgivable when you take into account that 99% of the fanbase was screaming for Melvin Ingram.
  6. At least Darnold doesn’t put the ball on the ground every time he’s so much as sneezed on. I’ve never seen a QB with the absolutely sh*tastic ball security issues that Jones has.
  7. There’s another big positive to keeping Darnold that seemingly everyone is overlooking. Say the draft comes and goes and Watson still hasn’t been traded. If the Jets retain Darnold and move down with a team like Carolina, they could very realistically have three 1st round picks and two 2nd rounders in their back pocket in next years draft. If you roll the dice on Wilson or Fields, that’s it. You’re out of the Watson sweepstakes. You’re committed to one of them for at least the next 3 years. Hanging on to Darnold and moving down still gives you plenty of flexibility.
  8. Unless we’re getting Watson, I’d also prefer to stick with Darnold and build up the rest of the roster. And I like the idea of Pitts in a trade down, but that’s if we make a move with Carolina dropping down to #8. If we’re just dropping back two spots, then grab Smith/Chase.
  9. I’m saying they can do both. Let’s say the Jets make Hendrickson, JuJu and Linsley their big 3 free agent signings. Then they use the bulk of the remaining cap space to re-sign Maye, add a veteran RB to the backfield, CB and LB depth, etc. Then come draft time they have at least 3 picks in the Top 35, two 3rd’s, a 4th, two 5th’s...you’re telling me they can’t further improve the offense with that kind of capital? They absolutely can and I strongly suspect they will.
  10. They aren’t going to have $50 million in cap space. They’re set to have $68 million and that’s before getting rid of guys like Henry Anderson, Alex Lewis, Josh Doctson and potentially Crowder. The Jets could have around $90 million in cap space when all is said and done. I’d gladly take $15 million from the stash and devote it towards a guy who can put the QB on his ass regularly and is just hitting the prime of his career.
  11. What’s confusing? The Jets could sign Hendrickson and still have plenty of cap space for one of the top wideouts, one or even two of the top OL and then go bargain shopping for the rest of FA. Then they’re set up with a boatload of draft picks to further bolster the offense.
  12. This Hendrickson was a small school, plus athlete who was always going to need some developing.
  13. No sh*t we need offense but we’ve also needed a quality edgerusher for the last 15 years and counting. It’s also clear that Saleh highly values guys who can get after the QB above all else. Two years ago the 49ers went out and traded a 2nd round pick for Dee Ford and gave him an $85 million contract in addition to also drafting Bosa #2 overall. Signing Trey Hendrickson doesn’t prevent the Jets from upgrading the offense.
  14. Not sure why anyone would be against signing Hendrickson. The guy is a great athlete, plays a premier position, is only 26 years old and has gotten better every year. Those are the types of guys that you spend big money on in FA.
  15. Watson He’s 7 years younger and his best football is probably ahead of him.
  16. Sewell is a great prospect but there’s no way in hell the Jets are drafting him. If you want another bookend tackle to compliment Becton then draft a guy like Leatherwood at #23.
  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t draft a RB at all. I fully expect Douglas to sign a cheap, young vet in FA like Jamaal Williams or Marlon Mack to pair with Johnson and Perine.
  18. Why can’t an Arizona sized asteroid strike and just kill us all?
  19. Why are you doing this to yourself? I’d love to land Watson, and would be willing to sacrifice 3 1st rounders and maybe a bit more over the 2-3 years to make it happen...but let’s be real, we’re either taking Wilson at #2 and trading Darnold to the highest bidder or rolling it back with Darnold and trading down to compile added assets over the next 2 years while landing someone like Pitts, Slater, Surtain, etc in the Top 12. But frankly, I still consider any of these 3 options to be miles better than anything that has faced the Jets in recent memory. Same position would stand if you
  20. I’d take Fuller over Sherman all damn day And I don’t care if Chandler Jones is (soon to be) 31, he might be the most underrated player in the league, regardless of position. While everyone blows Khalil Mack, Myles Garrett, etc all Jones does is go out and average like 13 sacks a year over his career.
  21. I’d imagine Saleh would be interested
  22. Saleh has already said that he isn’t on social media and doesn’t care for it. Smart man
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