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  1. Mobility has to be factored in when discussing physical ability, especially in the modern era. Kenny was a statue even by 80’s standards. And as soon as the Jets OL started to deteriorate about 5 years into his career, he completely went to hell in a hand basket and was never the same. Sure, he’s still the 2nd best QB in Jets history and had a handful of really good seasons, but most people outside of this fanbase don’t even remember the guy.
  2. He clearly is Though Darnold was probably the most physically talented Jets QB since Namath before Zach came into the picture. It all comes down to him continuing to grow and start playing like he did in the 4th quarter Sunday on a regular basis. You can’t deny the kids arm talent and athletic ability. If it all comes together, he has legitimate Top 5 QB potential and this team could be set up for contention for the next decade plus.
  3. Mitchell isn’t a 400 lb lazy bitch like Becton He’ll be just aces
  4. I mean, the majority of the Panthers fanbase is begging for Darnold right now and can’t wait for him to return from his ankle injury. That’s how sh*tastic Mayfield has been in Carolina.
  5. I’m not taking Mosley off the field in favor of Jamien Sherwood or Marcell Harris.
  6. GVR is gone and Becton is as good as gone. Who cares about either of these schlubs?
  7. Brady is developing onset dementia. Let’s cut this elderly gentleman some slack. He’s in the process of passing the torch to Zach anyway so he can ravage BB’s butthole for another quarter century.
  8. Pats fans have already abandoned their team and gone back to worshipping their New Kids on the Block LP’s.
  9. UT a week before the 2017 NFL draft: “I don’t know who this “Mahomes” fella is but we’re going to suck this year anyway and Darnold and Rosen are coming out next year! Stay the course!”
  10. Jets fans need to let go of the hate in their hearts for Brady. He’s been exposing Belichick for the fraudulent dickbag he is for the last 3 years now and I hope he continues it for another 20.
  11. Big Ben ain’t walking back through that door, champ.
  12. Yeah, we totally should’ve invested a solid decade in Geno Smith in the hopes that he would eventually become a somewhat competent starting QB…
  13. That hippy haired puss had a clear shot at beating us last year and ducked out of bounds instead of lowering his head and twisting the dagger. Jets fans will sing the praises of Braden Mann for centuries moving forward after wanting to cut his ass 2 weeks ago.
  14. How does that basement floor taste you filthy sluts? It’s good to be king. We’re about to go on a fantastic journey, fellas.
  15. Panthers fans are sh*tting all over Baker and yearning for Darnold lol
  16. Pretty sure they already are Then again, this is the same smoothbrained fanbase that thought they would eventually get a 1st round pick for Ryan Mallett.
  17. I’m beating myself rewatching the game winning drive right now.
  18. That’s right Maybe even 2048 if he gets on Brady’s plan.
  19. Saleh is in over his head, yet Zach being off the charts clutch will probably lead to him being inducted into the Hall one day and get mounds of credit he doesn’t deserve. Some guys are just lucky like that
  20. Yeah, we’ll start worrying about that sometime in 2038. Thanks
  21. I didn’t even realize that he had a full seasons worth of starts under his belt in Philly. And he’s still only 24 Could be something
  22. Seriously As far as I’m concerned, Becton is no longer on the team and Fant and his contract demands can f*ck off to Chicago after the season. Finding a new RG is easier than finding a new LT. Make the switch permanent if he can continue this level of play.
  23. He’s going to put our own timid, bald supposed “defensive guru” in the HOF.
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