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  1. HC: Sean Payton GM: Whoever the hell Sean Payton wants
  2. Archie would sooner advise him to give up football and start dishing out $2 handies in grungy back alleys than play for this team.
  3. Or we could just find something else to do on Sundays
  4. I don’t even see how it’s debatable Hill had nearly 100 yards and 2 TD’s in his first game against the Bills. Mims has yet to get into the endzone going into his 3rd year and even if he makes the team, he’s no better than 5th on the depth chart at best. Yet people were ready to toss Hill into the dumpster by the end of his rookie year while plenty are still holding out hope for Mims… Doesn’t compute with me
  5. Russell Wilson to the Broncos… Matt Ryan to the Colts… Deshaun Watson to the Browns… That’s just this offseason alone. Yeah, it can be done.
  6. Stephen Hill accomplished more in his first professional game than Mims will in the rest of his very short career.
  7. I have zero interest in drafting another QB. Zilch. 4 years ago, the Jets should’ve closed the deal with Cousins, drafted Quenton Nelson at #6 and held on to the extra 2nd round picks. Yeah, we may not have won a Super Bowl during that span, but we sure as hell wouldn’t have had a constant pain in our collective balls whenever we set eyes on this team.
  8. A smart owner would open up the checkbook next year and give Sean Payton whatever he wants after over a decade of complete ineptitude. But knowing the penny pinching, dickhole Johnson Bros…we’ll end up hiring Cincy’s OC.
  9. Jimmy G is Scarlett Johansson compared to everything we’ve watched at QB since 2002.
  10. Who cares? If Wilson’s knee is shredded then the Jets need to bring in a legitimate veteran. I’m tired of dicking around with rookies. It never works for us.
  11. Parcells had two of the Top 5 LT’s of all-time staring him in the face and he chose to trade down and take James Farrior…
  12. How? Shaq Lawson was a mediocre edgerusher who never lived up to his draft status. Duane Brown has been one of the better LT’s in the league for over a decade. Is he the player he once was? No. But at least we won’t have to sh*t bricks every time Wilson drops back to pass like if Edoga, McDermott or a rookie Max Mitchell were starting.
  13. You don’t teach an old dog new tricks. The Jets never had any plans of George Fant playing LT until Becton proved to be massively unreliable. Fant had a very good year in pass protection on the left side last season, but who’s to say that he even repeats it? Don’t get cute with it. Stick Brown at LT where he’s made half a decades worth of pro-bowl appearances and put Fant back on the right side where he was intended to play all along.
  14. This There’s no way in hell the Jets are paying Brown to come in and make the switch to RT at 37 years old. He’s not the player he was 5 years ago but he’s still coming off a pro-bowl nod and 99.9% of his time on an NFL field has been spent at LT. I don’t even see how this is a discussion LT Duane Brown LG Laken Tomlinson C Connor McGovern RG Alijah Vera-Tucker RT George Fant That’s the starting OL, period.
  15. It’s a pivotal year for our young franchise QB. And I sure as sh*t don’t want to see Chuma Edoga as an opening day starter. Who cares what they spent to make it happen? It’s not coming out of my pocket.
  16. Brown is absolutely playing LT and Fant is going back to the right side. The Jets moved AVT to RG because they didn’t want to screw around with shifting Tomlinson who has played LG his entire career. Why would they suddenly do it with Brown who plays a much more important position and is a 5x pro-bowler?
  17. Not sure why we kept Vinny Curry over him. Curry was a solid player once upon a time but there’s no way in hell he’s making the team over dudes like Martin or Huff. At least Rashed has legitimate upside. At the beginning of the 2020 season he was being talked about as a potential 1st round pick and he flashed plenty in TC and pre-season last year.
  18. People still watch Westworld? It’s a f*cking crime what they did to that show after the first season. Should’ve been billed as a mini-series and ended there.
  19. 1. Lott 2. Woodson 3. Reed 4. Dawkins 5. Cherry I accidentally glossed over Dawkins in the poll and voted Cherry #4 and Atwater #5.
  20. For what? To backup AVT? We already brought in Herbig for that.
  21. Who is giving up anything for Becton at this point? His days as a Jet are absolutely numbered. But you might as well let him rehab and then move him next offseason. Even then no one is giving up more than maybe a 5th round pick for him at most.
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