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  1. F*cking ELO should be in over most of the people they’ve inducted in the last 20 years.
  2. Becton was supposed to miss 4-6 weeks last year and it turned into a season long injury. Even if Saleh comes out tomorrow and says he shouldn’t miss more than a week or two, who the hell has faith in him being ready for Baltimore? Duane Brown needs to be signed immediately and Becton shouldn’t be depended on at all moving forward. If this isn’t season ending, then let Becton serve this year as the swing tackle behind Brown and Fant then move him in the offseason.
  3. LOL Brown is 100% starting at LT if the Jets sign him
  4. Sign Brown immediately Becton is as good as gone next year
  5. Whoa Is that a football or a 45 year old funbag?
  6. All HOF’s are, really. Look at the Rock & Roll HOF Rap groups and pop stars have been inducted while bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead, etc are still getting the shaft.
  7. He was back on the field the next morning
  8. Yes I personally didn’t really care for The Lighthouse. But I thought The Northman was awesome. Brutal Viking epic with some great visuals. I’ve always been a huge fan of Norse mythology and this really scratched that itch. Rarely do you get movies like this anymore.
  9. For the life of me I don’t understand how people can stomach the comic book and Star Wars sh*t anymore. It’s been milked beyond bone dry at this point. Watched The Northman last week and what a damn breath of fresh air.
  10. 1. Olsen 2. Donald 3. Greene 4. White 5. Sapp
  11. Supposedly it’s a musical To hell with that
  12. LOL Yes, it is. The Shanahan WCO is one of the last prevailing offenses in the NFL that actually incorporates the FB. Conklin is going to be the Jets starting TE this year, no matter what bullsh*t people want to feed you about him playing some primary H-back role. The Jets will run a sh*t ton of 12 man formations on the field and Conklin will be the #1, Uzomah will be the #2, and the Jets will incorporate Ruckert as their 3rd TE during short yardage and goaline situations as they bring him along slowly in his rookie campaign. I can pretty much guarantee that this is what will happen.
  13. Nick Bawden has a better chance of making the final roster than Denzel Mims. Let that sink in…
  14. I stand corrected, I guess. We were devoting active roster spots to Tyler Kroft, Dan Brown, Ryan Griffin and Trevon Wesco just at the TE position alone…and Mims was still thought to be on the roster bubble right before the season which he eventually turned into an 8 catch, 133 yard campaign with 6 penalties on top. I guess he’s safe…
  15. When was this from and what did it entail? I sure as sh*t don’t remember the Jets starting the season with 7 wideouts on the active roster…
  16. No Goddamn I hate the modern world Defund NASA and just let the giant asteroid strike already.
  17. The Jets, by and large, carried 5 WR’s on the roster last year if I’m not mistaken. Then dudes like Davis and Crowder got injured and we were forced to elevate the nobodies that we had stashed on the PS. Jeff Smith has no longterm future here. Tarik Black has no longterm future here. Irvin Charles has no longterm future here. And neither does Denzel Mims But at least a dude like Smith has ST value in the short term. As for this season…Davis, Moore, Wilson and Berrios are the core…anyone else on the WR roster is going to have to bring something extra on ST in order to have a seat at the table. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be cutting someone like Bryce Huff in order to make room.
  18. It’s possible, but I could easily see the Jets deciding to carry an extra DL, DB or TE instead.
  19. Mims had about as many penalties as he did receptions last year. The early reports so far have been encouraging, but anyone who thinks that this dude is a lock to make the roster is kidding themselves. The Jets really like Jeff Smith and he has the advantage of being one of our best players on special teams. Irvin Charles has been just as, if not more, impressive as Mims and provides that big body target who can get downfield. Even if Mims makes the team, he’s going to firmly be behind Davis, Moore, Wilson and Berrios on the depth chart. It’s probably best for both parties to move on. Mims gets a fresh start elsewhere and the Jets can recoup a late round pick.
  20. I think it’s more likely he’s traded for a late round pick and the Jets roll with someone like Smith or Charles as the final WR.
  21. I don’t think I’ve heard a single mention of Quincy Williams so far. Maybe Alexander has already leaped him as the starter next to Mosley.
  22. Don’t think he’s busting, but I fully expect Conklin to be the #1 TE when we start the season.
  23. Who is taking most of the snaps opposite Whitehead? Joyner? Pinnock? Davis? As far as I know, none of these dickhead writers have said jack about it.
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