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  1. I say “F*ck it”, address the hell out of the offense in FA and draft defense. FA: Cousins, Robinson, Watkins, Jensen Draft: #6 - Minkah Fitzpatrick, #37 - best available passrusher, #49 - Sony Michel
  2. Cut this dumb assh0le and bring in Robinson, Watkins or Landry. Hell, bring in two of them.
  3. https://twitter.com/RichCimini/status/954416362381770753 What a f*ckhead
  4. What a f*cking mook Go get Allen Robinson
  5. I think the Jags have the perfect formula defensively to beat the Pats...but I trust Blake Bortles about as far as I can throw his ass. The Pats are going to stack the box against Fournette all day and dare Bortles to beat them. Is he up to the challenge? I hope so, but I seriously doubt it.
  6. Pretty much this Ideally I’d sign Cousins and draft a guy like Falk or Rudolph in the 3rd.
  7. Blade Runner 2049 pretty much sh*ts on every sci-fi movie since the original Blade Runner. Great flick But of course it bombed at the box office while crap like Transformers 18 broke $1 billion. People are stupid
  8. Jets are also supposedly really high on Arizona DB Dane Cruikshank.
  9. Haley was highly regarded as an offensive mind before he ever even stepped foot in Pittsburgh. How the hell do you think he got the HC job in Kansas City? By the way, before Haley went to Pitt, it was Bruce Arians who Ben was bitching about behind the scenes and ran out of town. Maybe Big Ben is just a big ol’ emotional puss?
  10. Highly regarded by pretty much everyone Find me something that Roethlisberger doesn’t constantly bitch about. He’s the biggest diva at the position, hands down. He’s been throwing guys like Tomlin and Haley under the bus for years now despite Haley consistently orchestrating Top 5 offenses. I don’t give a rats ass about him being a dick who can rub some people the wrong way. I care about results. Besides, hasn’t this fanbase been begging for hardass disciplinarian coaches for years now? Haley certainly fits the bill and has the resume to back it up.
  11. He’s been regarded as one of the best OC’s in the business for over a decade now and has HC experience. Runs a balanced offense and loves to take shots downfield. You’re telling me that you prefer Morton to that?
  12. Are people really bitching about us getting rid of the Saints WR’s coach and likely replacing him with Todd Haley? You guys are just begging for an e-kick straight to the balls, ain’t ya?
  13. Only guy I’m kinda familiar with is Cabinda. He jumped out in the 2-3 Penn State games I watched last year.
  14. OC Todd Haley QB’s Jeremy Bates Pretty damn good situation for a young QB. Two guys who have proven they know what the hell they’re doing.
  15. If Haley is the replacement I’ll do f*cking cartwheels. Hell, he was one of my favorites to replace Bowles as HC if we cleaned house.
  16. I don’t care what the Giants do The Jets either need to sign Cousins or do what it takes to move up to #1 and get Darnold. Period. Go big or go home. I’m not content with getting the 3rd/4th ranked QB in this class. The Mayfield hype is out of control. He’s just as big of a gamble as Allen.
  17. Not sure why so many are saying the Jets will have no shot at Cousins or won’t pursue him at all. It was widely reported that Macc tried trading for him when Geno had his jaw busted. Now he’s posted back-to-back-to-back 4,000+ yard, 25+ TD seasons while completing 67% of his passes and I’m supposed to believe that Macc won’t put on the full court press when he has $100 million to play with and arguably the worst QB situation in the league? Let’s use our heads here. And despite half the fanbase having a giant wad of sand stuck in their collective vaginas, the Jets are widely viewed around the league as a team on the come-up. If they land Cousins, add maybe 2 other building block players in FA and have a solid draft class...there’s no reason why this team can’t win 10 or 11 games next season and be right in the thick of the playoff hunt. They’d also be set up pretty damn nicely for when Brady and Belichick walk out the door within the next 2 years and the AFC East is up for grabs.
  18. Totally goofy, pipe dream scenario...but hell yeah I’d do it. Belichick + Cousins = Winning
  19. The Hack stuff doesn’t make any sense to me. He’s only going to be 23 years old this season and is still on a cheap contract for another 2 years. Petty is 4 years older and has repeatedly looked like sh*t whenever he’s seen action in a meaningful game. There’s no harm in keeping Hack around as the #3 next year. Hopefully he progresses enough to be the #2. My ideal QB depth chart next year would look something like this: Cousins Hackenberg Mid-Round Rookie (Falk/Rudolph/Ferguson)
  20. Can’t say I’d be displeased. A lot of holes on the roster are filled here with quality players. I personally think Bridgewater is damaged goods and I never thought he was anything to write home about before the injury. Textbook example of a gamemanager. But at 1 year for $8 mill I couldn’t really complain. Jackson has some seriously elite physical tools. Could turn out to be what Vick should’ve been.
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