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  1. What concerns me the most is that the kid is brittle as hell and built like a beanstalk. He already has a surgically repaired right shoulder and suffered two concussions in 2017 alone. If the Giants plan on taking him #2 overall, they better make it their top priority come March to fix that sh*tastic OL in a jiffy. Otherwise his career will be over before it even really starts.
  2. Would be great if he wanted to bring Keenum to the Giants, but no way it’s happening.
  3. I don’t really give a flying rats assh0le what we do with him. If he stays, great. If we move on, whatever. But you’re acting like the guy produces nothing when on the field and is one of the highest paid RB’s in the league. I’m not worried about a measly $4.8 million for a solid situational back when we’re going to have upwards of $100 million to play with in 2 months. He can run inside and out, catch the ball out of the backfield, and is excellent in pass pro. Not a total slouch like you’re making him out to be.
  4. How is Powell a “bad” player on a “bloated” salary? He’s a well rounded, shifty back who ideally should get 10-15 touches a game. Slightly overpaid next year? Sure, but it’s nothing that’s going to even remotely screw us in the short or longterm.
  5. Love Smith, but yeah, I’d be pissed. Guys like Chubb and Barkley will probably be gone at #6, but we’ll still be able to pick a blue chip OL like Nelson/McGlinchley or an edgerusher like Key (who you can argue has even more upside than Chubb). And I’d take any of them over Smith considering where this team is right now.
  6. I’d still keep him and pair him with a rookie like Michel, Love, Penny, etc assuming we can’t land Bell. He’s not an every down back and $5 mill is a bit much for that, but we’re not exactly strapped for cap space.
  7. All of the quality HC prospects will go elsewhere and they’ll promote Spagnuolo. And it will be glorious
  8. I personally don’t think he should be a HOFer. Two rings doesn’t automatically get you in. Ask Jim Plunkett. He’s a modern age QB who has led the league in turnovers on like 3 separate occasions during his career and consistently finishes in the Top 5 in turnovers among QB’s. His teams hardly ever make the playoffs either. He’ll still get in though. He’s one of Archie’s kids.
  9. Keenum throwing multiple balls up for grabs. Yeah, f*ck Kirk Cousins. Let’s throw a multi-year deal at this 1 year wonder instead...
  10. Why waste your time with this crap when they’re playing Bullitt on TCM?
  11. I don’t even think this has anything to do with the Jets. Looking at his twitter feed, he’s been constantly posting about how the Pats are pissed off and are going to destroy the Titans.
  12. Maybe, but at least they’re young JAG’s. Aside from Cousins, the Jets shouldn’t be looking to sign any player over the age of 27/28 unless it’s someone dirt cheap for depth purposes.
  13. Tell me something I don’t know, slappy. If you were expecting the Jets to make some sort of playoff run in 2017 after blowing up the team and many “experts” picking them to go 0-16...then I don’t know what to tell you. If you want to constantly bitch and moan and groan during an offseason where we have upwards of $100 million to spend and 3 draft picks in the Top 50 alone, then go right ahead. Me? I’d prefer to be optimistic at this time of year. I don’t even know why some of you guys continue following the team if they just make you constantly miserable. I tend to ignore and stay clear of sh*t that depresses me.
  14. Went from dead last in red zone efficiency to #1 in the league when we hired him. But a big portion of this fanbase relishes being miserable, just because... I think Arians is done with the constant grind of coaching after 40 years, but a consultant role with a coach he’s been close to since the early 80’s might be right up his alley.
  15. Bring him in as an offensive consultant like they did with Tom Moore 5-6 years ago.
  16. Meh, whatever. We could easily draft a TE in the 3rd round like Goedert or Fumagalli to replace his production. $4 million a year sounds perfectly reasonable for a guy like ASJ. If he wants more, go find it elsewhere.
  17. Seahawks fans all over the place want to fire this guy and bring back Gus Bradley.
  18. Allen is absolutely going Top 10. Probably even Top 6 when all is said and done. That kids measurables are batsh*t insane. 6’5 250, one of the strongest arms in recent memory, freakish Cam Newton-esque athleticism for a big guy, is known as a grinder who loves football, etc. If you take Allen and he pans out, then you have the next Big Ben on your hands for the next 10+ years. Sure his accuracy problems scare me, but you also have to factor in the sh*t OL he was playing behind coupled with zero playmakers in the passing game. What I don’t understand is the people who are gaga for Mayfield but want absolutely nothing to do with Alllen. Sure, Allen is a risk...and you’re telling me that an overly emotional 5’11 200lb QB with sloppy footwork and zero experience in a pro-style offense isn’t? If Allen reaches his full potential, he’s an Elway/Roethlisberger level talent. If Mayfield reaches his full potential, he’s a poor mans Drew Brees. Which would you rather gamble on?
  19. Notable Free Agent Signings QB Kirk Cousins CB Trumaine Johnson RB Le’Veon Bell DL Mitch Unrein Notable Re-Signings ILB Demario Davis CB Morris Claiborne TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Notable Cuts DE Muhammad Wilkerson CB Buster Skrine RB Matt Forte OT Ben Ijalana OLB Lorenzo Mauldin 2018 Jets Mock 1st round: OLB Bradley Chubb - N.C. State 2nd round: NT Vita Vea - Washington 2nd round: C Frank Ragnow - Arkansas 3rd round: QB Luke Falk - Washington State 4th round: OT Alex Cappa - Humboldt State 5th round: DE Kentavius Street - N.C. State 6th round: WR Braxton Berrios - Miami 2018 Starting Lineup QB Kirk Cousins RB Le’Veon Bell WR Robby Anderson WR Jermaine Kearse WR Quincy Enunwa TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins LT Kelvin Beachum LG James Carpenter C Frank Ragnow RG Brian Winters RT Brandon Shell DE Leonard Williams NT Vita Vea DE Mitch Unrein OLB Bradley Chubb ILB Demario Davis ILB Darron Lee OLB Jordan Jenkins CB Trumaine Johnson CB Morris Claiborne FS Marcus Maye SS Jamal Adams
  20. The Jets in all likelihood aren’t even going to have a shot at Darnold/Rosen. Even if you tried to trade multiple 1st round picks to get to #1 or #2, both the Browns and Giants would probably tell you “go f*ck yourself, we’re taking one of the QB’s”. I’ll take Cousins any day of the week over a total tossup like Mayfield, Allen or Jackson. You sign Cousins and you still have plenty of cap space to land one of the top CB’s on the market like Butler, Johnson or Fuller and re-sign a couple of our own guys like Claiborne, Davis and ASJ. Not to mention still have the 6th pick in addition to two other picks in the Top 50 alone. Going the Cousins route at QB and continuing to build the core of the team through the draft is the way to go IMO. Couple a quality draft class with Cousins behind center and you’re probably talking about a 9-7/10-6 team next year with the potential to really start hitting their peak just as Brady and Belichick are walking out the door and the AFC East is totally up for grabs for the foreseeable future.
  21. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000902111/article/wholl-make-kirk-cousins-the-highestpaid-player-ever
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