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  1. This Yeah, it’s going to take a monster contract to land Cousins, but by doing so you’re most likely solving the QB situation for the next 5+ years barring injury. We’ve been paying a slapdick 320lb interior DL $17-18 million a year lately to make a minimum impact. I have no issue paying a 29 year old franchise QB an extra ten, finally feeling comfortable about the QB position moving forward, and retaining all of our draft picks.
  2. Pretty much What I don’t get is...where’s all of the love for Brian Billick? Ya know, another “offensive genius” whose defense carried him to a title? Oh, is he not “fiery” enough?
  3. Why? A coach who has been out of the league for a decade and never developed a young QB? Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Bruce Gradkowski, Chris Simms... You know what...scratch that. He’d fit snug as a glove. And at $10-12 mill a year and a piece of ownership to boot.
  4. It is done No way in hell they oust Del Rio after giving him a 4 year extension less than a year ago without having a firm commitment from Gruden. They’ll satisfy the affirmative action...ahem...”Rooney Rule” and then announce the deal immediately.
  5. I’d get on my knees and blow Bob Kraft’s wrinkly, 2 inch dick right now if it meant just 2 years of Brady in a Jets uniform. No homo
  6. We don’t want any part of that. I say we hold out another 30 years for the next Brady to come waltzing through the door.
  7. This is one of those reports that cause the Pats to rally together and win another Super Bowl. Whatever, I’m numb to it at this point anyway.
  8. Kellen Moore had 100 more TD’s than INT’s...means nothing to me. It’s all about how well your game translates to the next level. And Mayfield is a 5’11 QB who has played in nothing but gimmicky offenses from Texas Tech to Oklahoma. Slightly above average arm, sloppy footwork and mechanics at this stage, and the kid can be emotional to a fault. Like I said before, one minute he’s grabbing his dick and talking sh*t to the opposing team and then the very next day he’s breaking down in tears at a press conference apologizing for it. Fire and passion is fine, but I don’t want some emotional cripple as the QB of my team. His biggest positive attributes are that he works his ass off and legitimately loves football...but that’s only going to take you so far. I think he’ll end up being a 1st round pick when it’s all said and done, but I’m not nearly as convinced as some of you guys are that he’ll end up going in the Top 10, much less Top 5.
  9. So am I If you told me that absolute worst case scenario, Baker Mayfield is the next Andy Dalton, I’d say throw our next 3 drafts at Cleveland right this instant and take him #1 overall. Mayfield is probably going to measure in at around 5’11 at the combine, has plenty of mechanical issues at the moment, has never played in a system that even remotely resembles a traditional NFL offense, etc. It seems like the main reason everyone is going gaga over the kid is because of his passion on the field. I don’t hate the kid and I totally disagree with the lazy Manziel comparisons that the detractors make...but he isn’t even remotely close to a sure thing. Hell, he and Allen are probably the two biggest gambles in this draft class.
  10. His floor isn’t Andy Dalton, his floor is that he flat out sucks and can’t make the transition to the pro level. I see a bunch of people tossing around Russell Wilson comparisons, but Mayfield doesn’t possess the arm or escapability that Wilson has. Wilson also had 4 years of experience in a pro-style offense at both NC State and Wisconsin when he came out. Meanwhile there isn’t a single pro-style concept in Oklahoma’s entire playbook. I feel like people are getting way too wrapped up in Mayfield’s “passion” and overlooking all of his flaws, which are plentiful.
  11. Only things I see as similar is they both started less than 30 games and they both played at USC. When you go back and watch guys like Leinart, Sanchez and Barkley...they’re constantly throwing to wide open receivers who have 5-10 yards of separation between them and the nearest DB. Darnold makes a few throws every game that only a handful of proven NFL QB’s can make. I agree that he’s the kid I’m willing to move up for. Rosen is built like a damn beanstalk and just since last year he’s suffered 2 concussions and torn the labrum in his throwing shoulder. Watch the Giants draft him, he shows great promise, but is constantly banged up and standing on the sideline. That OL is dreadful and they aren’t just going to fix it overnight.
  12. I’m a bit nervous about him but I wouldn’t be pissed if the Jets took him. There’s no middle ground with Allen. Either he’s the next Big Ben or the next Blake Bortles. Very much a boom or bust prospect. Still, if you hit on him you have a 6’5 250 QB with a rocket arm and Cam Newton-esque athleticism for the next 10+ years.
  13. They better fix that sh*tastic OL in a jiffy. Rosen already had 2 concussions this year alone and tore up his shoulder last year.
  14. About damn time we finally found a good, consistent punter.
  15. If the Jets can’t land Cousins, then as soon as he signs elsewhere the Jets should be on the phone with Cleveland working on a trade for the #1 pick six weeks before the draft. Cousins or Darnold or death
  16. Maybe people can calm their t!ts a bit http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/74003/jets-gm-says-hes-open-to-trading-up-for-a-quarterback
  17. Maybe Rudolph is intriguing mostly because of his prototypical size and he throws a great deep ball. Falk has great intangible qualities but his pocket presence is just straight up dogsh*t. Kid holds on to the ball way too long and takes far too many sacks. Can’t feel the rush at all.
  18. Hindsight is 20/20 I wanted nothing to do with the top QB’s last year. Especially after the Jets tore down the team. And Watson completely shredded his knee. No telling if he’ll be the same. Especially since he’s a guy who relies on his athleticism so much.
  19. I’d hate that I think you either have to sign Cousins or get one of the top QB’s within the first 6 picks. I wouldn’t mind them bringing in a kid like Bridgewater instead of re-signing McCown, but you still need to walk away with a Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield or Jackson in that scenario IMO.
  20. I love Barkley...but this “generational” RB bullsh*t seems like it’s been going on every year for the last half decade. First it was Richardson, then it was Gurley, then it was Elliott, then it was Fournette and now it’s Barkley. I think he’s the closest thing to LaDainian Tomlinson since LaDainian Tomlinson. I was a huge fan of Fournette last year and wanted either him or Adams at #6. But then we just saw 2 3rd round picks in Hunt and Kamara have even more impressive rookie campaigns. If we sign Cousins, I say take the best available passrusher or OL at #6. If we don’t sign Cousins, then you have to take a QB. Either at #6 or by trading up.
  21. You can’t They’ll either throw the bank at Cousins or they’ll bring back McCown on another 1 year deal and take a QB in the Top 6.
  22. People need to get over the constant doom and gloom. Both Macc and Bowles are essentially on 1 year “prove it” contracts. They know they have to get a QB. Hell, it’s likely that Johnson & Johnson made that clear before they signed them to an extension. The Jets are either signing Cousins or re-signing McCown and taking a QB in Round 1. Period.
  23. Petty should be gone, no question. 3 full seasons in the league and he still looks completely lost. I don’t mind if they keep Hack as the #3. As has been said before, he’s only going to be 23 years old next season. He still has two years left on a cheap rookie deal and despite being overdrafted, he’s the exact type of QB you want as your #3 developmental guy. Big, strong, smart and a huge arm.
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