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  1. I now Falk was dealing with a broken wrist and I love a lot of his intangible qualities...but the kids pocket presence is essentially non-existent. He can’t feel the rush to save his life. Holds on to the ball WAY too damn long.
  2. Notable FA Signings QB Kirk Cousins CB Trumaine Johnson NT Dontari Poe DL Mitch Unrein (cheap Mo replacement) Notable Re-Signings ILB Demario Davis TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Notable Cuts DL Muhammad Wilkerson CB Buster Skrine RB Matt Forte Draft (first 3 rounds) 1st round: OLB Arden Key - LSU 2nd round: C Frank Ragnow - Arkansas 2nd round: RB Sony Michel - Georgia 3rd round: OT Desmond Harrison - West Georgia
  3. They’re going to have close to $100 million and league rules dictate that you have to spend at least 89% of it. They literally have to spend big
  4. Guy hasn’t won a playoff game in 15 years with the team. It was beyond time to move on
  5. Lewis must be blowing Mike Brown silly
  6. Cousins and a legit #1 CB like Malcolm Butler/Trumaine Johnson. Then throw $6-7 million a year at a quality NT like Dontari Poe and use the rest to re-sign some of our own guys like ASJ and Demario Davis.
  7. Sure, they tried signing him to some bullsh*t 2 year deal. If I was Cousins, I wouldn’t have signed it either. Why do that when I can continue signing the franchise tag and get $22+ million a year, every cent of which is guaranteed? He’s repeatedly gambled on himself and it’s repeatedly paid off. Guy definitely has plenty of balls and confidence. When he hits the market, the Jets probably won’t be the favorites to sign him. Then again, they can offer the most money and come with the least expectations. You go to Denver or Jacksonville, it’s Super Bowl or bust. You come here, and you’re a damn hero if you can get this team to 9-7/10-6 your first year. Anything more than that and you’re a god amongst men.
  8. For those asking if Cousins is so good, why haven’t the Redskins signed him longterm... Who can explain how Dan Snyder’s goofy brain works? This is the same f*ckhead who tossed a $100 million contract at an interior DL who was already known as lazy and cancerous at a time when the cap wasn’t nearly as high as it is now. But he won’t do the same for a franchise QB who consistently produces and has never said peep to the media or acted out over still not having a longterm deal. The Redskins are dumb. There’s your answer.
  9. There are some really good centers in this draft (Cole, Ragnow, Price, etc). I’d rather take one of those guys in the 2nd round over paying $6+ million a year for a guy who is essentially a one year wonder.
  10. Yeah, we’re in a division with the best team...whose HOF QB and HC are at most two years away from being history and the entire division will be up for grabs. And we’d have a Top 10 QB at 31/32 years old while Miami is still probably dicking around with Tannehill and Buffalo is doing god knows what. Buffalo needed a last minute desperation score from Cincy to even squeak into the playoffs. I’m not shaking in my boots over them, especially after we beat the brakes off of them 2 months ago with a 38 year old McCown and one of the least talented rosters in the league. Kirk Cousins >>> Tyrod and Tannehill And I’m not even going to play hypotheticals about how many playoff games Cousins would potentially win here. All I know is that he’s a pretty damn good QB who would instantly become the best signal caller we’ve had probably since Kenny O in the mid-80’s. That’s good enough for me. Let the rest of it fall as it may.
  11. The guy plays in the most stacked division in the most stacked conference and presides over a pretty damn mediocre Redskins team. I’m not going to fault the hell out of him for not going 13-3 and winning multiple playoff games every year. If he managed that, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now.
  12. On what planet is Cousins “mediocre”? Mediocre QB’s don’t put up over 13,000 yards, 90 total TD’s and complete 67% of their passes in their first 3 years as a starter. If that’s mediocre, well, then sign me up for mediocrity.
  13. I think they have every intention of going after him. There were multiple reports that Macc tried trading for him after Geno had his jaw busted. Now that he won’t cost us a high draft pick, we’ll have close to $100 million in cap space and have arguably the worst QB situation in the league...we’d be goofy as hell not to pursue him.
  14. Yep I know you live in VA just as I, fish. I watch on average 10-12 Redskins games every year. Cousins had to deal with 8 different starting OL combinations this year, Jordan Reed his top playmaker in the passing game missing the majority of the season, etc. And he still posted a 4,000 yard season with damn near 30 TD’s and completed 65% of his passes. Why everyone acts like this guy is a scrub is beyond me. He’s a borderline Top 10 QB just hitting the prime of his career. If Washington is dumb enough to let him walk...jump on him.
  15. It’s going to be in the $25-27 range. You’re going to have to make him the highest paid QB in the league. Which isn’t outlandish. Matthew Stafford is currently the highest paid QB in the league and I’d give Cousins the edge over him as the better QB. I don’t care about the money. I’ll let Macc and the bean counters in the front office worry about that. Just solve the damn QB situation already. That’s all I care about.
  16. Damn straight I want him If you guys want to keep holding out for the next Brady or Rodgers while we continue to dick around and tread water with total scrubs at QB...then suit yourselves. Me? I’ll take the guy who has been a Top 8 QB statistically ever since he took over as a full time starter 3 years ago and will just be turning 30 in August. Plus I get to keep all of my draft picks and still have the cash left over to bring in a #1 corner like Malcolm Butler/Trumaine Johnson and retain some of our own guys like ASJ and Davis. I’d still love to know just who the hell Washington is going to replace him with.
  17. Would be worth it just to watch him fumble the playsheet on the sideline every 5 seconds.
  18. Yep Don’t understand what people actually expect to learn from these press conferences. What is everyone honestly expecting? For Macc to flat out say “Oh yeah, we’re definitely drafting a QB in the 1st round”?
  19. They are I got wrapped up in all of the Darnold/Rosen hype before the season as well. Then as the season progressed, I became less and less convinced. None of these guys are on the level of an Elway/Luck as a prospect. Legit franchise QB prospects? Sure, but there’s plenty of risk involved with both of them. And guys like Mayfield, Allen, Jackson, etc are even larger gambles. I still say bring in Cousins, sign a legit #1 CB like Butler, and then use the draft to address the OL and find a passrusher.
  20. Exactly Even Rosen/Darnold have a slim as hell chance of ever being that kind of guy. Rosen actually reminds me a lot of Matt Ryan and Darnold reminds me a lot of Stafford. Good QB’s, but future HOFers? Sh*t no. If I told all of the Mayfield fans that he was guaranteed to put up numbers similar to Cousins for the foreseeable future...half of the fanbase would be ready to mortgage our drafts for the next 3 years to move up and draft him. But Cousins, who won’t cost a single draft pick and would offer the Jets a ton of flexibility in how they continue to build the team, is a big no-no. Meh, whatever. I’ll take him
  21. Of course Doesn’t mean that Cousins is some kinda scrub like most of this fanbase is making him out to be. The season obviously didn’t end well for him, but he still put together another year where he threw for over 4,000 yards, 25+ TD’s and completed 65% of his passes. And that was while dealing with something like 8 different OL combinations throughout the season and missing his top playmaker (Jordan Reed) for the majority of the year. We’re entering an offseason where we’re going to have close to $100 million in cap space and there are no impending FA OL, WR’s or OLB’s worth throwing big money at...and people are scoffing at the idea of landing a 29 year old QB with Cousins’ resume?
  22. Borderline Top 10 QB who has strung together 3 pro-bowl quality seasons ever since he became a fulltime starter...but he’s not Brady/Rodgers so f*ck him, I guess.
  23. I don’t see anyone trading for him. Reid and Co will most likely do him a solid and grant him his release and allow him to pick his next destination. Everyone knows they aren’t keeping him as a $16 million backup.
  24. I’d have no issue with signing Smith to a 2-3 year deal provided that we also draft a QB in the 1st round.
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