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  1. This is why it makes zero sense to get rid of Kearse over a measly $5 million cap hit during a year where we’re going to have $90+ million in cap space. I’ve seen multiple beat writers like Cimini suggest that we could cut him for that reason, which is asinine.
  2. There’s no middle ground with Allen. Either he’s the next Big Ben or the next Blake Bortles. I would be a little nervous taking him but I wouldn’t be pissed. I wouldn’t hold it against the Jets if they walk away with any of Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield or Jackson.
  3. Alabama tossing around Clemson like they don’t belong on the same field.
  4. I’m not talking about Nick Chubb. Bradley Chubb. Maybe even a better passrushing prospect than Garrett was last year.
  5. The Jets are taking Roquan Smith at #6. lol
  6. Stop getting your panties in a bunch because I’m not head over heels for the kid. Does he have some positive traits? Sure, and he’ll also probably measure in at around 5’11 at the combine, has fidgety footwork in the pocket, a solid not spectacular arm, no experience under center, etc. You guys who act like this kid is some kind of Top 10 or Top 5 lock are kidding yourselves. I still say Josh Allen is the 3rd QB off the board.
  7. Seen him play plenty When he’s facing sh*t Big 12 defenses, he’ll sling it all over the place. Against a legit SEC defense like Georgia? He’s rattled
  8. Mayfield looking like Captain Checkdown. I think the one pass he’s thrown beyond 15 yards was the pick.
  9. As usual, RedLetterMedia sums it up perfectly.
  10. This is based on nothing but pure speculation. Who is even saying that Gruden wants Morton besides Manish who has built a notorious reputation for talking out of his assh0le? And no one knows if the Cardinals higher ups were ever actually fawning over Bowles as a successor to Arians. If I’m Arizona, why the hell would I want to trade a draft pick for a sub .500 coach like Bowles instead of hiring someone like McDaniels, Patricia, Todd Haley, Mike Shula, Matt Nagy, etc? Just because he fielded a couple of good defensive units for me almost 5 years ago? I’m not buying any of this stuff. The offseason is always loaded with a bunch of bullsh*t rumors and speculation.
  11. Bowles isn’t going anywhere until January 2019 at the earliest. Accept it and move on
  12. I don’t want anything to do with a QB who is an “athlete” first and foremost. You bring in Taylor and you have to design an entire gimmicky offense around him. Look what Buffalo has been doing for the last 3 years on offense. McCoy is really the only reason that it has worked to a degree. A bunch of read option and reverse bullsh*t while pounding the call with McCoy and Co. Cousins is a traditional pocket passer who can function in a traditional NFL offense that doesn’t need to employ a bunch of smoke and mirrors to be successful.
  13. The first season of The Punisher was good (the last 3-4 episodes made the whole show for me) but what I’m really excited for is Season 2. Now we can get away from this whole “crooked CIA conspiracy” thing and get down to Frank ruthlessly murdering the sh*t out of criminals on the streets. Steve Lightfoot (the showrunner) has already said that he wants to see Barracuda from the Punisher MAX series introduced. Terry Crews would be an awesome choice to portray him.
  14. There are no edgerushers in FA this year. Unless you want to bring in a washed up Clay Matthews. There are no OT’s worth a damn either. It’s going to be an even worse crop than last year when guys like Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff were awarded deals in excess of $10 million a year. The only guys worth throwing big money at (at least for us) are Cousins and the two big CB’s expected to hit the market (Malcolm Butler and Trumaine Johnson). And I propose that’s exactly what we should do. Sign Cousins and a guy like Butler, throw $6-7 million a year at a legit NT like Dontari Poe, re-sign a couple of our young guys like Davis and ASJ...and find our passrusher and OL help through the draft.
  15. Guys like Barkley and Chubb are longshots to be there at #6. In fact, after Rosen and Darnold are off the board, I’d put my money on Barkley and Chubb being the next two to follow. So with that in mind, Arden Key and Mike McGlinchley would be my Top 2 guys provided that we sign a guy like Cousins in FA.
  16. You’re signing Cousins with the intentions of him being your QB for at least the next 3 years. If he continues playing at the level that he has or even better...the next 5+ years. When he’s getting a little long in the tooth in a few years, then we can start worrying about grooming a replacement. The money thing doesn’t even bother me. This years FA crop is basically dogsh*t at positions like OT, WR, and OLB so where are we spending the money at anyway? Might as well go after the guy at the most important position who can make a major impact on your franchise if he pans out.
  17. A guy like Matthew Stafford has never won dick either, but I’d still take him as the QB of this team. There is no Brady or Montana on the horizon for us, so I’ll take a borderline Top 10 QB just entering his prime. Who cares if Cousins is 30? If that means that I can get 5-6 years of quality QB play out of him...I’ll take it.
  18. Nope. But you’d have to be a dummy to dismiss the idea of bringing him in because of a bad game. Even the best QB’s have games here and there where they throw multiple picks. Over the last 3 years since he became Washington’s fulltime starter, he’s thrown for over 4,000 yards and 25+ TD’s every year while completing around 67% of his passes and posting basically what amounts to a 3:1 TD/INT ratio. Yeah, I’ll take that. Hell, you’d be drafting someone like Mayfield hoping that he could be that kind of QB 2-3 years from now.
  19. I don't get it either Cousins isn’t Brady or Rodgers and he never will be, but he’d instantly become the best QB we’ve had since pre-injury Pennington. After the utter dogsh*t we’ve put up with at QB for the better part of the last 15 years (40 years, really) most of the fanbase is going to scoff at the idea of landing a 4,000+ yard, 30 TD QB who consistently completes damn near 70% of his passes and is just entering the prime of his career? In an offseason where we’re going to have $90+ million to play with and no OT or offensive skill player worth a damn is set to hit the market? (LeVeon Bell is going nowhere) The Jets stand basically zero chance at landing Rosen/Darnold and guys like Mayfield, Jackson, Allen, etc aren’t even remotely close to being sure things. Say the Jets land Cousins and also bring in one of the top CB’s like Malcolm Butler or Trumaine Johnson, add a legit NT like Dontari Poe, re-sign Davis and ASJ...and then the draft rolls around and they take a Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, Arden Key or Mike McGlinchley in the 1st and still have two more picks in the Top 50... I’d sign up for that in a heartbeat.
  20. Would this not be a lateral move? Though I guess Gruden could give him the title of Ast. HC to get around that.
  21. May be true when it comes to Bowles, but I think Macc gets a lot of undeserved flak from the fanbase. He’s not Ron Wolf, but he’s not John Idzik either. Just over the last few months he made two pretty damn good trades that certainly benefitted the team. Packaging Sheldon for a mid-2nd rounder and a solid #2 receiver in Kearse? Not too shabby. Trading a useless f*ckhead like Pryor to bring back Davis who looked like a completely different player this season? That’s full of win. It seems like everyone mostly sh*ts on the guy because he whiffed on Hack in the 2nd round. Meh, not a huge deal to me. 95% of the QB’s in the draft are longshots. What would’ve been much worse in hindsight is if we would’ve drafted Paxton Lynch 30 spots higher like so many were so eager to do.
  22. No reason not to be unless you think Bowles and Macc are just completely inept on every level. Once the Jets cut deadweight like Wilkerson and Skrine, they’re going to have over $90 million to spend in FA, a Top 6 pick and two additional picks in the Top 50 alone. There’s potential to turn this whole thing around VERY quickly if done properly. I may not be hot for Macc and Bowles (especially Bowles), but I refuse to believe that they’re so utterly clueless that they don’t realize they have to get a legit option behind center this offseason.
  23. As they should If they want to keep Hack around as the #3 for another year and see how he progresses...whatever. Petty has no business being on the roster. 3 full years in the league and he still looks utterly clueless. Kid doesn’t even have a future as a backup in all likelihood. The only way McCown should be on the team is if he wants to get into coaching and accepts a job as the assistant QB’s coach to Jeremy Bates or something.
  24. He also comes off as being way too overly emotional. One moment he’s grabbing his dick and talking sh*t to the opposing team...and then the next day he’s breaking down in tears in a press conference apologizing over it. I don’t want some emotional cripple as the QB of my team. Mayfield definitely has some positive traits but people acting like he’s some kind of lock to go in the Top 10, much less Top 5, are kidding themselves IMO.
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