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  1. So in the first two rounds we make out with an underachieving, one dimensional TE and a CB accused of rape and was caught with posession of over 130 ecstacy pills? Where do I sign up?
  2. I'm split on whether I think Poz can play in the 3-4 or not. He has great instincts, athleticism, and is a high character guy. But he's only 237 (about 7 pounds heavier than Vilma) but a lot of people think he has the frame to add another 10-15 pounds. If he can get up to the 250-255 range, he could turn out to be a bigtime player in our system.
  3. It's time for my guarantee. At precisely 4:15 PM on Saturday, these will be Goodell's words: "With the 25th selection in the 2007 NFL Draft....the New York Jets select...Justin Blalock, offensive guard, from the university of Texas" Blalock just makes all the sense in the world at #25. Mangini and Tannenbaum have let it be known that they want leaders on their team with smarts, toughness, and high character. Blalock possesses all of those traits. He posted the highest wonderlic score and put up the most bench presses at the combine. Some people may say the wonderlic test means nothing but it does to our new look front office. The Jets draft picks last year all together averaged the highest scores on the test. Blalock is as strong as an ox and is the elite roadgrader that we need in the running game and to help further solidify the O-line. As the old saying goes, "games are won and lost in the trenches". I personally think all this hype around Olsen and the 1st round rated corners is all smoke and mirrors. I can't see Mangini drafting an underachieving, one dimensional TE and I can't see him taking a CB in round 1 since he built his reputation on turning late round/UDFA's players into starting defensive backs. The good teams dominate at the LOS. If you want to be a consistently successful organization in the NFL (and especially in the AFC) then you better be able to control the point of attack. In the east we face teams like New England and Miami twice a year and those teams have dominant defensive lines. We need to get bigger and stronger up front to contain the Seymour's, Wilfork's, and Warren's of the league. I'm telling you, Blalock is our guy in round 1. Only two positions are set right now on the O-line for the foreseeable future (LT and C). Kendall is headed into his 13th and perhaps final year while Moore and Clement are nothing more than decent. I don't know about you guys, but I love the idea of having a powerhouse offensive line. Just look what Shields, Roaf, and Waters did for Trent Green and Priest Holmes in Kansas City. Both of those guys were journeymen until they were placed behind a juggernaut O-line in Kansas City. A great offensive line can make good players look like pro-bowlers. I can't even imagine what Jones, Leon, Chad, Cotch, and Coles would be capable of with a stud-filled trench up front. The market for guards in this league is increasing dramatically. We just saw guys like Dockett and Leonard freaking Davis get paid franchise QB coin. I say bring in J-Block so we can be well on our way to having a beast O-line feared league wide.
  4. 1st round: OG Justin Blalock - Texas The big roadgrading guard that will open up rushing lanes for years to come. 2nd round: CB Josh Wilson - Maryland Would be the best corner in the draft if he was 2 inches taller. A great man to man cover corner. 2nd round: OLB Brian Robison - Texas A mangini player with great athleticism to boot. Could be superb as a passrushing 3-4 OLB and a great complement to Bryan Thomas. 3rd round: WR Aundrae Allison - East Carolina A receiver with good size and speed. Would provide a playmaker out of the slot and maybe even a future starter after Coles hangs 'em up. 5th round: DE Clifton Ryan - Michigan State Should be a solid rotational player at 3-4 DE. Is a team player and adds further depth to the D-line. 6th round: OT Ken Shackleford - Georgia Could develop into our future starter at RT. At the very least he'll be a quality backup.
  5. He's a one dimentional player. He definitely has a lot of athletic ability but he underachieved at Miami. I'll be ready to rip someones face off if we take Olsen with Blalock, Revis, Bowe, Harrell, etc still on the board.
  6. I might drive up to NY with a gun in one hand and a bottle of Johnny Walker in the other if we take Olsen.
  7. When the hell did you hear ANYONE mention Olsen as a Top 20-25 pick before running a 4.51 forty? Please, tell me. Zach Miller was widely considered the better player before the combine because he is more well rounded and had better college production. I still consider him the better prospect. Olsen is a great athlete and that's about it. His blocking is borderline putrid and he seems to have an awfully big ego for a kid that had so much expected of him and did so little. And if the Miami offense was so terrible, why the hell wasn't he looked at more often since he's such an "elite" TE? As the #1 go-to guy and Miami's most explosive offensive weapon, why the hell didn't he register more than 30 catches last season? Im not buying it. The guy has speed, I'll give him that. But he will NEVER be on the same level as Gates or Gonzalez.
  8. What? I don't seem to remember Vernon Davis having a star infested team around him and his college production at Maryland blew Olsen out of the water. Olsens best stats for a single season were in 2005 when he registered 31 catches, 451 yards, and 4 TD's. That's not much better than Baker's production last season. Up until the combine, most scouts and draftniks had Zach Miller ranked ahead of Olsen as the top TE in the draft. Olsen was a big underachiever at Miami and is only considered a Top 20-25 pick because of his forty time. That's a fact.
  9. I just don't want any part of Olsen. I don't even care if he'd be the supposed BAP when we go on the clock, he's an overrated prospect. The only reason he'll sniff the 1st round is because of his forty time at the combine. He underachieved at Miami as a receiver and he's a horrendous blocker. Why take him over guys like Blalock, Houston, Revis, Harrell, or Bowe? If we want a TE, I say wait until #63 at the earliest and take a kid like Ben Patrick or Zach Miller.
  10. McCareins is definitely as bad as everyone seems to think. The guy has alligator arms, is a pu$$y across the middle, doesn't have reliable hands, and makes WAY too much for a slot receiver. Another wasted pick during the Bradway era.
  11. 1st round: OG Justin Blalock - Texas He's the big mauler that we need on the O-line. Has incredible awareness (never makes mental mistakes) and is well known as a classic roadgrading OG. Brick, Mangold, and Blalock will give us the makings of a dominant young O-line for years to come. 2nd round: CB Josh Wilson - Maryland Would be the best CB in the draft if he was just two or three inches taller. Excels at both zone and man coverage. Is a little guy, but plays much bigger on the field. Is also willing to come up and stop the run. 2nd round: OLB Brian Robison - Texas Robison has tremendous potential at 3-4 OLB. Has good size at 6'3 260 and is known as a high character guy with top flight intangibles. Has a motor that never quits and should become a starter for years opposite Bryan Thomas. 3rd round: TE Matt Spaeth - Minnesota Spaeth is known as an incredible blocking TE with solid receiving skills to boot. Has very nice size (6'7 270) and knows how to use his size to his advantage. Is an excellent red zone target and should provide a nice 1-2 punch at TE with Chris Baker. 5th round: OT Stephon Heyer - Maryland Is incredibly strong at the point of attack and gets good leverage. Ideal size for RT at 6'6 334. He has some durability concerns and that's why he'll slip to mid-late day 2. Will compete with Clement next year and eventually take over at RT in the next two years. 6th round: NT Stanley Doughty - South Carolina Had some minor character issues at South Carolina but definitely has some talent. He's known as a classic run stuffer and is able to occupy multiple blockers. Has good awareness and a great initial punch. A sleeper in round 6.
  12. What? They had the option to cut Pennington last offseason. Instead they chose to rework his deal and keep him on board. I still don't get this crap about him not being able to get us to the Superbowl. Chad was one of the few bright spots in our loss to the Pats in the wildcard game last year. We lost that game because our defense was constantly getting popped in the mouth all day. We couldn't stop the run and we couldn't get any pressure on Brady. I also heard that Chad can't get it done versus a "stellar" run defense. He proved that he can last season. The Vikings had one of the best run defenses since the freaking merger and Chad ended up throwing for 339 yards and a TD. Our running game was bad last year and we had an inconsistent defense. Yet still Chad receives all the blame?
  13. Could be a quality signing. I know he's been out of the league for the better part of a decade, but he was one of the most highly touted defensive players to ever come out of college. I can guarantee it was for the league minimum and it'll be nice to give him a shot at a comeback. According to Max, he reportedly showed up at a chiseled 6'4 280 at his workout. If he plays well in camp, give him a roster spot. If he sticks it up, wish him luck in the future and send him packing. A very low risk, high reward signing.
  14. 1st round: OG Justin Blalock - Texas Blalock is the guy we need on the interior line to open up holes in the running game. He's known as a tough, very smart prospect who rarey makes mental mistakes. Is a fantastic run blocking guard in the mold of Shawn Andrews. Will instantly bring attitude and smashmouth run blocking to the offensive line. 2nd round: OLB LaMarr Woodley - Michigan Won the Lombardi trophy in his senior year. Is known as a team leader and playmaking tweener prospect. Has all the traits that out front office loves. He's hard working, dedicated, has a non-stop motor, and possesses a killer instinct. Very good all around player that doesn't do anything great but does everything well. A nice complement on the outside to Bryan Thomas. 2nd round: CB Josh Wilson - Maryland Doesn't have ideal height (5'9) but plays big for a player his size. Is very good in man coverage and will always give an effort against the run. A scrappy little guy. Has top flight speed and is known as being smart and a quick learner. 3rd round: NT Brandon Mebane - California Mebane is stout at the point of attack and translates well as a 3-4 nosetackle at the next level. Hardworker with top flight intangibles and a motor that never quits. Is built like a tank at 6'1 310 and could still add on another 25-30 pounds. Could develop into our future starting NT. 5th round: WR Matt Trannon - Michigan State Didn't get a lot of oppurtunies with the Spartans but when the ball was in his hands, it usually went for a big gain. Has terriffic size at 6'6 216 and is a big threat in the redzone. Also has good speed for a kid his size (4.5 forty). 6th round: OLB Jyles Tucker - Wake Forest Word is the Jets are very high on this kid and we could very well select him in the late rounds. Has received comparisons to Dallas standout DeMarcus Ware and translates well to the 3-4. Was an underrated college played who splashed onto the scene with his proday workout.
  15. I have two things to say: 1. I don't like Craig Davis. He shys away from contact and shows alligator arms at times. 2. There's no way Tim Crowder is there in late round 3. He's raised his stock into the Top 50.
  16. I wouldn't mind Az Hakim or D.J. Hackett.
  17. 1st round: OG Justin Blalock - Texas 2nd round: OLB LaMarr Woodley - Michigan 2nd round: CB Josh Wilson - Maryland 3rd round: DE Antonio Johnson - Mississippi State 5th round: OT Cameron Stephenson - Rutgers 6th round: WR David Ball - New Hampshire
  18. No prospect regardless of position is a "can't miss".
  19. What? Blalock has the talent be a potential pro-bowl OG or possibly even a pro-bowl RT in the pros. The only guy that comes close to him is Ben Grubbs who will probably be gone by the early 2nd round at the latest. Like I said, it's also very possible that Balock will be the best player available when we pick at #25. I guarantee that the Jets are high on him. It was already reported at the combine that when he met with the Jets, they put him through the same test that they put Robert Meachem through. They asked him what were the names of the six staff memebrs in the room and he got 5 of the six names right. They awarded him with a jersey afterwards for his knowledge. The guy is known as an incredibly smart player and was a team captain for the Longhorns. This guy is the mauler that we desperately need to open up holes in the running game. Make no mistake about it, Justin Blalock is high on the Jets draft board.
  20. I think there's a VERY good chance that we take Blalock at #25. He exhibits everything Mangini loves in a player and he would fill a huge need. Not to mention that he may very well by the BAP when we pick. We need help on the right side of the O-line. As of right now, it's the exact same as it was last season. Blalock is a mauler in the running game and is known as an incredibly smart prospect. Why the hell should we cross off a potential elite OG off of our board just because we took two O-linemen in round 1 last year?
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