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  1. This makes no sense to me. The verdict isn't even out on Manning anymore if you ask me. He'll be heading into his 4th year and has shown week in and week out that he's way too inconsistent to be a top notch QB in this league. He's very inaccurate (never even completed more than 57% of his passes in a season) and melts down when pressure is in his face. This kid just simply isn't a franchise QB. Despite having a mega amount of talent on offense the past few seasons (Burress, Shockey, Toomer, Barber) he still hasn't been able to get it done. The bottom line is that Eli never would've been drafted #1 overall or even Top 10 for that matter if his name was Eli Johnson or Eli Smith.
  2. Um, did you not read the second statement I made in my post you just quoted? I said I'm thrilled!!!
  3. My List: DE Kenyon Coleman RB T.J. Duckett FB Darian Barnes RT Marc Colombo CB Nick Harper (if the price is right)
  4. No thanks Duckett is the guy I want to pick up and pair with Leon. Who knows? It could be Dunn/Duckett Part 2.
  5. Out of the other four teams seriously pursuing Porter (49ers, Phins, Cardinals, and Browns) we have the most cap room and I feel Mangini and Tannenbaum will want to capitilize on the Pats signing Thomas. It's already a known fact that we inquired about trading for Porter in the very recent past, so why wouldn't we aggressively pursue him now that he's on the open market? The Pats are out of the bidding war with the signing of Adalius. The 49ers are almost certainly out of the bidding war after signing Clements and Lewis to huge deals. We have more leverage than the Browns considering that they just signed Steinbach to a huge deal plus we already had more cap room than them in the first place and we've yet to sign a single player. Now that leaves the Cardinals. We also have more cap room than them. If your Porter, who would you rather sign with....an underachiveing team which plays a 4-3 defense that your unaccustomed to or a team that plays a 3-4 defense that you've been a pro-bowl LB in and will pay you more money and is on the up and up? Porter will be a Jet in '07. I'll stick by that statement.
  6. Joey Porter There, I just named one.
  7. Cimini? As in Cimini the ass clown? What the hell does Rich know? The only beat writers covering the Jets that I fully trust are Randy Lange and Tom Rock. About everyother writer besides Cimini had the Jets making a strong offer to Thomas. Adam Schefter who is very reliable said the Jets were a frontrunner and I'll take his word over Cimini's anyday of the week. And again, I'll take Porter over Thomas.
  8. "So, while New England, San Francisco and the Jets are considered the most aggressive suitors of Thomas, two of them will likely turn their attention quickly to Porter if the ex-Ravens star signs. The Jets are known to be one of several teams that talked to the Steelers in recent days about a trade for Porter, and Cleveland head coach Romeo Crennel was quoted Thursday night expressing interest in his former division rival" Off of SI.com on Porter There ya go. So evidently the Jets were one of the Top 3 teams interested in Thomas but felt he wasn't worth the money and they probably see Porter as a great fallback option.
  9. Before last season, Adalius was basically the 2006 version of Bryan Thomas. A good player, but certainly not elite. Has it also not occured to you guys that this dude played on a defense overloaded with multi pro-bowlers? I will stand by my statement that I'll take Porter over Thomas.
  10. A force my ass. I've lived in VA my entire life where the Ravens and Skins are the cream of the NFL crop. Adalius was a GOOD player before last season. Not elite, not spectacular, but GOOD.
  11. Overrated? Declining? In 14 games last year... Porter had 55 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 2 INT's (inluding one ran back for a TD), and 5 passes defensed. Please tell me how he is an overrated/declining player.
  12. Yes Porter may get very caught up in the act from time to time.... but he eats, sleeps, and breathes football. He isn't known as a bad character guy whatsoever. I've never once heard about him getting in any trouble with the law. I don't know about you, but I love defensive players with a fiery personality and a "kill everything that moves" attitude.
  13. Joey Porter>>Adalius Thomas Adalius was known as a good player up until last year, not elite. He had his best season during a contract year while being surrounded by one of the most talented defenses I've ever seen (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, Kelly Gregg, Haloti Ngata, etc.). Porter on the otherhand is a 3 time probowler, is known as a vocal leader as well as one of the most feared players in the game, and fits our defense to a tee. Like I said, Joey Porter....welcome to the NY Jets.
  14. Patriots land Thomas Posted by John Tomase at 7:52 pm According to a league source with knowledge of the negotiations, the Patriots are about to make the splash of free agency by agreeing to a contract with Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas, considered one of the top players on the market.
  15. And some jackasses actually wanted us to sign him.
  16. Supposedly the Jets are one of the front runners to land Dockery the OG from the Skins.
  17. 50RpidJTvvA I got it. Thanks a lot BP.
  18. When you try editing your post, the youtube feature doesn't appear for some reason.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmNAB9WekwI
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50RpidJTvvA
  21. I don't see Blalock there at #37 as of today. I find it hard to believe that a team like Baltimore would pass on him at #29 given his great college production and outstanding combine workout.
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