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  1. Dez Bryant Golden Tate Damian Williams Demaryius Thomas Mardy Gilyard All WR's that I favor over Benn.
  2. I'd have no complaints if we took Iupati at #29. Hell, he'd probably be near the top, if not #1, on my short list if he was still available. The guy is an elite interior OL, arguably the best OG prospect in the past decade. I'd be surprised if he makes it past #18 to the Steelers at the absolute latest. We're picking at the tail end of round one. Odds are no one that we pick will start their rookie season. With Faneca and Woody getting longer in the tooth, it wouldn't be such a bad idead to groom a young stud behind them for a season. BTW, Faneca's cap number is ridiculous next year. Something like $10 million. Odds are this is his last year with the team. I'd rather have Iupati waiting in the wings over Slauson or some other no name scrub.
  3. As it stands right now, I would love for the Jets to take a DL or WR in the 1st round. Not to say that I would rule out an OLB (Jerry Hughes), FS (Earl Thomas), or even an OL (Iupati/Pouncey), but someone like Jared Odrick, Terrence Cody, or Golden Tate would be nice.
  4. Lowery is fine as the nickel/dime back. We just need a guy to push him. CB still remains a high priority IMO. Revis and Cromartie are set as the starters, but with us having to take on the Manning's, Brady's, and Brees' of the league to compete for a championship, we need as many talented DB's as possible. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting a CB in the 2nd round, even in the 1st if Rex and company fall in love with a guy like Kyle Wilson or Devin McCourty.
  5. We're still going to be a run first team, but Mark will definitely get more opportunities this year. It's only a matter of time before we ditch the whole "ground and pound" philosophy. You don't take a QB in the Top 5 of the draft with the hopes of him being a career gamemanager. Sanchez has already shown flashes of being a legit franchise QB, his performance in the playoffs sure didn't hurt those chances. Now it's just a matter of him improving year to year and eventually taking the leap into elite territory. I don't expect a pro-bowl performance this year, but I could see him doing something like reversing his TD/INT ratio from last year. 20 TD's and 12 INT's as opposed to 12 TD's and 20 INT's.
  6. Well, he's not. He's a great kid with an awesome work ethic, but he just isn't cut out for the pro game. Even if Tebow does somehow make an impact, I can guarantee that it won't be for 3 or 4 years.
  7. I don't buy this for a second. Makes no sense at all. Our O-line is arguably the strongest area of the team. Faneca is a big reason for that. He may get beat in pass protection from time to time, but he's still one of the better roadgraders in the business. Only way this would make sense is if we took someone like Iupati or Pouncey at #29.
  8. Just reported that the Jets have a deal in place for the 8th overall pick if Sanchez or Crabtree are there.
  9. I can't believe there are so many that actually believe this. Do you seriously have that much blind optimism regarding Clemens/Ratliff? Neither has proven that they can even be starters in this league, much less franchise material. Clemens has had three straight years of open competition and has failed to step up and secure the starting job each season. Ratliff hasn't done dick outside of two long bombs in the pre-season. The Jets have major problems at the QB position and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. I would personally prefer Sanchez or Quinn but Jason Campbell isn't exactly garbage. Is he a star at the position? No, but he has a good arm and is very good at managing the game and limiting turnovers.
  10. And exactly what is wrong with a "much better version" of Jerricho Cotchery? People act like we need some kind of perfect compliment on the outside. We need another good receiver, period. Boldin is well worth the price for a team starved for a #1 WR. I'm willing to pay the price to bring him in. Edwards? Not a chance. He's two years younger and has the better deep speed, but he's lead the league in drops the last two years and has been relatively average outside of his '07 campaign. Boldin on the other hand has some of the surest hands in the league, is one of the better route runners out there, and there may not be another player in the league that is as good at picking up YAC.
  11. It's ****ing April Fools day. Anyone take that into consideration?
  12. The report is total BS guys. You can put it to rest.
  13. This is exactly why I love Sanchez as a pro prospect. His pocket presence is top notch. He can sidestep defenders and elude the rush. He isn't phased one bit with pressure in his face. I'm still shocked that so many are willing to pass on him in favor of Ratliff/Clemens who are both longshots to even be starters in this league, much less franchise material.
  14. Free Agent Signings LB Ray Lewis With Barton set to hit FA, the Jets will be looking for a compliment to David Harris in the middle. Lewis would bring a fiery persona that the Jets have lacked for what seems like forever. He's still one of the top LB's in the game and would help instill a killer instinct in the front seven and defense as a whole. Bart Scott isn't going to be cheap, so I say splurge a few extra bucks and land one of the most feared players in the history of the game. CB Chris McAlister Revis is already one of the better CB's in the game but we need a 2nd option. McAlister has spent a lot of time with Rex and when healthy, is still a very good player. Free Agent Re-Signings PK Jay Feely It's really a toss up as to who we keep between Feely/Nugent. I would honestly go with Feely and move past the mistake that was Mike Nugent. Feely was red hot over the last half of the season and may re-sign at a cheaper price. FB Tony Richardson This one is a no-brainer to many. T-Rich is still one of the better lead blockers in the league and played a big part in TJ's big season. Shouldn't cost much more than the minimum. Mock Draft 1st round: QB Mark Sanchez - USC The Jets get lucky and Sanchez falls into their laps at #17. You simply have to take him if he's there. Neither Ratliff or Clemens has done anything to instill the confidence that they are the one to lead us into the future. Mark may be a bit green, but he has everything you look for in a franchise QB. 2nd round: SS Patrick Chung - Oregon We have a hole at safety opposite Rhodes and Chung looks to be a Ryan type of guy. An aggressive, instinctive, hard hitting safety who is also solid in coverage. Would be good value towards the end of round 2 and could start from day one. 3rd round: RB Andre Brown - North Carolina St. The Jets select the potential heir to Thomas Jones to close out the 1st day. Brown is a bruising, between the tackles runner who never gets taken down on initial contact. He and Washington could create a devastating thunder/lightning duo in the future. 4th round: OG Kraig Urbik - Wisconsin To start the second day, we pick up some O-line depth. Behind our starting five, we have basically nothing. Urbik plays with a mean streak and his expertise is opening running lanes. Could take over for Moore down the road. 5th round: DT Terrance Taylor - Michigan Taylor disappointed last season but has the potential and raw talent to one day be a starter at the nose. It would be huge if he can be an effective backup to spell Jenkins from time to time. 6th round: P Kevin Huber - Cincinnati There are two great punter prospects in this draft (Morstead and Huber). I see Morstead coming off the board in round 4/5 and Huber hanging around in the 6th. It's about time we get a good young punter after the recent failures on the team (Gowin, Graham, Hodges). 7th round: OT Dane Randolph - Maryland More O-line depth to close out the draft. Randolph was pretty much the lone bright spot on an otherwise lackluster O-line with the Terps. May never start, but should make a solid backup. 2009 Starting Lineup QB Brett Ratliff/Kellen Clemens RB Thomas Jones FB Tony Richardson WR Laveranues Coles WR Jerricho Cotchery TE Dustin Keller LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson LG Alan Faneca C Nick Mangold RG Brandon Moore RT Damien Woody DE Shaun Ellis NT Kris Jenkins DE Kenyon Coleman OLB Calvin Pace ILB Ray Lewis ILB David Harris OLB Vernon Gholston CB Darrelle Revis CB Chris McAlister FS Kerry Rhodes SS Patrick Chung PK Jay Feely P Kevin Huber
  15. My ass. If a cure for AIDS had actually been found, you'd here about it on every TV/Radio station worldwide.
  16. http://www.break.com/index/how-not-to-mug-someone.html Hilarious!
  17. And some were hits, some were misses. What's your point? The draft is a crapshoot. Guys like Freeman are the physical specimens that scouts fall in love with despite them proving dick on the playing field. The guys accuracy is horrid and he's not exactly known as the sharpest tool in the shed. Unless the coaching staff is totally sold on Ratliff/Clemens (which I find very hard to believe) then we'd be fools to pass on Sanchez if he's still available.
  18. Carroll is known as a stubborn guy in many circles. You don't think he was a little pissed about his star QB not returning when his team is set up for a run at the national championship? Palmer, Leinart, and Booty all stayed through their senior seasons. Sanchez bucked the trend and I'm sure that got to Pete a little. As far as an "OKAY" season, the guy threw for over 3200 yards, 34 TD's and 10 INT's. That's not an okay season, that's a great season. And he put up those numbers without nearly the amount of talent on offense that a guy like Leinart had. He has everything you seek in a franchise QB. The only negative that anyone can point out when evaluating him is his lack of experience.
  19. The fact that so many people are willing to pass on a potential franchise QB like Sanchez in favor of Ratliff/Clemens really stuns me. You guy actually have that much faith that one of these two guys is the future? Based on what? Clemens has already had three years to step up and win the job and has failed to do so. Ratliff hasn't done anything outside of two long bombs in the pre-season. The odds are really stacked against these two guys being anything more than solid backups. How many times are we going to pass on these bluechip QB's before we step up and pull the trigger?
  20. Awesome Been watching the show on Youtube for all this time. Did they just put it on?
  21. Of course we're not interested. This is simply another case of the NY media throwing a bunch of sh*t at the wall and hoping something sticks. In the past week we've heard mention of Vick, Warner, Collins, Anderson, etc. None of those guys will be wearing Green & White. The only way I can see us bringing in another QB is if Stafford or Sanchez slip to #17.
  22. The movie was great and all but I still definitely favor the show. It just seems that the movie was aimed at people who weren't familiar with the series.
  23. Rickyisms www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfq3c4Cf1Fs
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