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  1. Jets also bringing in Brian Callahan, the Lions former QB’s coach, to interview for the same position. Looks like they wanted him as the new QB’s coach all along, not as an OC.
  2. Rick Dennison being added to the staff is looking more and more likely.
  3. Meh, I don’t pretend to be some master QB evaluator. Allen has some accuracy issues but his upside is insane. 6’5 240 with one of the strongest arms I’ve seen and Cam Newton-esque athleticism. If the Jets end up drafting him, I’ll hope for the best.
  4. I know that Robinson is coming off an ACL, and that might be the only reason that we’ll have a shot at him. Obviously that goes out the window if Jacksonville slaps the franchise tag on him. If healthy, he’s a borderline Top 5 WR. Watkins gets banged up a bit, but he too is a legit #1 receiver if he’s healthy. I don’t see that with Landry. He’s a tough slot guy who will move the chains, but there’s no way I’m paying him $12+ million a year.
  5. Because if the Jets really like Mayfield, they need to take him at #6. You don’t get cute trying to pick up an extra 3rd rounder and risk missing out on the QB that you covet.
  6. They should’ve already cut Anderson. I don’t care how talented or cheap he is right now, sometimes these moves need to be made to send a message and rid the locker room of another f*ckhead. And it’s not like the Jets can’t land an immediate upgrade with over $100 million to spend and guys like Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Jarvis Landry, etc all set to hit the market.
  7. He played 13 games But he was also stuck next to arguably the worst starting center in the league. If the Jets added, say, Jensen and Nelson to the OL...the Jets would have one of the top units in the league. Beachum is a respectable starting LT if he’s healthy and his full salary is guaranteed for 2018. He’s going to be our starting LT for at least another year. And frankly, if he remains healthy and continues playing at a competent level, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get rid of him. He’ll only be 29 next season. Could potentially be our starting LT for another 2-3 years at a reasonable salary.
  8. Daniel Jeremiah has him as the 2nd best player in the draft. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000909727/article/daniel-jeremiahs-top-50-prospects-for-2018-nfl-draft “Nelson lined up at left guard for the Irish this past season and that is where he projects at the next level. He has a thick, hulking build -- and he's the nastiest offensive line prospect I've ever evaluated. In the run game, he is quick out of his stance and has the ability to completely wash opposing players down the line of scrimmage. He rolls his hips on contact, locks on with a powerful grip and doesn't let up until he's finished the job. Nelson is very effective when he works up to the second level on combo blocks and pulls. He can adjust in space and he blocks through the whistle consistently. In pass protection, Nelson possesses an immediate anchor vs. power rushers and effortlessly handles twists and stunts. Overall, Nelson has all of the tools to be the best run blocker in the NFL and he'll be reliable in pass protection. He's the easiest player to evaluate in this draft class.”
  9. I can already picture the late season calls in the huddle... Rosen: “It’s cold out here. Does it feel cold out here to you guys? Oy! I knew I should’ve brought my jacket. Ya know, the one with the down? The down feathas?”
  10. I wouldn’t be dead set against Landry, but I’d much rather pursue Allen Robinson or Sammy Watkins.
  11. For $15+ million a year? Hell no. If the Jets can’t land Cousins and McCown retires, then sign someone like Bradford, Matt Moore or Blaine Gabbert and draft a QB in Round 1.
  12. The Eagles aren’t trading Foles Wentz just tore his ACL like 5 weeks ago. He’s not going to be ready for the start of the season in all likelihood.
  13. So take a lesser player at a position that is deemed more important? The top LT’s like McGlinchley and Williams aren’t nearly the players that Nelson is. Arden Key is a decent passrushing OLB prospect but not in the same league as Chubb and is sort of boom or bust. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a corner/safety hybrid. Not in the same category as a Jalen Ramsey or Patrick Peterson. And it’s a real longshot that Barkley falls to #6 with the Colts picking at #3 and the Browns picking at #4 with their second selection. Even the Broncos would be a threat to take him at #5 if they bring in a veteran QB. Nelson is a dude that can come in and make an immediate impact right out of the gate and be the lynchpin of your OL for 10+ years. He’d be an awesome choice at #6 provided that the Jets sign Cousins in FA and Chubb/Barkley are off the board.
  14. Depending on what we do in FA...Price and Michel. A plug and play center and a shifty, explosive RB who could make an immediate impact touching the ball 12-15 times a game as a rookie.
  15. If the Jets have already signed Cousins and a top CB in free agency (which is very possible, if not probable) and the top passrusher (Chubb) and top offensive playmaker (Barkley) are off the board (again, probable)...who are you taking in that scenario? Obviously the Jets wouldn’t draft a QB with around $70 million guaranteed just invested in Cousins...so would we rather have a hybrid CB/S like Fitzpatrick? A lesser passrusher prospect like Arden Key? Nelson should be a rock on the OL for the next 10-12 years. I’m not going to get caught up in the draft position. If he turns out to be an 8 time all-pro who consistently paves way for the running game and keeps our QB standing upright...no one will care where we drafted him.
  16. Drafting a guy like Nelson is all predicated around the Jets signing Cousins. If they miss out on Cousins, no way in hell I’m going in any other direction but QB in Round 1. As soon as Cousins announces his intentions to sign elsewhere, I’d be on the phone to Cleveland trying to put together a package for the #1 pick 6 weeks before the draft. Cousins or Darnold or Bust I don’t want any half measures at QB. I’m not content with a Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson. And Rosen is built like a beanstalk and already has at least 2 concussions and a surgically repaired right shoulder on his resume. Go big or go home. Have the mindset that you’re either signing Cousins or paying the price it takes to obtain the #1 pick and walk away with Darnold.
  17. Neither Warmack or Cooper possessed the kind of footwork and football IQ that Nelson has. Nevermind the guards, he’s more gifted than basically every LT to enter the draft over the last decade as well.
  18. I’m of the thinking that OG has fastly become a premium position with this modern day emphasis on interior D-linemen. The top shelf guards get paid almost as much as the top LT’s these days. If the Jets find themselves in the position where they’ve landed Cousins and a top CB through FA and both Chubb and Barkley are gone when we go on the clock at #6 (both very possible, even likely, scenarios), then I think you could do a lot worse than adding a truly elite prospect to the OL. In fact, if the Jets land Cousins and both Chubb/Barkley are off the board at #6...I’m having a hard time thinking of someone who makes more sense than Nelson for the Jets. Fitzpatrick? A tweener CB/S hybrid? Key? A one dimensional passrusher whose motor runs hot and cold? McGlinchley or Williams? Solid, yet unspectacular LT prospects, one of which is injury prone? I guess I could go for Key if we don’t address our need for a passrusher in FA, but even then I think I’d prefer Nelson.
  19. Whoops Meant to post on the Draft board.
  20. An absolute beast of an OL that needs to be talked about more often around here. In all likelihood he’s going to end up going in that #5-8 range and will provide whichever team drafts him with a plug-and-play, all-pro LG right out of the gate. If the Jets land Cousins in FA and assuming guys like Chubb and Barkley are off the board at #6, he might be at the top of my short list if he’s still available.
  21. There are no free agent OT’s or OG’s (besides Norwell) worth mentioning this year. I think the Jets will look to land a starting center like Jensen or Richburg in FA, but any further upgrading to the OL will need to be done through the draft. If the Jets land, let’s say...Cousins, Demarcus Lawrence and Trumaine Johnson in FA and guys like Chubb and Barkley are off the board at #6...you could do much worse than adding an elite, bluechip OL to the mix to help open up holes in the running game and keep your mega investment at QB standing.
  22. At the end of the day, I don’t see any way Barkley or Chubb falls to #6. It’s possible, and I know we’ve said this in the past and walked away with Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams, but I don’t see it happening. Taking that into consideration, if the Jets land Cousins, Quenton Nelson would probably be at the top of my wishlist if he’s there. He might be the best all-around OL to enter the draft in a decade. Many will argue that interior OL aren’t premium players, but I disagree. The value of interior DL has skyrocketed over the years and the best OG’s in the league make $12+ million a year. Nelson might be the best overall player in the draft and would in all likelihood give you an all-pro at LG for the next 10+ years. And if you’re going to pay Cousins an average of around $28 million a year and give him $60+ million guaranteed...you better damn well make sure that he stays upright.
  23. Josh McCown I’d at least ask Pennington if he’s interested as well. He’s been more and more involved with the Jets over the last 3 years doing stuff for the team website, conducting interviews, giving his breakdowns on the QB’s entering the draft, etc.
  24. Brady and Belichick are gone within 2 years, regardless. And the Pats clearly get away with things here and there, but I saw nothing fishy about the win over Jacksonville. The Pats have Tom Brady, the Jags have Blake Bortles. That’s what it came down to at the end of the day.
  25. DeFilippo was never coming here anyway. Guy is getting HC interviews by just coaching up Wentz and Foles in Philly. Why risk having your future as a HC potentially derailed by coming here as the OC when the only QB’s presently under contract are Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg? At least Bates is regarded as a young QB guru who the Shanahan’s and Gruden have tremendous respect for. May very well come in handy when it comes to landing Cousins in FA. He’ll probably add a guy like Rick Dennison to the offensive staff as well.
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