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  1. If Nugent can just consistently get the ball inside the 10 yard line on kickoffs, I'll be happy.
  2. It's very possible in my opinion. Harris defines the term "football player". He won't dazzle you with athleticism, but he brings it every down and has a fierce attitude on the field. He's an excellent tackler and showcased solid passrushing skills during his tenure at Michigan. He's as stout as they come against the run and displays exceptional wrap up technique. David is known for his ability to shed blockers and is constantly around the action. He comes up in the big game and is a fantastic leader/field general. This guy is the epitome of a Mangini player and is the ideal 3-4 ILB. IMO it's either going to be David Harris or Patrick Willis who walks away with DROY honors.
  3. It looks like Kendall is as good as gone and Adrien Clarke will most likely be the player to replace him. He has great physical tools, roadgrader size (6'5 330), and has reportedly looked very solid while practicing with the 1st team offense. I would really like to see what this kid can do in live game action. I'm actually hoping that Kendall gets released/traded soon just to see what Clarke is capable of. Let's face it, Pete is a declining player who is clearly on the downside of his career and is one of the smallest OG's in the league. We need a big mauler next to Brick and Adrien Clarke seems to fit the bill. Anyway, there isn't much to talk about right now so I figured I'd start a topic about our possible new starting LG. Thoughts?
  4. Bender He dominated the small school ranks and has all the physical tools and intangibles that you look for. The only knock on Bender is that he didn't face a lot of top flight competition during his college career. I think he'll be a very good starting RT in the future.
  5. Eric Coleman The guy had a great rookie season and hasn't done jack since then. I'm hoping either Smith or Peters make an impact during TC and the preseason to win the starting job at SS.
  6. Looking at this team right now on paper, I'd say we have a pretty good lineup. The additions to the defense are what really jump out at me. We didn't bring in any marquee names, but instead signed guys that fit the system and have potential. Kenyon Coleman should provide a big upgrade at the RDE spot immediately. Some may go as far as saying that Kimo was the worst starting DE in the league last season. He constantly got pushed around and looked lost most of the time. David Bowens was another solid pickup. He installs more depth into our LB corps and has proven to be very effective as a passrush specialist. He can come in on 3rd down/passing situations and really give our passrush an added boost coupled with Bryan Thomas. The draft was mainly focused on the defensive side of the ball as well. Mangini and Tannenbaum opted to go for quality over quantity. Most draftniks and experts had this draft billed as a weak one so instead of getting a bunch of mid-late round mediocre players, we wound up with the best CB and the 2nd best ILB in this draft class. Darrelle Revis has pro-bowl potential at CB and is an all around player at his position. He's great in coverage and is always willing to come up and play the run. This kid is physical, fast, and smart. Mangini could turn Revis into a star and we now have some serious talent in the secondary when you couple in Kerry Rhodes and Andre Dyson. David Harris is your prototypical 3-4 ILB. He's the classic "thumper" in the middle that thrives at shedding blockers and attacking the ballcarrier. I also can't think of any other player besides a big NT that could help out Vilma in this system more than Harris. He was a team captain at Michigan, is known as a field general, and LOVES to hit. The Jets then addressed the O-line and receiving corps on day 2. I loved the Bender pick in round 6 and think he could definitely be the solution to our problem at RT. He dominated the small school ranks and possesses all the physical tools and intangibles that you look for. Don't be surprised to see him push Anthony Clement in his rookie season. Chansi Stuckey could develop into a solid #4 receiver and PR down the road. He had some injury issues at Clemson but when he was on the field, the production was there. He's faster on the field than he is on the track. I've seen him play many times and there's no way he runs a 4.6 forty. All and all I don't see too many holes on this roster except for OG, SS, and maybe NT if Robertson can't clog the middle with some consistency. I think this is an improved roster over 2006 and we should be contending for a playoff spot again. I think we're a year or two away from competing for a championship but the future is definitely looking bright.
  7. What? NT is the biggest hole on our defense, by far. And when I say far, I mean FAR.
  8. That's not enough Make him play for the Raiders.
  9. I thought he said "Go Leon Washington!"
  10. This is very simple to sum up. Mangini and Tannenbaum opted to go for quality over quantity in this draft and I respect the hell outta that. I know that we left day 1 with only two players, but both Revis and Harris are bluechip prospects. We just added a potential shutdown CB and arguably the best 3-4 ILB in the draft. How anyone can be pissed off is beyond me. Would you rather have a bunch of mid-round picks and take some guys that will most likely be nothing more than special teamers throughout their careers? Or would you rather leave day 1 with two potential great players that fit your teams system to a tee? We will have more picks within the next few hours. Trust me. It wouldn't surprise me to see McCareins, Barton, and Barrett all get traded for mid round picks.
  11. Barton desperately needs to read this.
  12. Winslow put up good production for the first time in 3 years. So yes, he has underachieved but mainly because of injuries. All over Ham and Bits dick? Maybe you should scope out JI sometime. I've been voicing my opinion on Blalock for over the past 3 months now.
  13. IMO, Shockey and Winslow ARE underacheivers at the pro level. Shockey is a head case and has shown signs of being elite but has a tendency to drop passes and is inconsistent. I sure as hell wouldn't rank him up there with Gates or Gonzalez. Winslow just played in basically his first season in 3 years. He's had big injury issues and has messed up his knee yet again. Maybe Miami TE's are just cursed at the pro-level. And like I said, I can't see Mangini taking a one dimensional, underachiever in round 1. Yes Olsen has great athletic ability but he hasn't put it to great use yet. I just don't like the kid and would rather take someone like Blalock, Spencer, Harrell, or Bowe in round 1.
  14. Another 2 things: 1. I don't care for Olsen's talents. He underachieved, plain and simple. Tony G and Winslow although not known as "great" blockers are certainly more than adequate and were much, MUCH more polished products coming out than Olsen. 2. He was still accused of rape which means something very well might have happened. This kid could be the next next Pac Man Jones/Chris Henry. And I find it hard to believe that those e-pills weren't Wright's. They probably belonged to both him and the roomate and It wouldn't surprise me if he blamed the whole thing on the guy he was living with. Wright is a guy with a future in the NFL, his roomate was probably an average joe college student. He definietly would've had more to lose.
  15. So in the first two rounds we make out with an underachieving, one dimensional TE and a CB accused of rape and was caught with posession of over 130 ecstacy pills? Where do I sign up?
  16. I'm split on whether I think Poz can play in the 3-4 or not. He has great instincts, athleticism, and is a high character guy. But he's only 237 (about 7 pounds heavier than Vilma) but a lot of people think he has the frame to add another 10-15 pounds. If he can get up to the 250-255 range, he could turn out to be a bigtime player in our system.
  17. It's time for my guarantee. At precisely 4:15 PM on Saturday, these will be Goodell's words: "With the 25th selection in the 2007 NFL Draft....the New York Jets select...Justin Blalock, offensive guard, from the university of Texas" Blalock just makes all the sense in the world at #25. Mangini and Tannenbaum have let it be known that they want leaders on their team with smarts, toughness, and high character. Blalock possesses all of those traits. He posted the highest wonderlic score and put up the most bench presses at the combine. Some people may say the wonderlic test means nothing but it does to our new look front office. The Jets draft picks last year all together averaged the highest scores on the test. Blalock is as strong as an ox and is the elite roadgrader that we need in the running game and to help further solidify the O-line. As the old saying goes, "games are won and lost in the trenches". I personally think all this hype around Olsen and the 1st round rated corners is all smoke and mirrors. I can't see Mangini drafting an underachieving, one dimensional TE and I can't see him taking a CB in round 1 since he built his reputation on turning late round/UDFA's players into starting defensive backs. The good teams dominate at the LOS. If you want to be a consistently successful organization in the NFL (and especially in the AFC) then you better be able to control the point of attack. In the east we face teams like New England and Miami twice a year and those teams have dominant defensive lines. We need to get bigger and stronger up front to contain the Seymour's, Wilfork's, and Warren's of the league. I'm telling you, Blalock is our guy in round 1. Only two positions are set right now on the O-line for the foreseeable future (LT and C). Kendall is headed into his 13th and perhaps final year while Moore and Clement are nothing more than decent. I don't know about you guys, but I love the idea of having a powerhouse offensive line. Just look what Shields, Roaf, and Waters did for Trent Green and Priest Holmes in Kansas City. Both of those guys were journeymen until they were placed behind a juggernaut O-line in Kansas City. A great offensive line can make good players look like pro-bowlers. I can't even imagine what Jones, Leon, Chad, Cotch, and Coles would be capable of with a stud-filled trench up front. The market for guards in this league is increasing dramatically. We just saw guys like Dockett and Leonard freaking Davis get paid franchise QB coin. I say bring in J-Block so we can be well on our way to having a beast O-line feared league wide.
  18. 1st round: OG Justin Blalock - Texas The big roadgrading guard that will open up rushing lanes for years to come. 2nd round: CB Josh Wilson - Maryland Would be the best corner in the draft if he was 2 inches taller. A great man to man cover corner. 2nd round: OLB Brian Robison - Texas A mangini player with great athleticism to boot. Could be superb as a passrushing 3-4 OLB and a great complement to Bryan Thomas. 3rd round: WR Aundrae Allison - East Carolina A receiver with good size and speed. Would provide a playmaker out of the slot and maybe even a future starter after Coles hangs 'em up. 5th round: DE Clifton Ryan - Michigan State Should be a solid rotational player at 3-4 DE. Is a team player and adds further depth to the D-line. 6th round: OT Ken Shackleford - Georgia Could develop into our future starter at RT. At the very least he'll be a quality backup.
  19. He's a one dimentional player. He definitely has a lot of athletic ability but he underachieved at Miami. I'll be ready to rip someones face off if we take Olsen with Blalock, Revis, Bowe, Harrell, etc still on the board.
  20. I might drive up to NY with a gun in one hand and a bottle of Johnny Walker in the other if we take Olsen.
  21. When the hell did you hear ANYONE mention Olsen as a Top 20-25 pick before running a 4.51 forty? Please, tell me. Zach Miller was widely considered the better player before the combine because he is more well rounded and had better college production. I still consider him the better prospect. Olsen is a great athlete and that's about it. His blocking is borderline putrid and he seems to have an awfully big ego for a kid that had so much expected of him and did so little. And if the Miami offense was so terrible, why the hell wasn't he looked at more often since he's such an "elite" TE? As the #1 go-to guy and Miami's most explosive offensive weapon, why the hell didn't he register more than 30 catches last season? Im not buying it. The guy has speed, I'll give him that. But he will NEVER be on the same level as Gates or Gonzalez.
  22. What? I don't seem to remember Vernon Davis having a star infested team around him and his college production at Maryland blew Olsen out of the water. Olsens best stats for a single season were in 2005 when he registered 31 catches, 451 yards, and 4 TD's. That's not much better than Baker's production last season. Up until the combine, most scouts and draftniks had Zach Miller ranked ahead of Olsen as the top TE in the draft. Olsen was a big underachiever at Miami and is only considered a Top 20-25 pick because of his forty time. That's a fact.
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