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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r81FdnyTDZY I keep mentioning this show to everyone but hardly anybody has seen it. Here's a highlight reel. It's a canadien show that's funny as hell! Enjoy The sound in some parts is a little messed up but it's still great.
  2. Best All-Time: Don Maynard My Favorite: Wayne Chrebet
  3. Cutting Barton would save us almost $1 million in cap savings which is why I would make the move. He wasn't much of an impact player. Solid, but nothing great. If you think Vilma got pushed around in the middle, you'd be begging for him to be benched after seeing him play on the outside. Prototypical 3-4 OLB's are usually converted 4-3 DE's and weigh in the 255-270 range, Vilma is 230 soaking wet. I like Eric Smith at SS. Coleman has been below average ever since his surprising rookie season. He makes way too many mental mistakes and has lost his luster against the run. Smith showed flashes later in the season and I would like to see what he can do in a fulltime gig. Baker is a very solid TE, but Sean Ryan is nothing more than a good blocking H-back. We could definately use more help at the TE position. Graham is one of the better blocking TE's in the league and is an underrated receiver. He'd be a solid pickup if you ask me.
  4. Mock Draft 1st round: OLB LaMarr Woodley - Michigan Woodley is the perfect fit for this defense. The Jets had problems this season providing a passrush (just look at the New England widcard game). LaMarr has excellent size at 6'2 270 and plays with a mean streak like no other. He's a very good passrusher and an even better run stuffer. He's a Mangini player through and through and would sure up our defense against the run and pass. 2nd round: *Traded to San Diego for RB Michael Turner* Most of us know how talented Turner is. Mangini and Tannenbaum will refuse to give up our 1st round pick, but offer the Chargers the 36th overall pick to get the deal done. It's a great compromise IMO and should seal the deal to bring Michael Turner to the Green & White. 2nd round: OG Josh Beekman - Boston College Is a tough, hardworker who is totally commited to the game of football. He's an excellent OG who doesn't do anything great but does everything well. The only knock on this kid is his height but his intangibles and will to improve everyday will help him overcome that. 3rd round: DE Ryan McBean - Oklahoma St. Coming from the Parcells/Belichick tree of coaching, Mangini knows how important depth on the D-line can be. McBean projects well as a 3-4 DE. He has a good motor and is very active on the field. This is a very safe pick in round 3. McBean will be a player in this league. Worst case scenario is he adds quality depth to the D-line. Best case scenario is he develops into a starter for years to come. 5th round: WR Jordan Kent - Oregon Kent has terrific size at 6'5 210 and commands respect in the redzone. He would give us a solid #4 receiver who can help stretch the field. He hasn't gotten many oppurtunities at Oregon, but when he has gotten the ball in his hands, it's usually gone for a big gain. 6th round: NT Stanley Doughty - South Carolina I've had us selecting Doughty in the last few mock's I've posted. There aren't any elite 3-4 NT prospects in this draft but IMO Stanley is a late round project who could turn out to be a solid player in the future. He has the prototypical size at 6'1 335 and can clog the middle with authority. Free Agent Signings: DE Terdell Sands A lot of Jets fans are intrigued by Sands and I happen to be one of them. He shined last season for the Raiders in limited action. He has absolute perfect size for a 3-4 DE at 6'7 330 and would instantly help improve our run defense. He's a young player with a lot of potential and is one of the bigger sleepers hitting the FA market. CB Nick Harper The marque free agent corners like Samuel and Clements are going to want top dollar so Mangini goes after a cheaper solution. Harper is a very solid CB who accels at man coverage and playing the run. Though the Colts defense as a whole was putrid throughout the regular season, Harper still played well. TE Daniel Graham Besides Chris Baker, the Jets have nothing at the TE position. Sean Ryan is nothing more than a blocking H-back so the Jets add some more depth and a player that can give Baker a run for his money at the starting position. OT Floyd "Porkchop" Womack Womack would be a cheap, solid signing to push Anthony Clement for the starting RT job. He has had a few injury problems the past two year but nothing really serious. Re-Signings: DE Dave Ball OG Wade Smith OT Anthony Clement CB Hank Poteat WR Jerricho Cotchery (extension) Cuts: LB Brad Kassel RB Derrick Blaylock RB Kevan Barlow WR Justin McCareins CB David Barrett FB B.J. Askew LB Eric Barton Projected 2007 Starting Lineup: QB Chad Pennington RB Michael Turner FB Stacy Tutt WR Laveranues Coles WR Jerricho Cotchery TE Chris Baker/Daniel Graham LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson LG Pete Kendall C Nick Mangold RG Josh Beekman RT Anthony Clement DE Shaun Ellis NT Dewayne Robertson DE Terdell Sands OLB Bryan Thomas ILB Jonathan Vilma ILB Victor Hobson OLB LaMarr Woodley CB Nick Harper CB Andre Dyson FS Kerry Rhodes SS Eric Smith
  5. Turner still has boatloads of talent and everyone is almost certain that this guy will be a dominant back in the NFL. Would I trade our 1st round pick? No, but I would trade the Skins 2nd rounder to bring him in. Petersen and Lynch will already be off the board when we pick and there are no elite backs in FA. The guy is 5'10 237 with great breakaway speed and he's been learning behind one of the all-time greats the past 3 years. He's only 24 years old and his potential is limitless.
  6. Leon Washington is an explosive 3rd down/change of pace back, he's NOT full time material. Nothing would make me happier than Michael Turner carrying the load next season with Leon getting 8-10 touches a game.
  7. Bryan Thomas was our best LB this year. Not only did he lead the team in sacks, but he also lead them in pressures as well and was a beast against the run. I'd rank Thomas and Hobson ahead of Barton.
  8. http://raincloud.warnerbros.com/wbol/uk/movies/300/300_tlrf2_500.asx This is gonna be THE movie of 2007 my friends.
  9. http://raincloud.warnerbros.com/wbol/uk/movies/300/300_tlrf2_500.asx This is gonna be THE movie of 2007 my friends.
  10. Here's my 3 round mock: 1st round: DE Adam Carriker - Nebraska (I think this is the perfect spot for Adam at #26. He's a Mangini player through and through and would solve arguably our biggest weakness) 2nd round: OT Arron Sears - Tennessee (Anthony Clement has been okay, but Sears could be a very good RT in the NFL. Pairing him with Brick, Mangold, and Moore would give us a very young, potent O-line for years to come) 2nd round: RB Tony Hunt - Penn State (Does everything good but nothing great. Has good size at 6'2 230 and will lower the boom on defenders and always fights for the extra yardage. Would provide a great compliment to Leon Washington) 3rd round: OLB Dan Bazuin - Central Michigan (Classic Mangini player who could turn out to be a very good 3-4 OLB. He's a good passrusher with even better run stopping skills. Has almost ideal size for the position at 6'3 270)
  11. Vince Young will be a star in this league. The guy has "it", plain and simple. He's hands down the offensive rookie of the year IMO and will be what everyone thought Michael Vick would be.
  12. I think we're overrated as a fanbase. Usually whenever I watch a home game, I see people leaving if we're just down by maybe 10 points in the 4th quarter and a lot of other times, crowd noise is almost non-existent. We also have a reputation of b!tching uncontrollably.
  13. Mario will be a fantastic player in this league for years to come. I don't care how talented Bush is, good RB's are a dime a dozen, it's EXTREMELY hard to find guys on the defensive side of the ball with the size and talent of Williams. Mario is 6'7 291, runs a 4.5 forty, and has great strength. IMO he's more of a physical freak than Reggie Bush. The Texans absolutely made the right choice.
  14. Brady is a ass-ranger who has been exposed this year.
  15. That's Nugent for ya. A 2nd round kicker who our coaching staff doesn't even have faith in.
  16. Not only will Favre rip your secondary apart, but Brady will sh*t the bed again. Brady against the Pack: 18/34. 180 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT's
  17. 1. Cotchery for the Jets.....Briggs for the Bears 2. Kyle Clifton
  18. More like: 24/32, 290 yards, 2 TD's, 0 INT's Bank on it. By the way TX, what's up with Brady's 5 INT's and 1 TD in his last 2 games?
  19. I agree with TX This small font hurts my eyes.
  20. Actually TX, Barton, Thomas, AND Hobson are having better years than Vilma.
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