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  1. 2/23/07 7:23pm Adam Schefter just reported on NFL Network that the New York Jets will be making a serious run at Adalius Thomas. Mangini wants him to be the playmaker on this defense. He mentioned no other teams and was specifically reporting it is the Jets making the move for Thomas. I'm not sure how I feel about this. He's a big play guy and really fits our defense but I'm not sure about handing out a $50+ million dollar contract to a guy that is 30 years old.
  2. Chad played better than his numbers would indicate. How many teams do you see running the no-huddle offense on a consistent basis? Only two come to mind, the Colts and Jets. And why? Because they have QB's who are known as very smart, accurate, leaders on the football field with great awareness. Now, before anyone jumps on my back, I'm not saying that Chad is as good as Peyton. But above the shoulders they are indentical. Do I think that Clemens is ready to take over the reigns at QB and run this very complex offense? No, and that doesn't make me a Chad lover or a Clemens hater. Chad is simply the most qualified QB on our roster at this point in time. And unless Chad gets injured, I don't see Kellen unseating him for the starting QB job in '07.
  3. Anyone who think Clemens is more qualified to run the offense than Chad at this point is simply clueless. Do any of you guys actually think that Kellen is ready to step in and run the complex/no huddle offense that Chad has proven he can run effectively? Does Kellen have the smarts and leadership as of right now to make sure all the guys are lined up where they are supposed to be? Does he have the awareness to check us out of bad plays and into good ones? Kellen Clemens is not ready. We haven't seen much of him, but in the limited action I've seen him in he hasn't really impressed me at all. He had one good drive in the pre-season and that's it. One good drive against a group of third stringers.
  4. Jets | Pennington named starter for 2007 season Fri, 23 Feb 2007 13:19:08 -0800 Randy Lange, of the Bergen Record, reports New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini has said QB Chad Pennington is the team's starting quarterback for the 2007 season heading into training camp. "Chad has done an outstanding job and he'll be the starter moving into camp," Mangini said.
  5. So let me get this straight, Adalius Thomas has one great season and you're saying he's better than a future HOFer? Adalius was nothing more than a "good" LB prior to the '06 season.
  6. F*ck no He constantly overpays for mediocre talent in the FA pool and where does it get his team? A Top 10 pick in the draft almost every year.
  7. Based on what we've seen of Mangini and Tannenbaum so far, what makes you think they'll throw a $50+ million dollar contract at a guy like Thomas or Clements? It's not their style. I know a lot of people like Adalius, but I'm just not in favor of breaking the bank on a player that's 30 years old and had his best season in a contract year. And Clements hasn't looked like a pro-bowl corner the past two years. How he has the balls to demand to be paid like the top corner in the NFL is beyond me. I'd personally like to bring in a group of solid, young players with potential rather than blowing all our money on one big name guy.
  8. I thought it was a great interview. It's great that we'll be players in FA but won't overpay for certain players (Adalius Thomas and Nate Clements). It's also great to hear that the FO has a lot of faith in Chad.
  9. Credit to DeathByJets on TGG.com for providing the report This afternoon Mike T was on the Afternoon Blitz on Sirius NFL Radio. Here are the highlights that I can remember: - Very please with rookies like Mangold, Brad Smith (especially) and Leon Washington (he probably mentioned D'brick, but I tuned in late). - Likes having the cap space, but that does not mean the Jets are going on a massive spending spree. - The team will take a systematic approach to the offseason. They'll take advantage of any and all "opportunities" that present themself from the beginning of free agency through the first game of the season (sited Kendall and Testaverde as examples of late pickups that made big contributions). - (In response to a question about going after restricted FAs...like Turner) Likes having 4 first day picks. Provides flexibility. Wouldn't be afraid of giving up draft picks if they felt the value was there. - Non-committal on a contract renewal for Cotch. Played it coy by saying that they are really pleased with Cotchery and if the opportunity presents itself the Jets would like to resign him to a reasonable contract (I read this as MT saying they don't intend to overpay for him. - Said the Jets will be players in free agency, but they will not overpay for players. - Team parted ways with Barlow on good terms. Wanted to give Barlow an opportunity to explore free agency. Would not rule out resigning Barlow under a different contract structure. - Really pleased with Clemens work ethic. - Thinks Pennington, Schott and Mangini are completely on the same page. Thinks another full offseason of Penny with BS will be fruitful. - Assured the hosts that the Jets will be well prepared when free agency begins. "We have a plan" I came away super impressed. MT came across as VERY smart. Exuded confidence. Gave insightful answers. Seemed to have an in depth understanding of the current players on the roster as well as players from around the league. My expectations for this offseason have just been ratcheted up!
  10. Yes He came in for Mangold on the few occasions where he left because of injury and sat on the sideline for a few plays. Smith actually did a pretty solid job.
  11. With Clements asking to be paid as the top CB in the league, I don't see him coming here. There's no way Mangini and Tannenbaum dish out a contract in the neighborhood of $60 million. And Carriker is a stretch at #25. By having a great senior bowl, his stock has risen to the top 15 or maybe even the top 10.
  12. We've just released Barlow and now the only decent RB on the roster is Leon Washington. Houston is fragile and even when healthy didn't get many looks last season. Plus we all know Blaylock stinks and will probably be next on the chopping block. All this leads me to believe that Michael Turner is a Jet in '07. I've soured on the idea of trading our 1st round pick on him, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Jets and Chargers swing a deal for the 37th overall pick. Many reports are that the Jets think Turner is the real deal and would form a potent rushing attack with Leon. He has everything you look for in a franchise back and we all know that the pickings are slim through the draft and FA. At one time, Cam Cameron actually said that Turner is a better in between the tackles runner than LaDanian Tomlinson. So, I'm calling in right now, Turner will be wearing Jet green sometime in early March.
  13. Are you kidding me? Harper got cutdown by Roethlisberger because Ben was already ahead of him by the time Nick scooped up the ball. That's the reason you don't want Harper? He's getting ready to be 33 but doesn't have a lot of wear and tear on his body. He could be a nice 3 year solution. Hood has massive potential. He was outstanding as Philly's nickelback last year. He was stuck behind Brown and Sheppard so he never really got a chance to start. Just because he was undrafted a few years ago doesn't mean he has no talent. Michael Turner was a 5th round pick and has never even had more than 80 carries in a season yet a lot of people want us to trade our 1st round pick for him. Clements is getting older and hasn't looked like a dominant CB the past two years. There's no way I'd give him a contract in the $60 million range.
  14. Nick Harper = Good #1 corner Roderick Hood = Young guy who has the potential to be a GREAT #1 I'll take either over Clements. He has already said that he wants to be the highest paid corner in the league. You really think Mangini and Tannenbaum are gonna dish out close to $60 mill for this guy?
  15. http://nfl.aolsportsblog.com/2006/10/16/overpaid-player-of-the-week-nate-clements/ There's no way we'll sign Clements. This guy is already asking to be paid as the top corner in the league. You wanna spend Champ Bailey dollars on Nate Clements? I'd rather go after a cheaper solution like Nick Harper or Roderick Hood.
  16. Earl Campbell The guy was a freaking tank. It's a shame that his career ended so quickly.
  17. We shouldn't be very uptight about spending money this year. I'm not talking about having a Dan Snyder-like offseason, but with the cap room we have, I'd like to bring in a few quality guys like Kris Dielman and Roderick Hood. I know others will agree with me when I say Dielman is the one guy that I'm willing to overpay for. He has the potential to be a dominant OG and was a huge part of Tomlinson's record breaking season. We need some guys on the interior line to open up holes in the running game and Dielman fits the bill. Our main focus should be to build through the draft but we should also plug a few holes through FA.
  18. I think we should keep him around in a backup role. Kendall isn't the same player he was in 2004. He's also headed into his 13th season. How much more does he have left in the tank? He can still mentor the young guys.
  19. Outside of Peterson and Lynch, I don't see any of the RB's in this years draft as potential "elite" prospects. Barlow has already said that he loves the Jets organization as well as Mangini and is willing to take a paycut to stay with the team. I actually belive him when he says that his leg injury hampered his play last year and I like his determination. With Dielman and Beekman added to the line as well as Brick and Mangold having a season under their belts, I think our run blocking should be very much improved so a combo of Barlow and Leon should get the job done.
  20. Mock Draft: 1st round: DE Justin Harrell - Tennessee A very tough kid with top flight intangibles that would immediately step in and upgrade our D-line. Has great size at 6'4 300 and can still add another 10-15 pounds. Great at the point of attack and dominant at times at stopping the runner in the backfield. 2nd round: OLB LaMarr Woodley - Michigan Has everything that our front office looks for in a player. Had a very accomplished college career including winning the Lombardi award in his senior year. Not the best athlete, but stout against the run, good at rushing the passer, and has a killer instinct. 2nd round: OG Josh Beekman - Boston College Beekman's bread and butter is creating holes for the running game. Another Mangini player that plays like it's his last play every down. Brandon Moore has been a dissapoinment the past two years and Kendall is heading into his 13th season. 3rd round: WR Chansi Stuckey - Clemson Suffered an injury his senior year, but is still a day one pick. He's the slot receiver we've been looking for. He's 6'1 194 and runs a 4.3 forty. The deep presence that we need to add to our receiving core. Also is a dangerous return man. 5th round: CB John Talley - Duke A bigtime sleeper. Played for a terrible organization during his college career but he himself played very well. Is a ballhawk in the secondary and will add to our CB depth. Maybe Mangini can work some magic and turn this kid into something. 6th round: NT Marquay Love - Houston A bit of a project but could turn into our solution in the middle in the future. Is a monster and can occupy multiple blockers. The noseguard crop is very weak this year so Mangini takes a guy he can develop in the latter rounds. FA Signings: CB Roderick Hood Has the ability to be a bigtime CB in this league. Was stuck behind Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown in Philly so he never got a chance as a starter. Still, he looked brilliant most of the time in his nickel role and definately has the ability to start. Samuel has already been slapped with the tag and Clements will want bigtime duckets. OG Kris Dielman A bigtime up and coming O-lineman. Helped pave the way for Tomlinson's historical season and IMO is a better player than the other big FA guard Eric Steinbach. Pairing this guy with Brick, Mangold, and Beekman would give us a young, dominant O-line for years to come. TE Daniel Graham A very solid TE that will give Baker some much needed competition. Known as one of the better blocking TE's in the business and a very solid receiver. OT Jordan Black A cheap, veteran signing that will provide Anthony Clement with some competition. At the very least he'll give us some quality depth especially since Adrian Jones is probably on the way out. Re-Signings: OT Anthony Clement OG Wade Smith NT Rashad Moore CB Hank Poteat WR Jerricho Cotchery (Extension) RB Kevan Barlow (re-structure) Cuts: RB Derrick Blaylock WR Justin McCareins FB B.J. Askew CB David Barrett LB Eric Barton OT Adrian Jones 2007 Starting Lineup: QB Chad Pennington RB Kevan Barlow/Leon Washington FB Stacy Tutt WR Laveranues Coles WR Jerricho Cotchery TE Daniel Graham/Chris Baker LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson LG Kris Dielman C Nick Mangold RG Josh Beekman RT Anthony Clement/Jordan Black DE Shaun Ellis NT Dewayne Robertson DE Justin Harrell OLB Bryan Thomas ILB Jonathan Vilma ILB Victor Hobson OLB LaMarr Woodley CB Andre Dyson CB Roderick Hood FS Kerry Rhodes SS Eric Smith/Erik Coleman
  21. How awesome would it be to pick up Branch at #6 and Woodley at #37? I like this front seven: DE Shaun Ellis NT Dewayne Robertson DE Alan Branch OLB Bryan Thomas ILB Victor Hobson ILB Eric Barton OLB LaMarr Woodley
  22. You consider rushing for over 100 yards in 5 of the last 6 games of the season to be "JAG" material? Betts was outstanding over the last 6 weeks of the 2006 season.
  23. How the hell could anyone not like this trade? Put aside your personal fellings regarding Vilma for just a second. We'd be gaining a starting RB and the 6th overall selection for a player that has been a JAG in this system and the 25th pick. With Washington's 1st rounder, we could get a beast on the D-line like Alan Branch or Jamaal Anderson. Vilma is EASILY replaceable in this defensive scheme. I know that he's intelligent and a leader, but who's to say that another player on our roster (Rhodes) can't fill that void? Betts went over 1,100 yards despite not becomming the full time starter until week 10 of the '06 season. I'd personally take him over Turner in a heartbeat. This trade would make us better instantly.
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