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  1. Night moves When New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini stepped to the podium for his Wednesday morning press conference, the thermometer outside read 95 degrees and the registered heat index was 106. With forecasters calling for an afternoon high of 101 and a heat index of 115, the Jets decided to push the team
  2. This is only gonna hurt the Pats. If Brady is sitting there saying that Branch is arguably the best WR in the NFL, then Branch may want to be paid like a Top 5 receiver.
  3. I've read several TC reports that said Chad was showing good velocity on his short and intermediate passes.
  4. Pennington earning early points with Mangini BY KEN BERGER Newsday Staff Writer August 1, 2006 Though Eric Mangini doesn't appear any closer to narrowing the field in his unorthodox quarterback competition, the first signs that someone is "distinguishing himself" came yesterday. His name is Chad Pennington. "I think Chad has had a couple of good days in a row," Mangini said. "The leadership that Chad has shows up, and the presence that Chad has shows up." Mangini added, "There are obviously some reads and some throws that he needs to work on like the rest of those guys ... With that group, there are so many reps throughout practice and so many different drills, it's positives and negatives throughout the day." Patrick Ramsey, Pennington's stiffest competition, had his second turn with the starting offense yesterday and struggled. On the first play of 11-on-11 drills, Ramsey was chewed out by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who shouted, "Get me a new quarterback in there!" Brooks Bollinger went in for Ramsey. Ramsey missed a wide-open Jerricho Cotchery in the end zone on a pump-and-go that fooled cornerback Andre Dyson. He later hit Justin McCareins on a crossing pattern in the end zone, but he had two throws batted down at the line, with one intercepted in the end zone by rookie safety Eric Smith. Jet streams DL Monsanto Pope left camp for what Mangini called "personal reasons." ... DT Dewayne Robertson said he was not offended by John Abraham's comment that he never played next to an interior pass rusher like Rod Coleman, his new linemate in Atlanta. "If that's how John feels, that's how he feels," Robertson said ... NT Sione Pouha, who hurt his right leg in practice Sunday night, did not practice ... The Jets signed WRs Chris Baker (Rutgers) and C.J. Fayton (Bears) and waived P D.J. Fitzpatrick and WR Phil Silva.
  5. Shaun Ellis He had a down year last season, but before that he was widely considered to be one of the Top 5 all-around DE's in the NFL.
  6. Why take Yeast back when we could just promote Cotchery to be our #2? From all the reports I've heard, he's looked fantastic in training camp.
  7. Dude, seriouly. Why do you post on Jet sites? We all know that your a KC fan and your last statement in you post above proves that. Go back to playing with Herm's dick.
  8. I think Law will definately be a good player for you guys, but I gotta agree that you guys screwed up by hiring Herm. Easily the most overrated coach in the league. He's says you play to win the game but in reality he plays not to lose the game. You can say goodbye to your high powered offense. Your gonna see a conservative approach from now on. Herm is a great person but that's also his biggest flaw as a HC, he's too nice. Vermeil had more balls than Edwards. I've heard he's only making your guys practice 45 minutes at a time in camp. Good luck with that. Mangini has been making our guys practice 2 1/2 hours at a time and I fully support it. Herm let players skip workouts last year and didn't make some guys hit the weightroom. I ask you, does that sound like something a good HC would do? Bottom line, Herm took a very talented Parcells team and ran it into the ground.
  9. What's the big deal? Abe's just stating facts. We've never had an inside rusher on the level of Rod Coleman since Klecko. Rod has 22 1/2 sacks in the last two years. Dewayne, Ferguson, and Reed combined don't have that amount in two years.
  10. He's great because he's in love with Bollinger?
  11. So I guess Tully Banta-Cain is? LMAO What was once the stronest area of your team is dwindling away at an incredibly fast rate.
  12. Hey TX, I though Claridge was the future of your LB core? What Happened? LMAO
  13. Is it just me, or is it impossible for Hollywood to put out a good horror movie these days? Quite frankly, I don't want to see this movie. The Sixth Sense and Signs were good, but all the rest of his movies weren't scary or the least bit chilling at all.
  14. Typical jensen, he starts a thread bashing the FO then runs off into the night never to be seen again.
  15. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/articles/show_article?article_id=796&short_name=news
  16. I'll believe it when I see it. The Texans have had the talent on their team to be a playoff contender for the past 2 years now.
  17. I don't care for anyone at the Post. Both Cannizzaro and Serby are idiots. Randy Lange is by far the best Jets reporter.
  18. Marc Read as depicted on the film by Bana is the baddest motherf*cker I've ever seen!! The best part of the film was when his ex-best friend Jimmy tries killing him with a shiv in prison. He just keeps stabbing Chopper and he doesn't feel a thing!! Baddest b!tch on the face of the earth!!
  19. What about the infamous "tuck game"? The Colts were robbed by the Patsie refs.
  20. Jets | D. Coleman signed Sat, 22 Jul 2006 16:00:14 -0700 The New York Jets have signed sixth-round draft pick CB Drew Coleman to an undisclosed contract. Jets | L. Washington signed Sat, 22 Jul 2006 15:59:56 -0700 The New York Jets have signed fourth-round draft pick RB Leon Washington to an undisclosed contract.
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