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  1. It’s possible, but I could easily see the Jets deciding to carry an extra DL, DB or TE instead.
  2. Mims had about as many penalties as he did receptions last year. The early reports so far have been encouraging, but anyone who thinks that this dude is a lock to make the roster is kidding themselves. The Jets really like Jeff Smith and he has the advantage of being one of our best players on special teams. Irvin Charles has been just as, if not more, impressive as Mims and provides that big body target who can get downfield. Even if Mims makes the team, he’s going to firmly be behind Davis, Moore, Wilson and Berrios on the depth chart. It’s probably best for both parties to move on. Mims gets a fresh start elsewhere and the Jets can recoup a late round pick.
  3. I think it’s more likely he’s traded for a late round pick and the Jets roll with someone like Smith or Charles as the final WR.
  4. I don’t think I’ve heard a single mention of Quincy Williams so far. Maybe Alexander has already leaped him as the starter next to Mosley.
  5. Don’t think he’s busting, but I fully expect Conklin to be the #1 TE when we start the season.
  6. Who is taking most of the snaps opposite Whitehead? Joyner? Pinnock? Davis? As far as I know, none of these dickhead writers have said jack about it.
  7. It’s only right that they give it to us
  8. These practices have all ran about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half long. If he was getting winded during positional drills, then it’s safe to assume that it was within the first 30 minutes.
  9. Aside from him kneeling instead of bent over at the waist, how is this drastically different than what I wrote?
  10. That’s all I could find. Not “bent over and sucking wind”, but none of the other 300+ lb OL or DL needed a breather after the opening segment of practice.
  11. Cimini and Hughes posted it on Twitter on either the first or second day of camp. People may say that it was just a case of being back on the field for the first time in a while, but none of the other OL seemed to be bent over and sucking wind. If we’re going to go through some game where Becton balloons up to over 400 lbs every offseason just to try and shed a bunch of weight in June/July, then that’s a big problem and I could easily see that happening. I hope that I’m wrong and after doing a bang up job on the right side this year, he turns out to be our pro-bowl LT for the next decade. But I’m not counting on it
  12. The Becton reports out of camp right now read exactly as they did a year ago. He’s getting repeatedly beaten by dudes who may not even make the final roster. There were also reports of him bent over and laboring on the sideline 30 minutes into practice. The dudes endurance is sh*t and so far his durability has been sh*t. There are legitimate concerns about Becton. A year ago many of us thought we had Ogden 2.0 on our hands and now we don’t even know if the guy will still be on the roster next year. Unless he fully commits himself and stays in decent shape year round, his career will be a short one.
  13. I’m not sure why so many Jets fans are putting this dude and a guy like Bienemie or whatever on some sort of pedestal… They all could eat a bag of dicks and then go do something else afterwards and I’d be none the wiser. The last time I gave two wet sh*ts for a Jets beat writer was Randy Lange before he left for the Jets official website like 20 years ago and became a full blown homer.
  14. No And I was a big fan two years ago when he was coming out of college. The guy seems to have some sort of chronic back issue, and that sure as sh*t isn’t good when you’re still in your early 20’s as an NFL OL. There have also supposedly been issues regarding his maturity. I wanted the Jets to sign Reiff but I certainly didn’t expect him to get 8 figures on a 1 year deal. I know Jason Peters is still out there and preferably wants to play for a contender, but if he’s cool with a 1 year deal for less than $5 mill, then sign him tomorrow. Either way, the Jets need to add a veteran swing tackle before this thing officially kicks off. Becton is a total question mark and Fant has been banged up just about every year that he’s been in the league. And I sure as hell don’t want to enter a spell where McDermott or Edoga is protecting Zach’s blindside during a pivotal season.
  15. Yes How are they not? Every single player that could even remotely be considered a cornerstone piece on this team is below the age of 25 with the lone exceptions of maybe Lawson and Mosley, who is pretty much as good as gone after this season anyway. Zach, Hall, Quinnen, Sauce, AVT, Carter, G. Wilson, Moore, JJ, Ruckert, Becton (if his head and gut are in check)…all under the age of 25. Even 23 in most instances. I’d never be confused with someone who blindly blows this stupid, silly team at every turn. But this is still the best overall collection of young talent I’ve seen on the Jets in at least a decade, minimum.
  16. Jamal “My fingers hurt” Adams
  17. That guy really takes the jelly out of my donut.
  18. Made too much sense not to eventually happen. You can’t rely on a kid like Sherwood or Hamsah as your 3rd LB and someone who will probably play at least 30% of the defensive snaps.
  19. Exactly I don’t care if you’re a believer in Zach Wilson or not. The facts are, the Jets just made him the highest drafted QB this side of Namath in the history of the franchise. I want the dude I just drafted #11 overall two years ago to at the very least be a cornerstone RT for another 5 years. This team has all the surprise makings of a 10-7 wildcard this year if Wilson can make a leap with what’s been added around him and we finally don’t get bent over a barrel with injuries for the umpteenth year in a row.
  20. Who the hell said I’m hoping for it? You’d be a goof to deny this as a strong possibility. The dude hasn’t stepped foot on a field in nearly 11 months after what was initially diagnosed as a 4-8 week injury, CLEARLY gained a fair amount of weight during that time and then shed much of it over the last 6 weeks, spent most of the time he has been away posting on social media about playing Grand Theft Auto Online, etc. Why it’s so flabbergasting for many of you to accept that some of us have legitimate issues with this guys overall motivation is simply beyond me.
  21. Seriously Watch Becton strain a hammy tomorrow and his same defenders will come up with some other BS excuse. “Well…he hasn’t been on a football field in nearly a year!”. Hell, there are still people who believe the reports about him having weight issues are fabricated. Despite the fact that Saleh just made it an emphasis to say that his weight is down within the last 2-3 days No one who has raked Becton over the coals, for very well earned coal-raking sh*t, is rooting for him to fail. We just invested a Top 12 pick in this f*cking guy two years ago and are trying to actively develop a young QB. I would love nothing more than for Becton to keep his weight at around 345 and stay on the football field while playing at a high level. But has my confidence been shaken in that happening? How the hell could it not?
  22. Great Now if he can make it through the first few days of camp without any soft tissue injuries, reports of him sucking wind after a half hour of practice or a surgically repaired Carl Lawson kicking his ass rep after rep, I’ll start to get excited.
  23. #5 was between Faneca, Munchak and McDaniel for me. I feel like Nelson has to be in the Top 5 already. I agree with Bit that he could very well be the greatest interior OL of all-time if he keeps up his current level of play for another 5 years.
  24. 1. John Hannah 2. Larry Allen 3. Gene Upshaw 4. Quenton Nelson 5. Alan Faneca
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