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  1. Of course they’re frustrated with him. The dude has the freakish natural ability to be an all-pro at LT for the next decade but instead he’s proven to be a thin skinned puss who taps out of games over tummy aches, gets riled up when communicating with complete nobodies on social media and can’t keep his weight in check. If this dude could grow some balls, simply avoid Twitter and ho-ho’s while staying in the 345 range, we’d probably have Ogden 2.0 on our hands. But I’ve grown increasingly pessimistic about that coming to fruition.
  2. I wouldn’t worry Miami will have traded away every 1st round pick until 2037 only to still be treading water at 8-9 by the time he’s eligible.
  3. I mean, the Jets supposedly had Hall as the 18th ranked player on their board and saw it fit to move up for him at the top of the 2nd round. He SHOULD be the top guy in the backfield. Carter is a nice complimentary back in the mold of a dude like Powell. But he shouldn’t be getting the bulk of the carries.
  4. The past is the the past, the future is now.
  5. One day, rookies will no longer have to buy the dinner.
  6. You think I don’t feel betrayed since you ditched Robert Goulet? Though I’ll never hate on Flair. I grew up in Southeast Virginia. Flair is God Couldn’t even tell you how many times I watched him at the Norfolk Scope and Hampton Coliseum as a kid during the NWA days.
  7. A steady 345-350 should be his target. Especially if he wants to be a longterm LT. That’s still 30 pounds over the prototypical LT weight, but I don’t have any delusions of this dude ever playing at 330 or less. He’s monstrous even compared to the average NFL OT. If that’s too much of a challenge for him…then he shouldn’t be in this teams longterm plans. Put down your f*cking Twitch side job and focus on your profession that could pay you $25+ million a year over the next decade if you keep your nose to the grindstone. The dude just turned 23 and has already had his weight ballooning up close to 400 lbs. Playing at 360+ isn’t sustainable longterm, no matter how much some fans want to dupe themselves with this guy. Ogden had 3 inches on Becton yet still maintained his weight in that 330-340 range. I still believe that he has all-pro potential, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I said my faith in him reaching said potential hasn’t taken a major hit since last summer.
  8. I changed my avatar to what Wilson will look like in 2 years and we’re hopefully worshipping him.
  9. Dude has a diamond chain that he uses as a hot sauce dispenser. He’s gonna be fine
  10. Was just thinking I haven’t heard a peep about Johnson throughout rookie camp, OTA’s or minicamp. Hell, I haven’t heard anything about the entire DL for that matter.
  11. You know it’s true Becton probably has a fake tit apparatus strapped to him while breastfeeding, eating ho-ho’s and playing Elden Ring as we speak. EDIT: Elden Ring is too hardcore for him. It’s Animal Crossing for old sweaty t!ts.
  12. That fat bitch is playing RT. I don’t even see how this is up for debate. Especially after the season Fant just had in pass protection on the left side. And frankly, I hope Mitchell outplays Becton considerably from the get-go and we move on and add another Top 60 pick for next April. What a weak minded dildo. “Waaaahh I need to skip offseason workouts a month in advance of my kid being born in order to “be there”. 60 years ago dudes used to leave their wives in labor to go have beers at the local VFW. Zach Wilson would kick Becton’s teeth in, hand to hand.
  13. All you bitches love to make fun of Zach’s babyface but here he is in two years plowing every piece of Hollywood strange he comes across…
  14. Haven’t even watched it in over 20 years. It’s literally two hand touch at this point. Just get rid of the game itself and do the little goofy skills competitions for those who are interested.
  15. What else could it turn into? All of us waxing poetic over 8 second clips of Laken Tomlinson and Jordan Whitehead jogging out to the practice field?
  16. Good Mike White is Brooks Bollinger with an extra 4 inches (giggity). The Jets didn’t even see fit to give him more than the original round tender. And still no one was willing to give a 5th rounder (or even less) for this guy. If you think Douglas wouldn’t have shipped his ass off for a chance to get back into the 5th or 6th round in late April, then you’re a dildo. They’re committed to Flacco as the main backup for at least another year. Mike White will have a nice story to tell his grandkids in 30 years…and that’s about it.
  17. That “serious injury” was supposed to cost our supposed “franchise LT” 6-8 weeks and it ended up costing him the entire season. A season in which we were trying to break in the highest drafted QB this franchise has taken in nearly 60 years. Meanwhile that 6’7 370 lb behemoth spent a big chunk of said time having his puss salted by complete nobodies on Twitter on a daily basis whilst playing Fortnite on his Twitch channel. Why so many find it bizarre that a sizable portion of the fanbase have concerns about a guy like that is baffling to me. It’s not even like Becton was flatout dominant as a rookie. He got his lunch repeatedly eaten by Clelin Ferrel for f*ck sake. I still maintain that his upside is enormous…but has my faith in his ability to reach that upside taken a monstrous hit over the last 9 months? You bet your ass it has.
  18. Agreed The Jets may very well have just drafted Becton’s replacement in the 4th round. Some Jets fans may see that as an outlandish statement, but that’s because a huge portion of this fanbase has for some reason convinced themselves that you have to draft an OL in the Top 15 to be a quality starter.
  19. Exactly This is why even though I was once a Darnold fan, I never gave two wet sh*ts about what Jordan Palmer had to say about the guy. Of course he wasn’t going to say anything bad about a client who was actively paying him tens of thousands of dollars.
  20. I was all for making a move for Watson before the allegations came out that he was traveling the country, having (forcibly, allegedly) 20+ women jerk him off and bust in their faces. But after things have gone the way they’ve gone, who can blame the Jets for passing and opting to build the team through the draft centered around a promising, highly ranked young QB, whether you’re a fan of the early signs or not? I don’t even understand why this is still a discussion. I feel the most confident that I have in over a decade in the direction this team is moving towards. Yet we’re still dreading over not giving up 3 1st round picks and handing out a quarter of a billion dollars to a QB with this kind of baggage who went 4-12 the last time he touched cleats to grass…
  21. I love how many are discounting the fact that if we were to have made a deal for Watson, it would’ve been like, 14 months ago and we’d be sitting here with no AVT, no Sauce and/or G. Wilson and potentially no 1st rounder in 2023…all for a QB who still wouldn’t have played a single down for us and would have cost us a quarter of a billion dollars fully guaranteed… LOL goddamn some people really hate Zach’s guts. And I think it boils down to appearance/politics more than anything… Just mind boggling We’re in the best position we’ve been in for possibly decades and people are still moaning over it. I love being a Jets fan…
  22. Exactly And don’t forget about Kedon Slovis… And now we’re looking at Rattler and Slovis as late round pick/UDFA’s heading into this season. It’s always useless talking about this stuff so early. I wanted dick to do with Watson/Mahomes because I knew the Jets were going to be sh*t heading into that 2018 class featuring Darnold, Rosen, etc. Fast forward a few years and Mahomes is arguably the best QB in the league, Watson is at least Top 10 if he isn’t embroidered in off the field sh*t, meanwhile Rosen might as well be bagging groceries, guys like Darnold and Mayfield have the telltale signs of career backups, the league is figuring out Lamar more and more by the season, and the one guy no one wanted dick to do with from that ‘18 class looks like a phenom… I’ve long since given up on trying to evaluate QB’s. Even the Kiper’s, McShay’s, Jeremiah’s, etc constantly get this sh*t wrong. Why would I pretend as if I know better? If Zach doesn’t pan out, then f*ck drafting another QB high in the draft. Go make an aggressive play for a veteran who has at least proven to be a Top 15-20 player at his position and hope that the surrounding young talent can vault us over.
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