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  1. I’m old enough to remember when John Schneider was considered arguably the best GM in football… What a goddamn clown Seattle’s ownership should’ve realized that they were about to go through a full blown rebuild and fired Schneider and Carroll before the dipsh*ts could ever hand out a Jamal extension. Instead, these smoothbrains still think they’re in contention mode with Drew Lock, D.K. Metcalf, Noah Fant and f*ck all else… Feels pretty good to be a Jets fan right about now.
  2. The Jaguars have been doing nonsensical things all offseason. Welcome to why Jim Harbaugh wanted to cave Trent Baalke’s skull in.
  3. I don’t think either is more than a situational edgerusher. And with my Hokies bias aside, I wouldn’t take either for the Jets with the Martin signing and Huff coming back. But Barno at least has some semblance of a passrushing repertoire…with Bonitto, I see a pure speed demon that screams Aaron Maybin.
  4. Amare Barno in the 4th/5th >>> Bonnito at the top of the 3rd
  5. We’re going to get Dean at #101 because that’s just how Douglas does things.
  6. Especially now I used to sit on the bowl reading the back of shampoo bottles. Now I have the whole world at my fingertips My cheeks would kiss porcelain until my dying days if given the choice.
  7. I’m literally giddy over my 6:00 AM, 20 minute sh*t. One of the highlights of the day I guess some people just don’t get it
  8. I don’t even care if we have a sizable rough patch this year. This offseason has solidified for me that I want this beautiful bald bitch running my team. Period
  9. No one wants to be associated with anything Detroit
  10. Gardner and Breece? Bryce Hall despises this draft
  11. Douglas should just package the rest of our picks for a 2023 2nd rounder. I’ve seen enough. I’ve seen…perfection.
  12. LOL Douglas is literally putting together the perfect draft. I’ll never question this f*cking guy again
  13. Of course it’s possible but I wouldn’t want to potentially miss out on my guy just to pick up an extra 5th rounder who will likely turn out to be nothing more than OL or LB depth.
  14. Stick and pick another guy who can make an immediate impact. If Douglas wants to start moving around in the 4th/5th and pick up some late round picks, that’s fine. But I would save the wheeling and dealing for Day 3. Breece Hall would be awesome and would basically complete the offense besides a little OL depth. A Hall/Carter/Coleman rotation in the backfield with an improved OL and plenty of options in the passing game is putting Zach in a great position to make a big Year 2 leap.
  15. This If the Jets stay at #38, I think the pick is most likely an OT like Raimann or an interior DL like Travis Jones. But I don’t see how anyone could be against a guy like Hall. A Hall/Carter/Coleman committee behind a fortified OL with options like Moore, Wilson, Davis, Uzomah and Conklin in the passing game is a great situation for your young QB to be in.
  16. LOL Fast forward a month later and we get all 3 of these f*cking guys.
  17. Dudes wearing pearl necklaces is a thing now? I’m out of touch…and thank God for that.
  18. This is legitimate needle moving sh*t we’re witnessing
  19. Imagine if we get Jermaine and Linderbaum at the top of Round 2? God help me… This sh*t would literally turn into one of those silly mock simulators.
  20. He’s missed 6 FULL games in his career. He’s missed far more time for little knicks and bruises. And at the end of the day, I still don’t care. We got arguably the best overall player in the draft at a premium position, and what I have considered far and away the best wideout in this draft for months. And we still retain 2 additional Top 40 picks and a smorgasbord of picks in the Top 160 as a whole. When Jets fans were pissed about taking 300+ lb DL at the top of the draft for seemingly a decade straight, I got it. But doing this? This is just good sh*t, plain and simple.
  21. AJ Brown has missed an average of 4-5 games a year. The Jets just landed what many would consider the best CB and best WR in the draft while keeping all of their additional picks and cap flexibility… I can usually see the downside viewpoint when draft time rolls around for the Jets…but I’m absolutely, unequivocally loving this… This seems like the kind of draft that my ass would oversee as opposed to the Jets. Pretty mindblowing, really.
  22. Jameson Williams is dogpiss against press man, is 3 months removed from a torn ACL and there are Jets fans complaining about what we’ve witnessed so far? We’re (as of now) walking away from the first day with what most would consider the consensus #1 CB and #1 WR in the draft. Glorious stuff
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