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    Homestead, Fl
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    Project Manager for The Discovery Channel

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    its funny how all of my "good" memories happen to be when they end up losing. Against the Steelers in the playoffs a couple years ago, my family and I had a huge party, the game was exciting but we lost. In 85 pr 86, against the browns, we played them well but we lost, another exciting game.
  • Do you have season tickets?
    No, I love in S. Fla
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    When Vinny got hurt the year after we made it to the conference championship. When the damn tuna left us..I hate him..
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    No..Hopefully I will be alive for their next one.
  1. Hey, thats the white trash chick from Pitbulls & Parolees...lmao F'dUck the Steelers and their inbred fans...I see the beginning of a nice rivalry since the ravens dont have nay balls anymore, and we are the same ole JETS ( Championship games every year). Lets do this..
  2. Yeah, those 2 weeks will be Looooooooooonnngggg as hell. This is yet another reason why im confident we gonna win. You KNOW the NFl wants the Jets in the big game, we are the Biggest story in the NFL since the pats almost went undefeated. We consistently had the highest rated games this year, especially last week. We have the officials in our pocket, now lets not **** it up.. J E T S!!!
  3. I feel extremely confident, just as I did against the mannings and the pats. I think our Coaches have found their stride, swallowed their pride, whatever and now we are good. All year, all of our inconsistencies I placed blame on coaching, schotty, ryan, whoever. They both have stepped their game up, i think beginning with the Pitt game and the D's performances in the last 2 games speak for themselves. Sanchez looks really confident (Finally), Even Harris was playing with emotion, Whie chocolate has stepped in extremely well, Edwards has been ******* AWESOME, Ellis = WOW, Pressure, Sacks, Turnovers, LT & GREENE, the list goes on. JETS - 24 pitt - 13 Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I Agree 100%. I thought I would end up wanting to keep Holmes instead of Edwards, but not anymore. #17 is capable of doing much damage, if we get him the ball..
  5. Anyone have video of REX tearing Cro a new one, I missed it and would love to see it...We should all line up to slap him up like in the flick Airplane. He looks likes hes sleeping out there sometimes..I like him, but damn Cro..
  6. What I like most about the earlier games in which we pulled out wins in the lastsecond, is that now we can actually expect to win or atleast have a chance. In previous years, we down with 5 minutes left and I already knew we were gonna lose. Now, its different. Even against the Bears, I felt we were gonna score to win and when Nacho threw the pic, I wasnt even that mad, we went for the gusto and didnt work, but it worked last night baby!!! Nick MUTHA****IN Folk!!! J E T S!!!
  7. We should play with 15 players, this way they will be still just a yard short.. Those 3rd and longs freakin kill me.. Lets do this J E T S!!!
  8. Im with you 1000%. Im done with all these NEGATIVE a$$ Jets fans. We winning on Saturday Night, and off to Foxborough.. Jets 31 colts 20... J E T S Baby !!!
  9. Yes we did... Thanx for the positivity, Im REALLY tired of all the doom and gloom fans everywhere..
  10. Not only do I Looooooove your pic, I could not agree with you more. I really HATE the SOJFans..Negativity up the a$$, F that..We are a good team, and the playoffs are now a yearly thing..We are BETTER than #18. J E T S!!!
  11. Maybe Rex should call for more press conferences and do some more interviews and talk some mo sh*t, instead of coaching them up..then they will get that "swagger" he's talking about.. Lets do this sh*t Jets!!
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