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  1. J-E-T-S at Falcons

    Any1 have an extra or looking for a ticket? Staying in buckhead tomorrow night and downtown at the Marriott sun/mon. My buddy bailed last min
  2. J-E-T-S at Falcons

    Bump ...I'm flying down and my buddy may have to bail. Any1 looking for a ticket? What's the plan for meeting up and tailgating?
  3. im a last minute addition to this trip, booked it this afternoon. im going sat to mon and staying at the marriott renaissance. im looking forward to seeing every1. any1 with extra tickets b4 i go shopping?
  4. Indy vs. Jets --- Worth going?

    if the jets can take care of business tommorow this will be 1 of the biggest regular season games in recent years...im going..hoping alot of people will rally and go
  5. im gonna make this 1.....could be a good 1 surprised so little interest
  6. BUMP. im off Christmas week and if things go well could be a huge game. hotels cheap ...flights not too bad..... anybody going??
  7. Anyone wanna party??

    im going up sat around noon and staying and partying in providence. should hit the stadium sunday around noon. i usually park and set up shop by the old "end zone inn"
  8. Let's talk about a buffalo road trip!

    duane, id just like to thank u guys again for your hospitality sunday, and it was great meeting everyboday. it was very greatly appreciated and a great time was had by all, especially those there to support gang green....
  9. Let's talk about a buffalo road trip!

    im arriving fairly early sat after getting a jump start after work fri and finding a place somewhere between scranton and binghamton to sleep and have a few. im staying at the bladsell clarion, which is a long walk from where youll be parked. anyone looking, i most likely will have one extra ticket, in sec 311, which is on the 50, for 75 which is face. definitely gonna meet up. please pm me if interested in ticket
  10. how about bringing back mike nolan if/when he gets canned. hes was a good coordinator in every spot hes been in, including here, and he runs a 3-4
  11. got tix last night via ticketmaster. see every1 bright and early
  12. Tickets for two Jet games

    i may be for jet-bills frank is you still have em??
  13. is anybody going to buffalo???

    leaving edison nj after a fri night wedding at around 9 am, clocks at a lil over 6 hrs. ur more then welcome if interested
  14. LOL ~ Where was fireman ed?

    he had knee surgery, something work related and will be back in about 6 weeks