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  1. In order: 1.One of the guards 2. WR 3.Becoming room temperature with Tevan Collins in the last week
  2. Thank you Nico...couldn`t have done it without you.
  3. just realized aso is 30 (granted he just turned 30)which would be the same age woodson was when the packers signed him, that seemed to turn out pretty good for them. however they didnt have a revis on there team already. the jets need to get an answer out of this guy. the longer he waits to make a decision means we lose out on more players if we rejects us. my guy feeling is that we should just say screw aso and sign edwards,cro, and maybe ellis.
  4. this is new york we have $$$$, we are going to resign whoever we want.
  5. he is so odd, he was sitting in the stands like an average fan just wearing a flyers jersey (wtf). all he was missing was a foam finger and about 10 hotdogs on his lap.
  6. lol what is wrong with you people, see the movie if you want to see it.
  7. the pizza hut nearest me runs a buffet lunch during the week, its really cheap under 10 bucks even with a drink. they have all types of pizza, bread sticks, ziti, and some sort of dessert.
  8. no carbs while dieting is overated, i would say you would be fine as long as you didnt have them past 6-8 PM and cut back A LITTLE and did a healthy amount of cardio.
  9. its fine to eat at fast food places as long as you eat healthy otherwise. stay away from soda at all costs, i drink water or juice with all my meals regardless of what it is. if you are somewhat active it really is not that big of a deal to eat out once a week or so. for those of you trying to lose weight the key is diet, you can do hours of cardio a day and not change your poor diet and the results will be minimal. i reccommend eating healthy (i personally do not shy away from carbs when i diet) and do about an hour of cardio about 5 times a week.
  10. one question....why would you ever? RIP GUIDO..1977-2009
  11. who said anything about a sack or tackle?? spikes launched lazy boy smith to the ground..that is all.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rl9hpVv_vc here bandon spikes owns him in the SEC championship
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