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  1. Good Freeman sucks anyway, he knew he had no shot at starting with Marve fully healed and Harris coming in. In other news the #1 CB in the nation prospect Patrick johnson decommited from miami today. not bad considering how bad miami was this year they only lost 2 recruits, PJ and McCray.
  2. yes him or chad henne, we need to draft a mid-round QB this year.
  3. i predict a 2 month hold out with or front office refusing to budge on an extra $25 dollars on his contract.
  4. we know he sucks we established this a few years ago, sad thing is i think he might be the highest paid player on our team
  5. anybody else leaving early or just phillips and cambell?
  6. do you know if wiggins is still with the team or did he leave?
  7. arthur brown top LB prospect in the nation commits to Miami
  8. the one that got the show cancelled.
  9. shannon currently has a top 5 recruiting class, and is in the top 3 for the #1 LB in the nation and one of the top 3 OL in the nation. he also cut some players i hear and miami is likley bringing in 30+ freshman next year. if Marve is half as good as i think he is they`ll have an excellent season.
  10. no suprise everyone pretty much knew this from the beginning of the season.
  11. haha of course she needs a visual for the presentation
  12. does hawaii play OU if they win out?
  13. jets trade chad,vilma, 2nd round pick for urlacher and a 4th? do you think that this madden or something?
  14. 2 video games for 360, COD 4 and NCAA football 08 Clothes new computer screen a few small things
  15. they will be tested this season, they still have both oklahoma and missouri left, both top 10 teams.
  16. hes going to make the NFL say Ladanian who?
  17. howcome you think lester is trash? not trying to start anything just asking.
  18. i see rutgers plays another national power OOC team in Army tommorrow night.
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