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  1. madmike are the yankees the only ones allowed to have couple decent young players?
  2. sad to see the last game at the OB, how long are they going be to be stuck at the dolphin stadium? cant wait for next season to see what marve can do, not as highly touted as tebow but broke all of his records. hophfully an upgrade at QB over this year, if we had just an average QB performance in the 3 inconfrence games we lost, we would be 7-2 at worst.
  3. 12 tackles thus far, not bad at all
  4. Its that time of the year to make my christmas list and i was going through the adds yesterday and this game caught my eye. is it good on the 360? did you need to have the first call of duty's to get this game? is it hard? please just give me the run down on it, thanks.
  5. just saw kirby freemans stat line for the game against NC State... 1 for 14, 84 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions. for the love of god please dont let this guy be the starter next season.
  6. why is the uconn game not even on tv today? im not a rutger fan but it makes for a good game, im pissed.
  7. i dont see any reason he should step down, if they cant take care of themselves at 23 or 24, will they ever learn?
  8. i wish it would be mangini but it wont be for reasons we`ll never know
  9. anthony schlegel...stupid
  10. he said changes were coming after last week, and there was only 1 change and that was because of injury, so i really dont care what hes going to say unless its KC starting next week.
  11. has vilma ever even had a game that good even in the 4-3?
  12. anybody else notice these announcers are making thomas jones seem like hes walter payton?
  13. not going to lie, i picked us today in my weekly pool for the first time since the last bills game.
  14. jets sign somebody who plays with an attitude and a chip on his shoulder..no way.
  15. hes been a nice suprise, would say he has been our best guy on the line this far, although thats not saying much. I like the guy and would take him over Ellis at this point, definatley has a spot next year.
  16. i`m really starting to wish he really did take that miami job last off season
  17. this game is closer than i expected but has the make of a good game down the stretch.
  18. 3 tickets + parking pass to USF/RU tommorrow $150 , get at me if interested. local pick up preffered.
  19. poor pats will have to wait a whole year until there again
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