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  1. probably just a rumour, and wont happen..but that would be a scumbag thing to do by ND(to the recruits), fire and sign a new coach the day after NSD.
  2. ok there goes another option, so who is option Q?
  3. neither have the jets since the 1960s, big deal right? i would find it hard to believe any jet fan would complain about making the playoffs on a consistent basis and being a contender, given the dreadful history of the ny jets.
  4. marty is not as bad of a choice as people make it seem. he has 2 losing seasons in 21 seasons as a NFL head coach. he has had sucess wherever he has coached. yes, he is 5-13 in the playoffs, but i believe there is a saying if you can win the regular season, you can win in the postseason. he would really help this team in the long run (chargers for example) as well as the short term.
  5. worst new years eve in my life, never doing the city thing again. i actually wish i stayed home and just had dinner with my parents, last night was horrible, did not get home until 5:30.
  6. sounds cool.post the pic if you get a chance.
  7. lets worry about getting rid of mangini first. despite the dreadful gameplans and lack of adjustments, we have managment who loves the guy. that will probably be enough to buy him another year unfortunatley.
  8. why did you have to go be so dr.evil? kanye is the best thing to happen to rap music in awhile, he has something for all tastes. lil wayne is good but there is no signifigance to his lyrics compared to kanye.
  9. not sure these fall under "pop" but my top 3 female artists are: beyonce...wasnt a huge fan until the most recent album rihanna...top hit after top hit christina aguilera...shes sexy in a super bitch kind of way.
  10. manginis halftime adjustment...switch from big red to juicy fruit
  11. eat at your favorite fast food place and drink some booze until you forget what you studied for.
  12. some RB from Virginia. Brooks needs to get more carries he is the best RB on that team by far.
  13. mangini: we`ll review it this week, and make the necessary adjustments by week 10 of next season.
  14. there really isnt a "rivalry" since UCF has never beaten USF, other than they are geographly close. the football program at most schools fund a majority of the athletic sports. memphis is a lock for the BE in basketball atleast, next time they expand it. i`m not sure the BE would add 4 teams for football, because they would have to break apart the confrence and make a championship game. certainly are, they showed they can compete with the worst the BE has to offer in cuse.
  15. zero chance he would leave early, hes not that type of guy, ive had beers with him. jk..texas is going to be ridiculous next year anyway.
  16. UCF will likley be included into the BE the next time they expand it. there are only 8 teams in the BE now i believe. ECU and Memphis are schools that will be considered too. i would like to see ND in the BE but there is no chance of that happening.
  17. they got rid of tuberville for gene chizik, is this a joke?
  18. wow, i cant imagine this helps recruiting at UCF lol. o`leary is a horrible coach anyway, what has he done? he has no bowl wins, plays in a talent rich state ( hes had better ranked recruiting classes than USF), and is in the C-USA.
  19. by how slow this process move, ellis should miss 1 game in the 2010 season than. haha
  20. i have the 2nd part of my english final tommorrow, its a pass or fail class, god help me lol. for my history final i have to write 4 essays, i`m done with 3. i hope my profressor doesnt screw me though because i didnt go to class today to go to a review and she saw me right after the class. on the 18th, i have 2 finals, one at 8 am and one at noon,general psych and math.
  21. probably about 5 minutes before signed his extension
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