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  1. not if you play for the raiders lol
  2. miller had the only raider TD with a kickoff return for a TD.
  3. let us know how that one plays out lol
  4. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...ID=407 690277 44 year old emo man.. lol
  5. what i said was meant to be sarcastic lol....
  6. the academics at notre dame are just so rough on the students im sure. you cant expect them to juggle a 3 hour lab, 6 hours of homework and a 3 hour practice in the sameday i mean, be realistic!
  7. meyer turned down ND for UF when he took the job, but i too have been hearing meyers name for weis`s replacement, probably just speculation. meyer has been one of the best recruiters around since he has been at FL, he would have no problem at ND.
  8. 8 dollars for a bag of tosito chips?
  9. florida is playing levels above everybody else right now, but bama should give them a good game.
  10. about 2 seasons overdue, lots of big name candidates out there, none of who i expect to go to syracuse.
  11. is it me or are the rams playing one of the worst halfs of football in history?
  12. jones is probably on the phone asking for a new contract.
  13. somebody from fl or nj? i`m guessing some grizzly adams look-a-like lineman? are his initials JT?
  14. wow there has to be 100,000 + at that park in chicago.
  15. sign him hes an upgrade over lowery n barret.
  16. lets hope hes not into those diesel jeans that cost 300 dollars a pair. jp EY
  17. its a great store cant beat the prices and unless they print the dateon the clothes when they were made who cares.
  18. it just shows rutgers isnt ready for big time football. they cant compete with powers like navy, fresno st. and unc. until than it`ll be the "Edible Arrangment" bowl for the knights. give them time, they just won there first bowl game 3 years ago but people need to realize they`ll never be a bigtime football school.
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