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  1. jamarcus russel and alex smith are collosal busts.
  2. somebody fill us in on what mangini just did with the penality?
  3. mangini writing after the bryan thomas penality..."note to self: talk to bryan about self morals."
  4. my favorite are kit kats by far.
  5. gotta love halloween, i`m just 18 and already miss marching in the parades, the anticipation, and the genuine thrill of the experience as a kid.
  6. no i`ve never watched that show in my life coincidentally. i thought somebody literally called his school.
  7. what happened with calling somebodys principle? fill me in
  8. thats ridiculous, why would we agree to that knowing they could just wait until after the draft to resign him? why wouldnt they just make it a 3rd round pick regardless if thats how the deal was set up?
  9. weekday nights on JN wouldnt be complete without a madmike gainzo fight.
  10. that what we have to find out lol. i liked him at OSU plus hes the one i wanted in the draft. it`d be interesting to see him play for a continued period of time.
  11. this means gholston should get more playing time..unleash the fury vern. pace will play some snaps at ILB, i remember reading he is capable of playing there also.
  12. i have had a ****ty last 2 days. yesterday i have 2 classes and for the first time all year both were cancelled, on my way home i hit a massive pothole blow out my left front tire. i wake up today its and its pouring by me. fine i figure to just grab the umbrella. i get to school and there is 3 inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down when i left after the first class because the other 2 were cancelled. i`m sitting in class drenched in this slush only to than find out the mid-term i was wasted 3 hours studying for last night is postponed.
  13. bump its not to late heelz, my mid-term was cancelled because of the random blizzard we had in north jersey.
  14. was waiting for someone to go there hahaha.
  15. haha why is that guy in a karate uniform??
  16. rollins was clearly tagged by longoria??? do they not use it in the playoffs or was it an unreviewable play?
  17. my god is the big east horrible lol, they dont deserve to have a team ranked or to have a BCS bid this season.
  18. looks like an interesting movie but thats a pretty sorry attempt at a bigge small look-a-like lol
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